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How Would Liverpool Replace Mo Salah?


Mo Salah… The guy does more U-turns than a roundabout. First, he was leaving Liverpool, then it turned out it was a negotiation tactic, and he was getting his desired salary, now all of a sudden he’s joining Barcelona?

Salah has yet to agree with any deal with Liverpool, despite that brief moment of hope for Anfield regulars, and now, with manager Jurgen Klopp admitting that they “cannot do much more” to convince him, fans are wondering where he might have his eye on – and who would replace him.

This is an important question because Salah is leaving some massive football boots to fill. The Liverpool player is the highest-scoring player in the Premier League, by far, with a couple of Liverpool players struggling to keep up. If he were to need replacing, Liverpool would need an equally qualified player to fill his space. Considering two of the five highest goal scorers in the Premier League are already Liverpool stars, where else can Liverpool look for a quality player? We explore in this guide.

Tottenham Hotspur

If you’re going to fill the boots of the top scorer in the Premier League, it’s worth looking around at the rest of the top scorers for inspiration.

The closest equivalent to Mo Salah would be Son Heung-Min, who is still seven goals behind Salah’s total but that still takes him to second place among the top scorers of the Premier League. The South Korean striker matches Liverpool player Diogo Jota on matches but makes his mark in second place due to the accuracy of his shots that beat even Salah’s.

But Heung-Min is just one half of a dynamic duo of scorers that have taken Tottenham Hotspur to fifth on the Premier league table. Londoner Harry Kane has scored 12 goals for Tottenham this season, making for a very promising combination. Would splitting them apart ruin the magic? Or would they each thrive on an even better team?

Manchester City

It only makes sense from that point to take a look at who is actually getting furthest in the Premier League as a team, and that would be Manchester City. They’re at the top of the table with 70 points, closely followed by Liverpool with 69. If Liverpool want to grab those extra two points that will put them over Man City, they might think about swiping one of their players.

And since Mo Salah is one of Liverpool’s best players, it would make sense to look at City’s best players, too. And that’s where the name of Riyad Mahrez makes an appearance. The French winger has scored 10 of Man City’s winning goals and spent his first season winning Premier Leagues, FA Cups and EFL Cups.

Fresh meat

Of course, Mo Salah is leaving behind such massive shoes to fill, it’s hard to argue that anyone behind him on the Premier League tables will be good enough to keep Liverpool where they are. If they want to sell Liverpool tickets 2022, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Sniff out some young talent from the junior teams and train them up to fit those goal-scoring boots. 

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