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Highlights to craziest ever non league match released with FIVE goals after 90 minutes

Highlights to what could quite possibly be the craziest ever non league match ever has been released with FIVE goals after 90 minutes.

This result may well have dealt Ware a dent to their promotion hopes with the Southern League – Central Division fixture seeing plenty of twists and turns from beginning to end.

Both sides went in front until Brandon Adams and Josh Williams pulled Ware back in front at 4-3.

Bilal Sayoud then sealed his hat trick with the match going into injury time, sailing over the Ware defence and bounced into the net off Fred Burbidge’s right hand post.

Damaray Anyadike ghosted the defence to put his team back in the lead and while Ware tried to perform another comeback, Walthamstow held them off until the inevitable came.

Kai Davis ran up field, fired a shit, Burbidge blocked, the ball rebounded into the path of Davis again, who made sure he was going to score, smashing it at the second attempt to make it 6-4 and produced quite some scenes.

@walthamstowfc summed it up best by tweeting:

“Full time: Ware 4-6 Walthamstow

“I have NEVER seen anything like that

“Stow lead after ten seconds, then come back from 2-1 down to lead 3-2.

“Ware score in the 87th and 90th minutes to seemingly take the three points.

“But 10 man Stow score in 91, 92 and 96 to win!


Here’s what Twitter users said with highlights to the craziest ever non league match released with FIVE goals after 90 minutes…

@stevethechair: I believe this is known as “a good game for the neutral to watch”. Must of been crazy, footballwebpages only got it to 4-5. Obviously couldn’t keep up.

@Dibbssa: What a game in the last 5-10 mins coming from 4-3 down. The buzz was phenomenal @walthamstowfc 👏👏👏

@oaldoak: What a fu****g win!

@RaymondTrowsda1: Well done walthamstow, great result, I do love that result, especially as you Jared and Fabian play for you and can’t stand ware. Well done all.

@leonosullivan: Talk about a rollercoaster! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a game where both teams have come back from a goal down to take the lead on two separate occasions!

@super_danp: Walthamstow FC competing with Wrexham AFC in producing action-thriller genre football

@hope_middleton_: YESSSSSSSSS CAMAN STOW 💙

@mo_wootten: Down to 10 men through injury just before Ware scored their third too

@JoePhillips21: Up the Stow great win lads!

@RyanSturge8: Madness 🤯🤯 fair play… Impressive stuff that

@TheRuttlesnake: Sounds insane! Gutted to have missed that. The last few games have shown a tenacity to pull through no matter what. Playoff push material

@UTM_Mariners: 🤣 That’s like my football manager progress…

@Fleetscott31: The reason why you never leave a game early

@SteveLOFC: Didn’t even realise down to ten men. Couldn’t even script a crazier game if you tried.

@harrycollison2: What a fucking game 🤯 UP THE STOW

@woodstreetwalls: WTF??!!! GET IN!!!

@Buttscratcher: Non-league is absolutely unrivalled.

@Jack55339994: Have that ware 😂😂

@TheBoroWalk: Yes, but besides that, did anything exciting actually happen?

@AdamRichE2: The best ending to a match I’ve ever witnessed at any level

@leonosullivan: Maybe the strangest use of the word ‘fuck’ that I have ever seen… and yet somehow it does seem appropriate

@amacagent: Utter madness!!! 😂😂😂

@_tomsutton: Last three Walthamstow FC games – 3-2 win, 3-2 win, 6-4 win – all games they were losing – Entertainers

@ThatAlexPerry: Incredible! Genuinely one of the best games I’ve ever seen. Why I watch non league. Breathless!

@benpmoody: The beautiful game!

@mo_wootten: This is the most ridiculous game I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. Superb stuff from @walthamstowfc with great singing from those of the @WalthamRabble who were able to make the trip. Football eh? ❤️

@DuncanCulley: Craziest game I’ve ever been a part of in my life! What character to keep going for 95 minutes. 9 wins from the last 10 games. Absolutely incredible. UP THE STOW!!!! @walthamstowfc

@Mr_Recruitment1: What the….. oh wow

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