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How Gambling Helps Football Clubs Become More Successful

Did you know that the sports betting industry has some of the brightest prospects in the world? Sports betting is developing rapidly; every day, more and more players are betting on football, basketball, volleyball, and other sports. Each tournament is like a separate universe with room for excitement, fame, drive, and big wins.

According to statistics from Global Data, in the 2020/2021 season, the football industry earned almost $500 million from betting sponsorship. English football made the most significant profit of $143.8 million as it attracted the largest TV audience. The Spanish Football Premier League has earned more than $70 million from betting, and German football is in third place.

This is a vivid but far from the only example of how sports betting helps football clubs become more successful and receive additional profit. It is this topic that our today’s article will be devoted to. We will analyze what unites bookmakers and football and what benefits football clubs receive from sponsorship. And also, find out which bookmakers most often sponsor teams in Europe in 2022.

Bookmakers Are Part of Football Culture Around the World

There are only two things in the world that sports fans love more than life. The first is football. Real fans constantly follow the club’s events and enthusiastically support them. The second is betting on football matches. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, online betting sites allow you to place bets without leaving your couch. An increasing number of operators are expanding the list of services to cover gambling and sports betting. However, this was not always the case.

For decades, the football community has treated the gambling industry with skepticism. There were fears that negotiations between football clubs and bookmakers’ representatives could end in fraud, such as fixed matches. Of course, there have been separate attempts in the Italian and English Premier Leagues to bribe players or even coaches to have the team leak the game. However, such cases were immediately suppressed. After all, it is impossible to fake a real football game, and the fans sitting in the stands immediately feel the catch.

About ten years ago, football club officials realized that all objections to cooperation with bookmakers were unfounded. Moreover, they realized that such a partnership could be mutually beneficial. Since then, collaboration between online casinos and football teams has become commonplace. Due to the rapid development of gambling, the number of such “alliances” is only growing. Moreover, bookmakers have become an integral part of the ball game worldwide. By opening a gambling site in the hope of getting free spins no deposit Ireland, a player can also place sports bet on the Premier League of Spain, Germany, England, and any other country in the world. According to statistics, at least 20% of clubs are merging with online casinos and betting companies in Europe.

What Benefits Do Football Clubs Get from the Sponsorship of BC?

Sports betting is a medal that has two sides. What can football clubs offer operators? First, entering the mass market with a multi-million target audience that loves to watch the game and is ready to place daily bets. Putting a corporate logo on a football player’s jersey or stadium advertising banners brings real financial benefits. As a result, a football team evokes persistent associations with a particular bookmaker. Every time the players enter the stadium, her recognition grows. Sponsor deals allow you to reach a vast target audience and enter new markets.

Interesting fact! After studying three episodes of the popular BBC program “Match of the Day,” researchers at the University of London Goldsmiths found that bookmaker logos appeared on the screen from 71% to 89% of the show.

With the profit that bookmakers receive, everything is more or less clear. But what about football clubs? Why would they sponsor gambling and betting? The answer is simple – money and more money. Just imagine that some corporations are willing to pay millions to participate in advertising campaigns. Advertising revenue can be used in different ways. For example, spend them on the club’s development and buy more prestigious and talented players. This is practically a win-win for the football league of any country.

Many online gambling sites broadcast matches of sporting events. Watching a football match in real-time is a pleasure. Turning on the TV and watching live broadcasts is far from always possible. In addition, you often have to pay for a premium subscription to sports channels. After registering on the site of an online casino or bookmaker, the fan immediately gets access to the live broadcast. In the end, everyone is happy.

Another reason why clubs cooperate with bookmakers is to support modern football standards. Additional funding and advertising revenue allow you to improve training facilities, grow the community, and reach a new level. Participation in many prestigious matches and competitions requires additional investment. All this can give a good bookmaker.

From all of the above, we can draw simple conclusions:

  • Cooperation between bookmakers and football clubs is beneficial for both parties;
  • Online casinos and bookmakers get new customers, fame, and glory. Moreover, they release sports-themed slots for real fans of football, basketball, and other games. This is another excellent opportunity to combine two different areas – the world of gambling and the world of sports.
  • For Liverpool, Benfica, Chelsea, Bayer Leverkusen, and other teams, partnering with bookmakers generates solid advertising revenue.

Which Bookmakers Are Sponsoring Football Teams in Europe in 2022?

In its recent report, the UEFA Football Association Union focused on the “seismic effect” of the coronavirus pandemic and football club sponsorship. Of the top 55 divisions, more than 40 have a title sponsor, the source claims. If we talk about individual football clubs, there are more than 117. 

Some bookmakers have entered into partnership agreements with several countries at once:

  • Vbet – Ukraine, Armenia;
  • Optibet – Latvia, Lithuania;
  • Fortuna – Czech Republic, Slovakia.

We counted the most title sponsors among bookmakers in Bulgaria – over 71%. The absolute champion in terms of sponsorship is Parimatch, a world-class bookmaker. The company sponsors 11 football clubs worldwide and four national championships at once. 1xBet has long been a sponsor of the Italian Serie A and the famous football clubs Liverpool, Chelsea, and Barcelona. In turn, BC Marathonbet concluded a lucrative contract with Manchester City and Sevilla, and Bwin – with Real Madrid and Milan for 15 million euros and 7.5 million euros per year, respectively.

Another well-known bookmaker Betway Group is the official sponsor of many notable teams:

  • Atlético de Madrid;
  • VfB Stuttgart;
  • FC Schalke 04;
  • West Ham United;
  • Eintracht Frankfurt.

Sports betting in any form (it doesn’t matter if it’s at a bookmaker’s office, an online casino, or a separate betting site) is, first of all, a business. As practice shows, it brings owners an excellent and stable profit. The number of establishments offering bets on football matches, tennis, or hockey is growing exponentially. The influence of the offices on the fans’ opinion is also increasing. After all, the bookmaker always gives small odds to the clear favorite of the match. But in fact, even a weak team can win.

Bookmakers and Responsible Gaming – A Compromise Found

According to the UK Gambling Commission, more than 400,000 Britons suffer from gambling addiction. Another 2 million people are on the verge between addiction and adequate perception of reality. However, even this statistic is not the most worrisome.

According to a recent study, approximately 370,000 children aged 11-16 in the UK place bets at least once a week. In 2019, GambleAware and the UK Football Fans Association called on football clubs to inform gamblers about the risks associated with betting and gambling. An FSA survey with GambleAware showed that only 10% of fans received detailed information about responsible gambling. 

According to representatives of organizations, gambling operators and football clubs should pay even more attention to:

  • Informing fans (especially young people) about the risks of sports betting;
  • Encouragement of safe bets;
  • Prevention of gambling addiction;
  • Creation of a comfortable, safe environment for online betting.


Betting on competitions and matches is an integral part of any sport, especially football. Online casinos are expanding their offers and making sports betting accessible to every fan. Sponsorship of bookmakers is beneficial for everyone. Firstly, gambling users can place bets and play in the casino on the same site. Secondly, gambling operators are involved in a large-scale marketing campaign hoping to attract players. When a well-known online casino brand agrees with a favorite team or football game, its recognition increases exponentially.

In turn, football clubs receive additional income from advertising. Multi-million-dollar profits can buy new players, sign more lucrative contracts, rent stadiums, etc. Sponsors have vast amounts of money that can be invested in sports development.

However, online betting is still a significant concern for some users. It is worth remembering that any gambling and sports betting carry certain risks. It is essential not to forget the concept of “Responsible gaming” and adhere to its fundamental principles. And also, keep an eye on the size of the bets and never take a loan to recoup. After all, the main thing in any sport is to enjoy the game and have a good time.

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