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How Wigan have been victim to one of the greatest sporting scandals of all time

A tweet has gone viral this week, stating how Wigan Athletic have been a victim to one of the greatest sporting scandals of all time.

@marksparko tweeted a thread explaining it all following the shocking news that the Latics enter into administration, becoming the first English professional club to do so since the coronavirus pandemic.

Paul Stanley, Gerald Krasner and Dean Watson of Begbies Traynor have been appointed as joint administrators.

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The EFL have stated: “As a result of Wigan Athletic confirming they have entered into administration, the Club will be subject to a 12-point deduction and, in accordance with EFL Regulations, the timing of the sporting sanction can only be determined once final league placings in the Championship are determined.

“If in the event the Club is relegated by virtue of their final position following the conclusion of the Championship season, then the deduction will apply in League One in 2020/21. However, if the Club is not in the relegation places following the final game of season, the sanction will be then be applied to their season 2019/20 total and final league standings amended as appropriate.”

So, back to how Wigan have been victim to one of the greatest sporting scandals of all time, take a look at the tweets that have had 27.9K Retweets and 52.7K Likes as of Saturday lunchtime.

After reading up on the astonishing viral Twitter thread, fans and other social media users tweeted their thoughts on it all…

@leodis27: Leeds fans have been saying the EFL is corrupt for years but it’s Leeds so it’s either a conspiracy or just us moaning, nothing will happen and they’ll go on being corrupt

@watpoae: Any chance someone at the EFL is in on the bet as well? This is absolutely rotten to the core

@bubblemaster3: Take the money away, stop paying the players, agents & banks ridiculous amounts, I want MY football back, pre Premier League years, without suits pedalling millions around! Put the Fans first! Out the leach’s sucking game the dry. Level the playing field! Become a joke.

@GarM44505994: From a Rangers fan reading through this, reminds me of a whole lot or wrong doing at our club. You guys have my sincere condolences and I hope this is fully investigated.shocking stuff lads it really is

@mightywhitesfc: Absolutely scandalous, I hope this galvanises the players and they can beat relegation against the odds. The whole situation stinks to high heaven.

@truered786: Every football fan should read this thread

@paula_jermy: Could you imagine if this had happened to a big club in the premiership, it would be headlines all over the world. Maybe that’s why they chose little Wigan, they thought no one would care. So thank you for keep investigating

@Medders20: Agree with you 100% I’m a Blackburn fan and the EFL have done nothing in the last 10-15 years to support sides like Blackburn, Wigan, Bolton, Portsmouth, Blackpool and Charlton etc, they let owners in left, right and centre who don’t have a clue what they are doing!!!

@djcaird85: How this was allowed to happen is beyond me, speaks volumes for the EFL “fit and proper” test for taking over clubs, how was this allowed to go through? The thread highlights flaws in what’s going on and needs investigation from the powers that be, good luck!

After reading how Wigan have been victim to one of the greatest sporting scandals of all time, what are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting HERE.

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