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Hull boss Liam Rosenior slams refereeing display after Angus Gunn clatters Aaron Connolly

Hull boss Liam Rosenior slams the refereeing display after keeper Angus Gunn clatters Aaron Connolly in Norwich’s 2-1 victory.

The result meant it was the Tigers’ suffered a fourth defeat in five league games, with Liam unable to hide his emotional when speaking to the media after the final whistle.

He took aim at referee Andrew Kitchin for giving a foul against Aaron Connolly despite the Hull player being brought down Angus Gunn and had to be taken off with concussion early on.

Liam was unhappy at Kitchin for choosing not to give a red card to Dimitrios Giannoulios after he caught Lewie Coyle in the head, for the foul in the build-up to the opening goal from Jonathan Rowe on the 36th minute, and for the amount of time he didn’t add on at the end of the second half.

The result means going into Saturday’s games, Hull sit 7th in the Championship with 39 points from 27 games played, and after a point from the playoff places with Sunderland 6th with 40 points from 26 games. Norwich are a place below Hull in 8th with 38 points from 27 games played. 

Liam Rosenior felt there would be hardly any point in talking with the referee, having tried to last time at QPR but instead received a fine and a ban.

“We were the better team, and I’ll probably get in trouble,” he said to Hull Live.

“We go away to Sheffield Wednesday in the game decision, today, clear red card, no decision. We were the better team, I think they have one moment. Actually, they had one moment where the ball goes over the bar. Then they have a great moment from Jonathan Rowe who is an outstanding player.

“They go one nil up from then on in we were by far the better team in every aspect of the game, but don’t take our chances, throw caution to the wind. That’s on me. The second goal is on me because I’m throwing caution to wind. We have that much dominance, that much territory, the whole second half was played in their half of the pitch.

“I bring on Harry Vaughan, it’s a deflected cross which goes into the area where Matty Jacob would be if I’m not throwing caution to the wind. I’m really, really proud of this group. I’m proud of this group because they are giving me everything, absolutely everything – we are playing football that I really enjoy watching. I really love my team in the way that we play, but for minor details and this is not the first time this season, if we can cut out those minor errors that we’re making and being punished for, then we’re going to be absolutely fine.

“Before it’s (the opening goal) a foul though. He throws it up the line. Ashley Barnes is a fantastic player. I love him to bits experience just pushes our lad, pushes him, chests it down, hooks it on, we miss one tackle and John Rowe shows his quality.

“It’s a clear foul. It’s not even a discussion. We talk about the red cards or the fact that one of my players is concussed and gets a free kick given against him or two of my players are accused of simulating and haven’t simulated. I’m tired of talking about that because I’m so frustrated for my group of players.

“I have to say the fans were outstanding today, stayed with us because they’re seeing what we’re putting into the game, but we’re not being rewarded for our performances and this isn’t the first time.

“It has to end because we are a very, very good team at this level and we’re not taking advantage of being a dominant team in every aspect of the game. I don’t know how we’re penalised for a free kick,” he said on the Connolly incident with his players getting checked over at hospital.

“I don’t know how we’re penalised for a free kick. I can understand why the goalkeepers come out. He had a very good game. I don’t know if you can punish him. I think they’re both going for the ball, but it’s clearly our free kick at the least. I don’t want people being shown red cards. I don’t want players off the pitch, but for us to be penalised for that, pretty much sums up how I feel the refereeing decisions have gone against us this season.

“And you know me, I think I’m fair over the course of the last 27 games we’ve had, I can talk about far more incidents that have gone against us than have gone for us, including the first game that we played Norwich in.

“I spoke to a referee but with respect, I got banned, I spoke to him with respect. I got banned for a game at Bristol City. I’m not going anywhere near referees anymore because something needs to change. I always wanted to become a manager, so I’ll never blame a result on a refereeing performance. I’ll never make excuses, but I can’t not speak about what’s happening in front of my eyes.

“We wanted to play football today, we wanted to restart the game. They want to slow the game down, they want to make tactical fouls and a referee just bought every single one and then at the end of the game, he adds three minutes on at the end of the game. Every throw-in took 30 seconds, every goal kick took 30 seconds. There was a big discussion at the start of the season about adding time on. We want the ball in play. You know what frustrates me?

“We played Norwich in the first game of the season and didn’t time waste. They had 30 seconds on, they put the ball into the box, they foul our centre-half, they scored and today we’re playing three minutes. So how can I not be frustrated for a group of players, young professionals who it’s their dream to play in the Premier League when they’re being time after time penalised for things and things are going against them? I’m frustrated for the players.”

Hull’s Liam Rosenior to Sky Sports: “It’s frustrating because that pretty much sums up a lot of games we’ve had here this season. We should have more points and I can’t ask for any more from the players. They’ve given me absolutely everything.

“You never want to lose in football, but if we stick to how we play and with the dominance we have we’re going to be a very good team.

“If we keep learning as we go we’ll be absolutely fine. I’m in as good a place as I can be after losing a game of football. I’m disappointed but we have to move on.”

Norwich’s David Wagner to Sky Sports: “I saw the effort, the shift and the togetherness and the fighting spirit of the players. Sometimes I love a win like this which isn’t comfortable and when we haven’t had the greatest composure on the ball.

“The players have dug in, and how we’ve defended and stuck together was great. It was a great win, a deserved win, and I see how the players fought for each other. It was great to get the three points on the board.”

Wagner, as per the club website: “It was fantastic, I think what the players have shown under difficult circumstances, with this pitch against a good opponent, the shift, the effort, togetherness, fighting spirit, was unbelievable,” Wagner said.

“I’m delighted, over the moon, with what I’ve seen tonight. Sometimes wins like this, where you have to dig in as a group, are greater than comfortable wins. This is a big one. A lot of people have seen that this dressing room works and fights together.”

This is how fans reacted as Hull boss Liam Rosenior slams the refereeing display after Angus Gunn clatters Aaron Connolly…

@willtesss: Got to wisen up, we were gash. Don’t win football games by being nice and pretty

@PeddaPorto: 3 wins in 10, whens it going to change

@KieranHCAFC: When your manager says “we’ll be fine if we keep performing to this level” after we’ve lost 6 games in the last 9 😍

@adbr1985: Saying the same every week. When is it gonna happen then? Cos we are going backwards. The last 5-6 weeks haven’t been good enough. Massive improvements needed #hcafc

@JJRHCAFC: He’s saying the same every week because he’s right. The record is bad, but the performances haven’t been awful. The injuries we have really aren’t helping, we played well tonight, it just didn’t happen for us. No need to panic, we’ll be absent fine

@hbotterill19: Like a broken record, it’s fucking boring now.

@JaySC17: Finished 15th last szn n your already pushing play offs. Just because your close to something great don’t get so reactionary when he’s doing a great job.

@StormTroop_Aim: Liam. I will back you to the hilt. I really will but its becoming a worrying pattern of controlling games in a lot of areas but not winning. Every team comes to us and seems to set up the same way yet we cant finish and concede about 2 a game right now. #hcafc

@JPhcafc: But you saw the game, it’s hard to disagree with him isn’t it? I think he’s spot on. We were excellent second half, sometimes you need a bit of luck (or a competent referee). Norwich fans surely can’t believe their luck winning that game.

@supersilverfox: I’m with him but he’s not perfect. Midfield is a serious muddle and Lokilo should be nowhere near this squad, let alone replacing twine for a chunk of the game. Injuries a factor but we knew Seri was likely off months ago. Also we have too few tough players and that’s on him.

@Mulldog95: We lost, move on. I’ll tell you now, Liam Rosenior is the most refreshing manager we’ve ever had. He’ll go far as a manager, and I hope to fuck it’s with us. Trust the process. We move on together. UTT #hcafc

@hcafcalex: Same old story every week now

@d196325: Goals win games, and the defence stops them. We had all the ball yet the same things happening weekly for the last 6 weeks.

@timclark59: You can only say this so many times Liam.

@CallumSteel18: Liam Rosenior is not the problem, stop turning against him.. hes the best manager we have had since Bruce. #hcafc

@Englander1512: Liam Rosenior was always someone I had huge respect for as a pundit. Always balanced with opinion and spoke a good game, you’d listen to him and nod approvingly. Being a manager has turned him into a whinging, obnoxious little shit. Be better Liam.

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