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Hull City and police investigate incident with mascot Amber ‘grabbed inappropriately’

Hull City and police investigate an incident with mascot Amber said to have been ‘grabbed inappropriately’ by a football fan.

Amber the Tiger refuses to visit the home fans in the North stand after a lewd supporter forced her into this position.

The Tigers fan grabbed their mascot around the head and pushed it onto his crotch and now police and the club are looking into this matter as Amber and her fellow mascot want action taken.

Amber and Roary make their way around MKM Stadium, doing what matchday mascots do, entertaining children.

But now the two will not allowed to go to a certain section of the stadium during home matches after what was described to be a serious incident.

Hull City’s adult supporters committee met on April 26, 2023 to discuss the incident.

Colleen Ward, the North Stand representative of the club, is shown on notes saying that the club mascots Roary & Amber will not be visiting the North Stand.

Natasha Chapman, Fan Engagement Manager, responded by saying: “They’re reluctant after a serious incident in which one of them had been grabbed inappropriately.”

Hull City released a statement saying: “The club has investigated the incident and is working with the Police.” We treat such incidents with the greatest seriousness, and we do not tolerate any anti-social behavior.

The club are to take the necessary punishment to ensure that their stadium remains a safe, friendly and welcoming place for both staff and fans.

Humberside Police stated: “We were made aware of a picture circulating on social networks and will be conducting investigations to determine if there have been any crimes committed.”

Last season, Hull finished 14th in the Championship, picking up 14 wins, 16 draws and 16 defeats.

This is what fans had to say as Hull City and police investigate the incident with mascot Amber ‘grabbed inappropriately’…

@amykeyhcafc: Good, the fan needs banning from the Stadium for life

‘What you in for mate’
‘Groped Amber at Rotherham at home’

@jack69157: Disgusting

@tylerD96_: Gone from laughing and joking about it to his to becoming the laughing stock of the football community he’s fucked it big time 😭

@secondmentions: I’m sorry what

@CornHoleDavis: Well that’s escalated a bit

@williamyoung95: Good. Wonder if those who defended him before will do so again now…

@HULLCITYREFRESH: The fact he’s going viral now. Acted all cool and u gazed at first, bet he’s 💩 now! #hcafc

@HullKiwi: Stay classy Hull

@AKALouisCasper: imagine getting done for sexual assault on a tiger mascot

@Donkeykongdaz: The fuck is wrong with some people?

@BirtleyTFC: He’ll get a frosty reception next time

@Lewwazere: Wheyyy lets sexually assault the mascot, proper odd fella you lad, keep your hands to urself next time u rapey weirdo hahahahha

@getamongstthem: Definitely makes the cops job easier when the perp uploads their sexual assault to twitter

@calumgill24: What the actual fuck ahahahahahaha

@bragg2022: Imagine having to explain that at an interview as to why you have a criminal record 🤣 #hcafc

@David41178680: At what point did he think this was alright? Does he not realise there’s an actual human in that costume? Like doing it to a ball boy

@marstonworld: All this has reminded me is we have to listen to this lot and that cringy mauled by the tigers chant again this season 🥴

@Hcafc__Ryan: How do you think this conversation went? ‘Oi lads take a picture of me forcing our mascot to my knob so it looks like they’re sucking me off. Waheyyyyy lads lads lads’ then he also thought ‘yeah class photo that lets post it on twitter so everyone can laugh at how manly we are’

Cameron Clark: That’s enough internet for one day

Lynsey Ream: It’s disgusting!! Should be ashamed of himself…needs to grow up!

JoelTheTiger: Now in the national press, doesn’t put the club in a good light at all. Surely a banning order incoming? Otherwise what is to stop someone in the West Stand trying to sodomize Amber or a drunk South Stand fan kick the **** out of Roary at half time?

Ron Burguvdy: Mauled by the tiger’s has a sinister new meaning…

Cityzen: Yes, the febrile types in the West and South Stands are a major concern to everybody. The bloke was a daft sod and technically it was an assault so a ban would not be unjustified. If the old Roary who stormed across the pitch at the old Vetch Field at Swansea and caused a near riot had been there it could have been mayhem.

Howdentiger2: What an absolute bellend

YouBears: Take him to the nearest Safari park and let a real tiger have a go.

ForeverAYellow: absolutely baffling fans about, why would you do this in a stand of kids nearby

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