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How To Do Matched Betting Without Free Bets


Over the years, sports betting has evolved thanks to the introduction of notable innovative betting strategies and techniques that more or less guarantee one’s chance of making a profit from betting. 

Today, one of the most unique strategies that punters leverage is matched betting. Generally, matched betting is carried out to convert the free bets on offer into withdrawable cash. However, in this article, we will give you insight on how to still profit from matched betting without the help of free bets. Also, you can check extra places matched betting.

Top 4 Strategies for Making Profit in Matched Betting Without Free Bets

Making a guaranteed profit doesn’t have to stop after you’ve extracted the free bets on offer from exchange platforms, as there are other profitable ways to generate profits. Below are some of the options you may want to take to keep cashing out on matched betting.

  1. Arbitrage (Arbing)

With the arbitrage strategy, you can place yourself in a position that guarantees profit. Arbing can be done by placing bets on every possible outcome of a game or match. The two possible positions you can take as a punter may be to back or lay an outcome.

While arbing often guarantees a profit when done correctly, it can also turn out badly with any slight misjudgment of odds.

  1. Price Boosts

Another option punters may choose is jumping on the occasional price boosts. These price boosts are often done when exchange platforms deliberately increase odds in order to attract punters. You can easily figure out when an odd is boosted as they are clearly indicated as such. Nonetheless, you can leverage the price boost to cash in on a profit. 

So how does the price boost work, you may ask? Well, you exploit the odd difference between the lay and back bets. It is important to place a bet quickly on boosted odds as they often don’t last beyond 30 minutes before they revert to normal odds.

  1. Early Payout Offer (2ups)

Punters can also follow the early payout offer to ensure a consistent profit influx on their betting journey. This strategy is Popularly run on some betting platforms like Bet365. Punters can play this strategy by betting on a football team to get two goals ahead of their opponents. This will result in you getting paid.

You can also lay the initial team you backed hoping the opponent scores against them. If this happens, you win on both sides of the betting. This can also be replicated in horse racing, basketball, etc.

  1. Leveraging Casino Offers

This strategy is ideal for bookmakers that also have online casinos on the platform. Here, punters can take advantage of the bonus offers on the casino section of the platform to make more profit. 

However, some betting platforms do not allow players to get offers from both sides. Moreso, the ones that allow it tend to slap a rather high wagering requirement on their casino sites. Nonetheless, casino offers can come in handy to help make extra profit.


Is Matched Betting Without Free Bets Illegal?

Not at all. While most betting or exchange platforms may not be particularly fond of matched betting, it is perfectly legal. It is also worth noting that you must be at least 18 years old to participate in matched betting.

Is There Any Risk Attached to Matched Betting Without Free Bets?

As long as you follow the right approach to matching your bet, there is little to no risk as it has proven mathematically correct. 

However, there is room for human error from miscalculating odds. In this case, a matched bet may fail to generate profit.

Can One Make a Living Off Matched Betting Without Free Bets?

It all depends on the expertise and experience you’ve acquired over the years in matched betting. Overall, it would be advisable that you don’t delve into matched betting as a career. Use disposable income you can afford to lose to match your bets.


Making money on matched betting without free bets can be complicated for upcoming bettors. However, the good news is that match betting can still be carried out without free bets. Also, with consistent practice, matched betting can give you an extra source of revenue.

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