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Huge news emerges over the future of Bury FC days on from stadium being vandalised

Huge news emerges over the future of Bury FC just days on from Gigg Lane stadium being vandalised, and it’s a happier end to the week.

It was confirmed on Sunday the 1st of May, that Bury Football Club and their home Gigg Lane have been bought out of administration by the supporters society and the club are working on a way to bring the club back.

Bury FC tweeted what is possibly the best tweet to come from the account in more than three years:It is with great joy that we can say the fans have bought #BuryFC and #GiggLane out of administration and we’re working on the comeback story of a lifetime. It feels great to be with you again.”


After Bury Football Club Supporters’ Society successfully rallied together to buy Gigg Lane, and the intellectual property, history and memorabilia of Bury Football Club out of administration, The Shakers are finally coming back after their tragic expulsion from the English Football League in 2019.

With the help of generous benefactors, the club is now in safe hands. Using the successful German model of 51:49 ownership, we (the Supporters’ Society) make up the 51% majority while the benefactors, Bury fans themselves, are the 49%.

The club and stadium can never fall out of our hands again and we are now working hard to bring elite men’s football back to the town through negotiations with the FA.

It is our aim that we come back bigger and stronger than ever so we have drawn up plans to make Gigg Lane a community hub for the town seven days a week.

Gigg Lane has already been used as a storage facility for donations to the Ukraine crisis, but we are now beginning works on a community gymnasium. Further intended works include office, clinic and well-being space as well as an artificial playing surface for football to become at the heart of the community all week.

Through hard work and an amazing army of volunteers we have restored Gigg Lane so that Bury FC Foundation Women can end their promotion chasing season in front of the fans at Gigg Lane.

However we don’t want to just restore it but redevelop it to become more than it was before. We have been very fortunate to have received very generous donations from the local and footballing community to help us bring this vision to life.

If you feel able to contribute to restoring and redeveloping Gigg Lane then we would be immensely grateful, however big or small.

There are also opportunities to join us and become a member of the majority fan ownership. This way you can watch and take an active role helping the cause in bringing hope back to the town and local football community.

This is the beginning of a very exciting return for the Shakers and we can’t wait to show you the progress over the coming year.

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Earlier this week, Bury’s Gigg Lane was vandalised AGAIN with a group of schoolchildren thought to be behind almost £1,000 worth of damage.

Earlier in April, panels were smashed and other parts of the ground were damaged.

What is more stupid on the culprits part was that they had left behind evidence with their names on, which included details suggesting they were schoolchildren.

In a separate event on Monday the 25th of April, directors at the club reported further vandalism, saying: “Our CCTV footage has picked up some uninvited visitors to the stadium. We have sent pictures to GMP of their faces but if you (or your children) know the names of the 3 youths please contact us.

“They have smashed the toilets and concrete panels within the stadium on their visit”. Alongside the post was a TikTok clip of a young man kicking a ball into a goal before sliding on the pitch in victory.

Speaking to the M.E.N, Daniel Bowerbank, Director Of Operations at Gigg Lane, said: “They broke into the stadium on Monday evening from the nearby woods. We’ve got the name of the guy in the video, the name of the school he goes to and the police are currently dealing with it in regards to criminal damage.

“They completely smashed three pot sinks to pieces using the stand for the security fencing. They’ve also broken a full toilet system, and caused damage to the pitch by knee slipping on it.”

Daniel says the stadium was victim to another incident on Wednesday evening (April 27) where two concrete panels in the stadium were smashed up. “It’s looking like it’s going to be close to £900 worth of damage overall off the top of my head,” he said.

“It’s definitely not cheap for us, especially when we’re just getting back to the stadium and trying to put things right. I’ve had to spend all day on the phone to the police and sorting things instead of being able to celebrate getting things back on track.

“It’s something we shouldn’t have to do but it’s sadly becoming a common theme. I’ve been involved in football for ten years and there’s definitely trends where kids go through spates of this kind of vandalism. We’re just set on making sure they can’t do it anymore.”

Vandals break into Bury FC's Gigg Lane stadium AGAIN causing almost £1,000  worth of damage - Manchester Evening News

On Sunday, Gigg Lane opened for the first time in three years with a game between Bury FC Foundation Women’s Team and the Fleetwood Town Wrens. Bury FC were kicked out of the Football League in 2019 and then subsequently fell into administration. Two supporters groups, Forever Bury and Est. 1885, later successfully lodged a bid to acquire the iconic stadium, club name and memorabilia.

“This weekend was absolutely amazing,” Daniel exclaims. “It was our first weekend back under the new ownership and it was just great. We had 499 people, we had a great atmosphere and the girls won – it was just an unbelievable day for us.

“We had people crying, people buzzing, and we got to see people that we haven’t seen for three years. It was such a brilliant vibe, the community came together for an amazing day and we’re so happy to be back. This won’t deter us.”

Twitter users reacted as huge news emerges over the future of Bury FC days on from the stadium being vandalised…

@LX___07: You love to see it 🙏🏼

@ToddBartley1: 👏🏻 best of luck lads

@foxxie75: The best news!! 🤍💙

@bigphil321: Unbelievable story, Bury deserves this comeback, we’ll done to everyone involved #BuryFC 💙💙💙⚽️⚽️⚽️

@HarryLister13: Put notifications on a few years back thinking you would never tweet again, but here you are 👏 welcome back lads

@grrrra: From a Hull City fan – really pleased to hear this about your club. Good luck with the project.

@charliecurtain: Wow did not expect to see this on the timeline. So pleased for the Bury fans who lost their club. From a Derby fan 🖤🤍

@mark_widdop: From an Oldham fan I’m so pleased for you.

@AzThornhill3: As a visiting Peterborough United fan, I’ve been to Gigg Lane several times. Have to say the locals are great. Cracking club , wish them and the fans all the luck in the world.

To Bury
At the end of the storm
Theres a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on walk on with hope in your heart

@amanhasnoname69: It’s fantastic news you are back, been following you since it all kicked off and so happy for your fans that you have come back. Look forward to seeing you rise again.

@mgauci14: @buryfcofficial welcome back. It was sad seeing what happend to you back in 2019. Hope to be playing you soon

@B6Nigel: Well done @buryfcofficial, any chance of us giving Bury the benefit of a pre season friendly at VP @AVFCOfficial ? So they can boost their coffers from the gate receipts?🤷🏻‍♂️

@GrahamWhiteley1: Fantastic news. Really pleased for all Bury fans. Do you know where in the pyramid you will start? Happened to my team too @FCHTOnline, but we are now so close to a league return. Good luck ❤

@KevinBarnes7: Brilliant news. Up the shakers !!!

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