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HT / FT betting system explained

HT / FT betting system explained

This article features expert HT/FT tips that will come in handy as a punter. HT/FT is an acronym for Half-Time/Full-Time. As the name suggests, HT/FT allows bettors to place bets on teams they predict will win at halftime and at full time. This allows fluidity when making predictions. 

Let’s take a Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Chelsea as an instance. There are a total of 9 outcomes that may occur going by the half-time/full-time betting system. A bettor can make his HF/FT predictions in these ways:

  • Arsenal/Chelsea: Arsenal wins the first half and Chelsea wins the match.
  • Arsenal/Draw: Arsenal wins the first half and the game ends in a draw.
  • Arsenal/Arsenal: Arsenal wins the first half and also wins the fixture.
  • Draw/Arsenal: The first half ends in a draw and Arsenal wins the fixture. 
  • Draw/Draw: The first half ends in a draw and the fixture ends in a draw. 
  • Draw/Chelsea: The first half ends in a draw while Chelsea wins it at full time.
  • Chelsea/Arsenal: Chelsea wins the first half while Arsenal wins the fixture.
  • Chelsea/Draw: Chelsea wins the first half while the match ends in a draw at the end of 90 minutes.
  • Chelsea/Chelsea: Chelsea wins the first half and also wins the fixture.

Note that when making half-time/full-time predictions, your bets are only valid for the regular time. This means overtime doesn’t count.

Points to consider when doing HT/FT strategy

Analyze statistics

Statistics are very important to sports betting as they show you the strengths and weaknesses of teams which help you make better predictions. Always ensure to analyze the stats of both teams, how they perform home and away, the recent form, xG, attacking and defensive prowess, and more. Analyzing the H2H stats of the teams will help you understand how they’ve performed against each other and also help you in predicting the outcome based on trends.

If both teams are evenly matched, there is a probability that one of the halves ends in a draw. Also, if a stronger team is facing a weaker team, the stronger team is more likely to triumph in both halves. However, keep in mind that the odds for such a strong team facing a weaker opposition will be considerably lower as they are the favorites.

Follow team news

You need to keep close tabs on the teams you want to place your bets on. Following team news gives you an edge as you get to know the availability of the players and which players that are likely to feature or be left out. 

Player availability is important as there are some players whose presence increases the chances of a team winning. You want to be aware of all this information as a punter.

Consider the game

The context of a game could also determine the outcome of a football match. What is the motivation of the players and managers? Is it a must-win game? How important is that football match to the teams at that stage of the season? Is it a derby game?

If two teams are fighting for a place in Europe which is likely to come down to goal favors, it is expected that such teams will aim to outscore each other in that particular game. Hence, both teams will try to wrap up the game as early as possible.

Likewise, if a football match is a determinant of who wins the league and the teams that qualify for the Champions League or relegation, there is another factor that can affect the outcome of a game. These sorts of games are usually tight and mostly end in a draw or a goal margin.

One smart way to place your HT/FT bets is the winner/draw strategy. This means you pick a team to win the first half of the game and then predict the game to end in a draw. A number of games always have a first-half winner before the opposition team levels the score before the match ends. 

Advantages and disadvantages of HT/FT betting system

The major advantage of HT/FT wagers is that it allows punters to make wins on both halves of the game. Also, it is easy to comprehend especially for beginners, and could present you with big payout opportunities.

However, it also has its own downside. To cash out big with HT/FT wagers, you may need to increase your wagers.

Top questions regarding HT/FT betting system

How many kinds of HT/FT bets are there?

Winner bets are the most popular HF/FT bets but they are categorized into separate types. Punters can place card bets, corner kick bets, winner bets, goal bets, and correct scores.

Does overtime count in HT/FT bets?

No, extra time does not count in half-time/full-time wagers. Only the regular time counts.

What is the meaning of HT/FT 1/1?

This means you are betting on a team to win both the first half and the second half.

What is the meaning of X in sports betting?

X means a draw in betting. Hence, anytime you see X on betting markets, it signifies a draw. 

What are the sports that involve HT/FT bets?

Half-time/full-time bets will only be achievable in sports separated by two halves. However, it is most prominent in football betting. You can place half-time/full-time bets on football matches through reputable bookmakers. 

Where to find the best odds for HT/FT wagers?

The best odds for HT/FT wagers are available on betting markets of reputable bookmakers. Find a bookmaker that is available in your country, register an account and start exploring the HT/FT markets. 

You may also compare the odds of multiple betting sites to find the best odds. However, ensure you always settle for reputable bookmakers only.

How to minimize risks when using the HT / FT system?

  • Back teams that possess strong attacking threats and good defense more.
  • The fastest way to get burnt is by trying to win back your losses at once, resist the urge.
  • Most punters go all in into the betting market. Don’t bet more than your pocket.
  • Place bets close to kick-off to accommodate unforeseen changes to the squad.
  • Check statistics and analyze the present form of players and their teams. Don’t bet blindly.
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