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Hull boss slams Birmingham fans as incident halts match after headbutt and controversial goal

Hull City boss Grant McCann slams Birmingham fans as an incident halts the match after a headbutt and a controversial goal heated things up.

The Tigers went on to win 2-0, however it was marred by many moments, with the Championship fixture also forced to stop at one point.

McCann has hit out at a section of Blues fans after they threw bottles onto the pitch with missiles being aimed at Hull keeper Nathan Baxter, who drank from one of them.

The away fans behind the goal in the West Stand could only throw the bottles into the back of a net after witnessing George Honeyman produce the opening goal in the first half.

Play was suspended by referee Tony Harrington while Birmingham midfielder Riley McGree had to clear the penalty box, while he and Lukas Jutkiewicz urged supporters to stop.

“For me, it’s disgraceful isn’t it,” McCann said on what happened at those in the stands.

“I don’t know how people can want to go to a football game and throw bottles at a goalkeeper, I don’t get it I really don’t.

“It’s just crazy. I’m sure they’ll be dealt with and the referee was on it.

“With the camera and security systems you have now in stadiums, it’s stupid. It could be a life ban for these people by doing that.”

McCann’s side went on to seal all three points when Mallik Wilks was there to head in Keane Lewis-Potter’s cross on the 57th minute.

Come the end of the game, Bowyer showed just how unhappy he was, reflecting on what he felt was a pivotal decision in the context of a game his side struggled in.

“It’s just not acceptable. A million per cent I’m going to get another email apologising on Monday.

“The rewards of VAR are massive. They (officials) need help. They (Hull) have been given a goal head start for nothing. It’s not acceptable,” Bowyer fumed.

“We want the right decisions. It’s the worst and hardest job (being an official). Help them – they’re human.

“I like the linesman, but he’s made a mistake. And because I’m saying the truth (at half-time), they don’t like it.

“They (officials) have to get punished. As a group they have to be punished, but it never happens – it’s crazy. They got given a one-goal head start and probably the only people that didn’t think the ball went out was the officials.

“I still think we’d go on and win the game, but then Gaz (Gardner) gets sent off and that’s it. He’s let everybody down and we now lose him for four games.

“He’s played the game long enough and he’s got punished for it. I won’t defend him.

“You can’t do that. He’ll get punished and rightly so. We’ve got no defenders and it’s going to be tough for us. But we’ll have to adapt and find a way to win games.

“At least the player kept going until the end.”

As mentioned, Gary Gardner was sent off for him part in an altercation which saw him headbutt Josh Magennis, which prompted referee Tony Harrington to issue the midfielder his second red card of the season.

He added on Gary getting sent off: “Gards knows. He has been playing the game long enough, he is a big boy, he knows what he has done is not acceptable and he will get punished for it.

“I have defended him before, I said after Peterborough that for me it was a 50-50 tackle, millimetres, he gets sent off and I defended him.

“I stopped him getting fined, I did everything I can. But today I won’t defend him, I can’t defend him, you can’t do that. So he will get punished and rightly so.

“He has let everybody down, not only today but we lose him for four games and we have got hardly any players as it is.

“We have got no midfielders, that’s why I had to bring on a 17-year-old kid. But we will adapt again just like we have today and all the other games we have kept adapting.”

Twitter users reacted as the Hull boss slams Birmingham fans when an incident halts the match after headbutt and controversial goal stirred everyone up…

@KajeBirmingham: It did, but that’s not an excuse – why did we switch off when even kids are told to play to the whistle? Basic stuff, really basic stuff. All on Blues, for me.

@robsuthers_: How can it be all on blues when you’ve just said in the same tweet that it went out and shouldn’t have counted????

@MattieBluenose: Clearly over the line. Unreal

@fittz7: Anything to say @EFL??????? Fuck all as normal, a sorry email again???

@Buntingfootball: The first Hull City goal today is dreadful from the officials , ball is clearly out of play after Ryan Longman carried it out before pulling it back to George Honeyman to score. Big win for the Tigers nonetheless but once again very poor officiating in the EFL to not spot that.

@WoodyUK69: To Blues Admin, we all know the @EFL hate Blues & will do everything possible to get us relegated, the EFL don’t like it that Blues got 9 point deduction & still stayed up, refs have been told to do anything they can to give decision against Bluez, EFL don’t like/Trust TTA owners

@MattieBluenose: Ball was out of play, shouldn’t have stood

@jackbcfc_: Steve wonder officiating?

@woods_htw: refs against us as per usual, no surprise here

@CABCFC: Miles out of play…

@YorkshireTeaFC: Gary Gardner headbutting a player and being surprised that he’s sent off 😂😂😂

@Iouorns: Gary Gardner headbutted Josh Magennis in front of the ref, gets sent off and he says “what for” hahahaha

@CharlieJamesAnt: half our team injured so he gets a red 💪🏻

@_chancey_: Any chance of just completely folding this club?

@MarkWatson1875: Absolute moron.

@woods_htw: doing all our fans proud who have made the trip, what a prick 👍

@AdamPease12: Typical, Gardner getting angry when we’re losing. Simple to say we can’t beat a team in the bottom 3 again!

@Adamsbcfc: Unacceptable for him 2 have gotten 2 straight reds for completely unnecessary incidents

@HullCityLive: Birmingham fans throwing stuff at the keeper. Fucking knuckle draggers.

@ConnorDochert11: Reports of flooding down anlaby road. Birmingham fans tears are causing issues #HCAFC

@OllieOllie87: Nathan Baxter yesterday was a joy! A complete performance from a very assured keeper! Had the Birmingham fans on strings as well! #hcafc

@CaiSherlock1: Its all kicking off here! Birmingham fans throwing bottles at Baxter as he attempts to take a free kick! “We’ll do what we want…” chants echo from the Birmingham fans 🔵⚪️ Not what we want to see 😅

@Fozzie040388: Birmingham fans absolutely embarrassing themselves here. Throwing bottles on the pitch

@JHcafc: Had those Birmingham fans on strings 🤣🤣🤣 unreal performance lad

@JoeShakesby: Should have launched one back at the weird cranks mate 👊🏻 #UTT

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