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Huge Birmingham takeover update as expected new owner speaks and Bassini fails again

A huge Birmingham City takeover update is revealed as the expected new owner speaks and Laurence Bassini fails again it would seem.

The Blues have finally been taken over with Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez ‘exchange contracts’ over the weekend to seal the deal.

Maxi Lopez insists his joint takeover of Birmingham City with Paul Richardson is only being financed by their consortium.

Ex-Argentina international footballer Lopez, 38, purchases the club from Birmingham Sport Holdings (BSHL) with the pair at St Andrew’s today having exchanged contracts on Sunday and paid their deposit on Monday.

Richardson says the takeover should formally be completed within ‘two or three weeks’ once it has been ratified by the EFL.

The duo have been granted exclusivity to complete the takeover after Laurence Bassini’s failed attempts to purchase the club.

Paul Richardson said: “We exchanged contracts on Saturday after many months. We paid our depoisit on Monday and now we’re here today to find out how the club works and do our DD (due dilligence). We will have to wait for EFL approval which may take two or three weeks, and then we go to completion.”

Maxi Lopez said: “It’s our money. I have been working for this for almost one year. I think it’s a huge project with this team. When we spoke about this project before, we believe we can do big work with this city and for our fans.”

Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez intend to appoint controversial former Charlton owner Matt Southall as Blues’ new chief executive.

“We will be adding to the team that we have got, we will assess the team that is here first and add to the team as we see necessary. Probably a CEO and CFO,” Richardson said, confirming that Southall is coming in and admitting that he has ‘a little bit of history yes’.

Richardson told BirminghamLive: “I have known Matt for over ten years, a personal friend, we need someone in this club that has experience in a tough environment, we have got some tough decisions to make as we move forward and we believe, myself and Maxi are right behind him, that he is the right guy to do it. I know all about the history, we have talked about it extensively. Matt, along with the CFO, will be reporting to myself and Maxi.

“We discussed everything, as I say Matt is a personal friend of mine so I know in depth about everything and there is always more than one side to a story at the end of the day. We are very clear and concise with it so no problem at all.”

Twitter users had their say amid the huge Birmingham takeover update as their expected new owner speaks and Bassini fails again…

@fredbcfc: hang on a minute is it actually like properly looking good then. first i’ve seen of any of this someone explain everything pls #bcfc

@JohnMoroney72: Great news re #bcfc takeover. Is it final? No, god knows what they’ll find in the DD but this is a MASSIVE step forward. For once, let’s be happy for as long as it lasts!!

@Alex31195302: 🤣🤣🤣 @simonjordan get him back on radio let’s all laugh at bassini

@Stoney1875: I don’t think Southall will have much at blues they’ll fuck him off if he tries anything daft at the end of the day we know who they are we won’t have faceless corrupt bastards who can’t do anything and have false promises just give them a fucking chance man #BCFC #KRO

@footballtyper: I’ve warned several clubs about Matt Southall previously and I’ll say the same again. You do not want this guy inside the building. He’s excellent at getting money out of clubs and bluffing people with his chat, sharp suits and leases Rangeys #bcfc #KRO

@BrummieTom: Not a chance I’m getting excited, been let down too many times, but this is a hugely positive step for Blues. To get BSHL out the door is massive. I wasn’t initially 100% in on the PR+ML deal but I’ll be backing them all the way. Up the blues 🇦🇷 #BCFC

@iamseanyp: @MaxiLopez_11 First you can do, is change “The Family Stand” to “Arthur’s Stand” We failed him in a life, the least we can do is honour and love him now and with every future blues fan. #BCFC #KRO

@nicktotty: I said I wouldn’t get sucked in until I see it officially announced but FIRE UP THE HERA PROMOTION BUS WERE GONNA WIN THE LEAGUE LADS #BCFC

@CookieDCFC93: Genuinely delighted Bassini didnt take over Birmingham, ‘party’ jokes aside wouldnt wish anyone an owner as mentally unstable as him! #bcfc #kro

@Ajmoore21: Man, does that feel good. Won’t get too excited until we’ve heard a bit more, but thank god it isn’t Bassini and thank god we’ve (seemingly) got rid of BHSL! #BCFC

@tommobcfc9: Don’t appoint Southall, don’t sack Eustace. Maintain your credibility for longer than a few hours 👍 #bcfc

@MattG76: Hopefully the start of better days ahead. Not many fans deserve a bit of good fortune more. #BCFC #KRO

@tombaines88: Further proof that Bassini is absolutely full of it and his previous comments had no basis. Great news for #BCFC 👏

@lewisOneill: The Matt southall shit concerns me though, isn’t he mates with bassini too? #bcfc

@kielawrence97: I’m sure people will have something to moan about regarding that interview, but for me it was a breath of fresh air, no false promises, just business #bcfc

@DecDavis_: Maxi mate, come round for dinner whenever you want, I’m no good at cooking Argentinian steak but I could throw some turkey dinosaurs in the oven at short notice for you 💙

@Mutchie84: Let’s just hope blues fans realise this is going to be a long term thing and not to expect success anytime soon #BCFC

@BCFCEVERYTHING: It’s a step in the right direction for sure, but Matt Southall who was forced out of Charlton coming in as CEO? I really don’t like the sound of that. Can’t have one bit of good news without some bad following. #BCFC #KRO

@Colinbloke1980: Can’t just be happy can you. You’ve just GOT to throw a negative in the Mix. Feel as if a small section of our fan base would be happy BSHL stayed. Fucking hell. #BCFC

@RichardTonry: Welcome to the club..Any chance Of getting the stadium fixed! Be great to have a full house again

@Mommyrachael123: Yesss thank you for not giving up, absolutely made up for you both 💙💙

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