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How to bet live: tips and useful strategies to win

Technology revolutionized the world of betting. Thanks to the internet and technological development it is now possible to play on sporting events while they are in progress. Here we will try to explain how to bet live today, with the right tips and tricks to extricate you from the vast world of live betting.

How live betting works

In popular sports betting, you predict a certain outcome of a match before it begins. This concept is overcome by the possibility of doing it even during the same match, a possibility offered precisely by live bets. Let us try to understand how it works.

Let us assume a football match which is scheduled to start at 6pm on a certain day. When the match starts, the match on each betting site will disappears from the schedule, but only to reappear in the live betting section. There, by clicking on the match in question, a very wide range of bets is available, which takes both some classic betting options and others more specific, designed specifically to play in real time.

The biggest difference between classic and live bets is the time available. In classic betting we can take hours to predict the final score, read statistics and so on. In live betting, however, speed is essential. Precisely because it is played while the event is in progress the odds and the same bets change very frequently. Feedinco.com offer this live prediction service which offers football bet prediction and live score in real time, also called in-play betting prediction. It is essential to click and confirm the bet we intend to place with a certain speed, otherwise we could see the odds that attracted us drop or even disappear.

Live betting on football

Football is the most popular sports and the most favorite among punters. Compared to the classic football bets, in live bets you will find largely all the types of bets of traditional betting: 1×2 Fulltime, over/under goals, both teams to score, correct score and so on. Obviously, everything will be recalibrated in real time by the bookmaker, based on the evolution of the result. In addition to these games there are other specific ones, including for example.

  • 1X2 over a certain time interval – (e.g. 1X2 between 60 ‘and 75’ minute)
  • when the next goal will be scored
  • team to score the next goal.

Among other things, live bets allow you to play on an event even if you have not had time to bet on it before it started. In live football betting it is also possible to place multiple bets, as long as you do not try to play different bets on the same event and that all selected betting options are compatible with accumulator bets.

How live tennis betting works

After Football, tennis is undoubtedly the most popular sports for live betting. The very nature of the sport of tennis makes live play particularly exciting. Watching a match between two tennis players and being able to play on a series of outcomes within the match itself is very nice, also because tennis does not have the complexity of a team sport and evaluating the form of a single player is less difficult.

Even in tennis, the schedule of possible live bets draws on that of classic bets (match winner, head-to-head, set winner, over/under), adding other interesting possibilities.

Winning methods for live betting

Starting from the obvious assumption that there are NO sure bets or safe ways to win in betting, but there are ways to improve the earnings. To do this we basically need two elements:

  • bankroll
  • time

The first is fundamental because there are no winning bets that do not have an economic solidity behind them. To understand how to best bet live it is of primary importance to understand that playing during matches can have a remarkable yield but also has high volatility. So, it is necessary to move with extreme caution in order not to risk making unclear decisions, perhaps because they are influenced by the importance of the figure at stake.

The second element that we must bring in our favor for any winning method in live betting is time. First, the time understood as the time available because live betting implies the need to follow a match carefully and consistently, to notice every possible earning opportunity and take advantage of it. But time must also and above all be understood as readiness, that is what is necessary to play a stake before it disappears or changes. And, very often, it is all a matter of seconds.

But playing live is worth it or not?

In gambling, there is no safe ways to win with bets. You can play different strategies than others, which will be more profitable. Also be sure to find a safe and secure online casino / betting site. With a safe site that is licensed, you can rest assured that the casino or betting site are tightly controlled online gambling and regulated by different licenses (the body that governs the remote gaming market).

Finally, there is also an important aspect to consider: the online bookie who offers live play bears a considerable additional risk. In fact, if the speed of execution is essential for the player, it is even more so for the bookmaker. For punters, delaying a few seconds too long to bet on a live odd means losing the chance to play it. For a bookmaker, however, delaying a few seconds too long to update the odds can lead to a liability of thousands and thousands of pounds.

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