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How to make money on the game of your favourite team

We all watch with interest the matches of our favourite teams in the EPL, FA Cup, and even friendly matches, rejoicing at every victory and getting upset after defeats. Many fans surely also make their own predictions on the result of matches, but not all of them, unfortunately, come true. 

In this article, we would like to tell you how the matches of your favourite clubs can bring not only the joy of scoring goals and victories but also a good additional income, regardless of whether your prediction on the result of the match came true or not.

How does it work?

Ordinary bets on the final result of the match (on the number of goals scored, corners, asian handicap, etc.) do not guarantee you a profit, because any bet can lose. However, there are surebets (arbitrage bets, arbitrage situations), the operating with which is based on finding the difference in the bookmakers’ odds on the opposite outcomes of sporting events. This difference should be such that the player receives income regardless of the final result of the clash.

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In order not to be unsubstantiated – let’s look at two illustrative cases of using the strategy on the example of EPL matches.

Examples of using the strategy

1) Match Sheffield United – Tottenham Hotspur (May 19). The bookmaker 1xbet has set the odds at 2.95 for that the away team will commit more than 10 fouls (TO 10.5). Another bookmaker (Betcity) believes that Spurs will commit 10 or less fouls (TU 10.5) and sets odds of 1.7 on this outcome. 

Let’s imagine that we have $200 in total for this surebet. In this case, we should bet $73.1 on TO 10.5 at 1xbet with odds of 2.95 and $126.9 on TU 10.5 at Betcity with odds of 1.7. Now let’s make the necessary calculations:

73.1*2.95 = $215.65 = $15.65 net profit and 126.9*1.7 = $215.73 = $15.73 net profit. 

As you can see, we managed to earn at least $15.65 from just one surebet. Let’s now look at another example of an existing arb, now in the match Liverpool – Wolverhampton, which also took place on the 19th of May:

2) Bookmaker 1xbet set the odds at 5.10 on showing more than 2 cards during the whole match, while Stoiximan set the odds at 1.31 on that the teams get less than two cards. 

In this case, if we bet $61.3 on TO 1.5 and $238.7 on TU 1.5 ($300 in total) – we are guaranteed to get: 

61.3*5.10 = $312.63 = $12.63 net profit and 238.7*1.31 = $312.7 = $12.7 net profit.

How to find surebets

As you can see, betting on the game of your favourite team can really bring tangible income, but the main catch here is to find surebets. It is important to understand that you can only find the right odds by analysing the lines of dozens of bookmakers. In addition, it is necessary to quickly and correctly calculate the amounts of bets, because arbs exist only a few minutes.

This is where sportsbook arbitrage finder come to assist: it performs the whole process of searching and calculating for us. The leader among such services is BetBurger, which analyses the lines of more than 350 bookmakers in more than 45 sports and provides customers with information about fresh arbitrage situations in the form of a convenient table.

All you need is to make the necessary calculations in a few clicks and go to the bookmakers’ websites to place your bets.


Thanks to arbitrage betting (surebet) strategy, fans of football and other sports have the opportunity not only to enjoy the game of their favourite clubs or players but also to earn money on it. However, if you do decide to start working with this betting strategy – it is important to carefully study all its nuances. 

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