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Hilarious suggestions put to Lancaster City as club lets fans win chance to rename stadium

Hilarious suggestions have been put to Lancaster City this week as the club lets fans win the chance to rename their stadium.

The Northern Premier League Premier Division outfit are offering the naming rights for its historic stadium – for just £10!

And it we see anything similar to what Bolton Wanderers did with their stadium, by naming it after sponsors Toughsheet, then we could be in for another belting yet amusing name to follow.


Lancaster City FC gives fans the chance to see their name in lights and rename historic Giant Axe – for a tenner!

February 21st 2023. Lancaster. Lancaster City Football Club is offering the naming rights for its historic stadium – for just £10!

Giant Axe, the more than 100-year-old stadium, will be renamed for the 2023/24 season following a prize draw, which is being held to raise much-needed funds for the club.

Andy Baker, Board Director at Lancaster City FC, said: “Wembley, Nou Camp. The Emirates. Giant Axe. They’re some of the best known football grounds around. Now, we’re giving Lancaster City fans a unique opportunity to see their name up there alongside the most famous stadiums in the world. We’re offering the chance for one lucky winner to name our stadium for next season.”

He added: “As well as the hundreds of fans who come to our matches, we’ve also got tens of thousands of fans across the world who now have the chance to make their mark on the club and help us with some much needed funds!”

You can enter the completion for just £10 per entry (plus Event Bright fee), and can enter as many times as you like (up to 2,000 entires in total). The winner will be drawn at half time on Lancaster City’s final game of the season against Guiseley on Saturday April 22nd.

The winner’s name will be prominently displayed on the sign at the front of the stadium and will receive an advertising hoarding for the 2023/24 season. They will also be included in additional stadium branding opportunities such as the match day programme, the Dolly Blue Sound commentary, on social channels and in press releases.

Enter here today!

Giant Axe has been Lancaster City FC’s home ground since the formation of the club in 1911. It was given its name as the original exterior wall, when viewed from above, was the same shape as an axe head. The ground was renovated in the 1970s, with the main stand built in 1977. The West Road End Terrace was added in the year 2000, with modern seating also installed in the main stand that year.

Terms and Conditions

By entering the Name Our Stadium activity, you pay a £10 per entry fee, with all proceeds going to Lancaster City FC.

Event Bright charge a £1.29 fee for each entry taking the total (including fee) for each entry to £11.29.

You must be 16 or older to enter

You can enter as many times as you want with as many names as you want. You can also enter one name multiple times, with each entry costing £10 (plus Event Bright fee).

There is a total maximum of 2,000 entries in total.

The winning entry will be drawn at random on Saturday April 22nd and the winner contacted by email and phone on Sunday April 23rd.

The winner becomes an official sponsor of Lancaster City FC for the 23/24 season (August 2023 – April 2024).

The board of Lancaster City FC reserve the right to reject a name if it is rude, lewd, derogatory, brings the club into disrepute, or is a competitor to the club. If that happens, the board will request the winning sponsor change the submitted name without offering any refund of the £10 entry (including multiple entries).

Any name change request is at the discretion of the Lancaster City FC board and the board reserve the right to not proceed with any name submitted if they deem it inappropriate.

The successful sponsors’ name will appear across all official Lancaster City FC communications about the stadium (including the main stadium sign, the match day programme, the Dolly Blue commentary etc.)

The winning sponsor’s name will appear as “Giant Axe, sponsored by [NAME]” or “The [NAME] stadium at Giant Axe” or “The [NAME] Giant Axe Stadium” or similar.

The sponsor will also receive an advertising board hoarding at the stadium.

All naming rights will end on the final day of the 23/34 season.

A further draw may happen in early 2024 for the new sponsor of the 24/25 season.

For more information, contact:

Stuart Jackson: stu@lancastercityfc.com or 07866 772 563
Dave Evans: dave@lancastercityfc.com

As mentioned, hilarious suggestions put to Lancaster City as club lets fans win chance to rename stadium

@dollyblueMC: Just entered. Gone with Stadium McStadium Face. Of course I didn’t!! I went with “Giant Axe”. I hope everyone else does too.

@ForeverAYellow: with Lancaster getting their own monopoly, surely gotta be The Monopoly Arena lol

@ForeverAYellow: I mean, I didn’t expect to be looking up local businesses in Lancaster, but the could take their pick from ‘The Man Cave’,’ Dam Good Coffee’, ‘Poundworld’, ‘Kaspa’s Desserts’, ‘North West Concrete Testing’,
Rapid Clear Drains’, and I guess ‘Butchery’ would go well next to ‘Giant Axe’ lol

@LarryClaret1: The Giant Axe Wound Stadium? 👀

@Marshall5333: The tough sheet stadium 😂

@willfoster22: The TinpotRUs Stadium

@AndrewG1128: The MT stadium 😂😂

@peterriley: the shit pit?

Jerry Lott: The witches cauldron….as it’s famous for its past

Brian Orchard:
The Andrex Stadium 
Cos everyone knows Andrex is better after a Toughsheet 😂
Or The Ice Pack Stadium for the same reason as Andrex

@Chorley_Mon: Fingers crossed a Tree Surgeon or Lumberjack wins.

@hardafdfacts: Big Chopper?

@thesplatt: Massive hatchet


@NLFG: I see no potential for this to go horribly wrong.

@TheGreatLummox: I’ll put a tenner in and suggest you call it ‘The Giant Axe’. Anything else is terrorism. Don’t mess with the history

@mart16s: Don’t lose your history….. don’t sell out……

@thombelk: When you play at a stadium called ‘Giant Axe’ you don’t need to change the name

@FyldeMax: Sponsoring the name of stadiums is one of the worst things in football

@DollyBlueFans: If there were as many people coming to games as there were pissed off about this campaign, we probably wouldn’t have to fucking do it. I am uneasy about this but to the tune of 10K I can get behind it… within reason.

@KieranMaguire: £10 to name the Wrong ‘Uns Bowl has to be worth it.


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