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How many season tickets Coventry have sold so far for groundshare at Birmingham

A few weeks, we learned that Coventry City have no choice but to play their home games at Birmingham City’s St Andrews in the 2019/20 season.

Since then and with the new campaign quickly approaching, clubs are now revealing the season ticket prices and how fans can buy them.

The Sky Blues have recently done so but it seems that a huge amount of their fanbase aren’t bothering due to the ongoing situation with the club plus the travelling they have to do which is an extra 40 or so minutes.

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Coventry Telegraph have announced that on the 10th of June in the first 24 hours of it going on sale, 500 were sold.

Two weeks later, they have only doubled it to just over 1,000.

Last season, Coventry sold just under 7,000, and had an average of 12,362, up 33% on the previous season.

It will be the second time the club have had to play away from Ricoh Arena home whilst under Sisu.

The owner Joy Seppala, spoke on Sky Sports this week, she said: “It’s a tragedy.

“We just want to be a team in our own stadium, generating our own revenue. But the club is playing somewhere else, so we apologise for that.

“I feel for fans that have to make the trip to Birmingham. When we were choosing where to play, we had a lot of conversations with Mark Robins, who wanted to play on a high-class pitch.

“It’s tragic. I apologise to fans for that, but there are circumstances that are out of our control.”

On the deal Wasps wanted for Coventry to stay, she said: “We signed an agreement with Wasps that we would not litigate against them over the sale of the Ricoh. We agreed to terms.

“But then when they came back, they wanted us to sign something that wasn’t feasible. Not just SISU, but the football club as well, underwriting damages and costs that they might incur.

Asked if she regrets getting involved with Coventry, Seppala said: “I’d not be honest if I said I hadn’t thought that at times. There are days when it’s difficult but that’s life.

“This has been the most professionally challenging experience and in many respects, it’s been the most rewarding.”

She told Sky Sports News how much personal abuse she has received, she added: “It was very upsetting. I’m a big girl. I can handle it.

“I can tell you of hundreds and hundreds of abuse emails and letters calling me all sorts of names, incessant calls to the office and the various protests.

“Our home was broken into. I wasn’t worried about me, more my family. My children at the time were very young.

“I knew the anger from the supporters.

“But you come after my children, my personal home? It’s a different story. It was very emotional, very upsetting.

“We got a call from security saying ‘someone is in your home’. I went upstairs to check on the children.

“I had to think very carefully about how they got to school. That was the most difficult part of it.”


After learning how many season tickets Coventry sold, fans took to give their reaction – find out what they had to say on the next page.


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