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Huge ‘farce’ as referee sends off wrong Bolton player after punch incident against Forest Green

A League One match saw a huge ‘farce’ as the referee sends off the wrong Bolton player after a punch incident against Forest Green.

Top scorer Charles put Ian Evatt’s side into a sixth-minute lead with what was his 13th goal of the season as the Trotters return to good form in League One following the weekend’s defeat at Derby.

However, bizarre scenes played out at Bolton, having to play with 10 men after a 28th minute flashpoint which saw Charles sent off by referee Tom Nield for violent conduct.

Yet it was so clear and obvious that it was is team-mate Elias Kachunga had lashed out at Brandon Cooper.

Charles was understandably puzzled by the sending off, while most of those in attendance were confused and booed the decision until replays of an off the ball tussle revealed the truth.

Soon after the incident, play was stopped and Nield could discuss what he had seen with his linesman.

The League One official identifies Charles at the player to give marching orders to.

Sky Sports' legendary commentator Chris Kamara saw the funny side of things on Twitter

Bolton’s official Twitter account questioned the referee’s decision, tweeting: ‘Dion Charles has been sent off. Some confusion around the ground, we’re not sure what’s happened there!?’

Chris Kamara saw the funny side of it all, claiming Bolton were ‘bringing a sub on’ in reference to his live on air gaffe years back.

While Kammy was amused, Bolton boss Ian Evatt was left utterly stunned by the decision.

He said: ‘We cannot deny that Elias has let everybody down, showing that lack of discipline is not acceptable and he’s apologised to the group.

‘For the linesman to spot it is a good spot but then to get a player involved and sent off who was 15 yards away from the incident is baffling.

‘There is enough finance in the game for us to be able to have VAR for every division in the English pyramid. This is equally important to us as it is to any Premier League team.’

Forest Green boss Ian Burchnall felt for Dion Charles after the forward was sent off in a “very unfortunate” mistake from the officials.

Burchnall said: “I didn’t see it at all. I saw absolutely nothing, but I spoke to Dion Charles as he came off and a couple of their staff as we came off at half time.

“They said it was a sending off but they got the wrong person. As I understand it, Kachunga was the one who raised his arm.

“The linesman has seen something but they have obviously made a mistake. If it is a red card, then it is a red card.

“But it is just very unfortunate for Dion Charles that he has been sent off because he didn’t deserve to be.”

He said: “I think any time there is a sending off, it kind of galvanises the team to be a bit more resolute defensively.

“I thought they were quite open in the first part of the game. But they did what they needed to do to get through the game, and credit to them for that.”

This is what fans said on the huge ‘farce’ as referee Tom Nield sends off the wrong Bolton player after that punch incident against Forest Green…

@JoshCGrace: @EFL sort your shite out

@CurtisYxtes: FUCK OFF🤣 – Never mind a foul, it’s a genuine assault, surprised the other lad hasn’t reacted worse than the little reaction he had #itfc

@VoielsDan: Of all the mistakes to make 🙈 sends off our top scorer and leaves our worst player on. Hope Kachunga is sold.

@Samuellofc97: Yet this ref will get a game this weekend and offer no explanation…

@Chipstead_Gas: Say it most weeks now, officials standards are getting worse and the FA need to act

@lewissavis: Can’t be doing that 🤣😭

@TWH1994: I hate this league and the shite refs that come with it

@LeahFortx: If anyone is wondering how fucking awful officiating is, here you go 🫠🫠🫠

@PompeyKirbs:  And as per usual… absolutely nothing will be done in retrospect to the match official. Awful @EFL officiating as we’re so used to seeing in league one, with a ‘pat-pat, there-there, it’s a difficult job’ thrown in. He sent off the WRONG player for God’s sake!

@JordanWard_: 😂😂😂 the FA/EFL really need to do something about these officials in this country. At what point will they be held accountable for being this bad?

@richarddoxsey: Kachunga actually admitted it was him and they still sent Charles off !!!

@josh_bwfc: Efl unfit for purpose. 100% Appeal that

@joehunt2342: EFL officials strike again 🤣

@FredsCap: What was Kachunga thinking 🤔

@VoielsDan: Can Charles come out for the second half with Kachunga’s shirt on? The ref wont notice.

@MichaelYates89: Cannot believe the officials have managed to send off the wrong player here, what makes it worse is the one they’ve sent off is our only striker! Kachunga is allergic to goals! He should never play for us again for that punch, absolute disgrace.

@ollielad24: Still trying to work out how the fuck they could get this spectacularly wrong 😳😂

@JaseIves: How the f*** has a) the ref got the wrong fella and b) he got away with it?? I’m guessing there can’t be retrospective action either ?

@BWFCJR: Still not quite sure how the linesman has got Kachunga and Charles mixed up… Charles nowhere near it

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