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How To Succeed When Betting on Soccer In USA

Soccer has become the most popular sport in the world not just in the stadiums, but also in the sports betting industry. The games are happening almost every day everywhere on the planet and that makes soccer betting a special treat for the fans of this particular sport. And although this mostly European game is still new to the USA, it already managed to gather lots of followers and those who are willing to bet their money on it. Here is some general information and useful tips from SportBet.one on soccer sports betting.

Soccer odds meanings

Reading the soccer odds is a skill you can’t go without in betting. It’s not enough just to predict the outcome because it might not be worth your time. That’s where the odds come into play as they indicate how likely the scenario is to happen. If the sportsbook expects the outcome, the odds will be lower, and vice versa. There are three formats of odds – their meaning is the same but the presentation differs. Choose the one you find most comfortable and stick with it.

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American odds (Plus/Minus)

The American odds format is the most common and the odds are shown with plus/minus before the number. Reading them isn’t that hard and best explained with an example. So here’s what you might see and explanation about what it means: the favorite is set at -150 (risk $150 to win $100), the underdog at +250 (risk $100 to win $250), and the draw at +200 (risk $100 to win $200).

Slash odds

This type of odds is used outside the US, for example in the UK – odds are displayed as a fraction. The  numerator in this case shows the winning amount, and the denominator shows a corresponding bet (10/2 means $2 bet would give you a $10 win).

Decimal odds

In this case the odds are listed as a decimal number and show the total amount you can gain on a bet, including the return of the original stake. It goes like this: with 2.00 odds a $1 bet returns $2 (the original $1 bet plus $1 winnings).

How to succeed

An interesting fact about sports betting is that it’s different for everyone. Sure, the general concept remains the same but the process itself is quite unique with every bettor: some always go with their gut, some choose to rely on research and hard facts. But whatever betting strategy you prefer, we collected some useful tips that can help you to decide on the bet types and get more winnings. So here’s the list we pulled together – read this information carefully and put it to test while you bet on soccer at SportBet.

ALWAYS check lineups and injury news

Injury monitoring is a rather common thing among soccer bettors. But we have something to add to this approach – do not place your bet until the official starting lineup for the match is released. Based on their inner rules and tactics, team management can rotate players and side-bench someone who is perfectly ready to play, so you’ll never predict that. This advice is especially valid if you want to wager on an individual player. Yes, we know that betting in advance has good prices, but it’s better to miss that than lose the entire bet before the action even begins.

Check a team’s schedule & travel load

Remember that soccer players are also people who can get tired from constant work and moving around the world, so make sure to check the team’s upcoming and recent schedule. Pay attention to the players who have been playing a lot recently, look into the team’s rotations and recent results to get a general picture about the state of the players. These facts are important, so don’t ignore them.

Dive into the advanced statistics

Team’s statistics is open access nowadays and can be found easily, so it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to check how the team is doing on a general scale. You can find information about pressure rates, expected goals, how players perform against certain playing styles or opponents and many other things. These can come very handy while trying to predict the score of the game or how individual players might perform.

Watch a team before betting on or against them

Solid numbers are good but they are not enough because you need to connect them to the team’s actual performance. To get the whole picture you must watch the team play and see how players behave under different circumstances, which decisions the manager makes and many more. 

Don’t buy into storylines

Don’t trust all the storylines you see online. Of course, it might be useful if you monitor them, but that’s just it – keeping an eye and not giving them a chance to alter your choice of bet.  No doubt, it is rather fun going through the forums and scrolling the soccer news, but those media-hyped tales don’t really have any weight on the team’s performance. 

Anticipate the crazy!

As you like to say, gathering intel before the match never hurt anyone, and that’s completely true. But however much you prepare in advance, one fact remains unchanged – soccer matches are not scripted and sometimes even the smallest detail in the course of the game can change the outcome drastically. So do you research but at the same time let yourself relax and just enjoy the game because you can’t control everything. 


Soccer is a nice mix of speed, teamwork, skill, technical ability but also a bit of luck. That’s what makes the soccer betting market so popular around the world and attracts more and more gamblers every day. Don’t shy away from preparing for the games because it actually proved to be useful when it comes to placing the bet. Respect the spirit of the game, gamble responsibly and enjoy your favorite sport while making some money!

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