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Hibs fans confront players as Lee Johnson urges supporters to calm down after defeat

Hibs fans angrily confront players as manager Lee Johnson urges supporters in Andorra to calm down after a 2-1 defeat to Inter D’Escaldes.

It came in the first leg of the Europa Conference League third round qualifier, with the result described as one of the worst in the Scottish club’s history

Hibernian now have it all to do in next week’s second leg at Easter Road, having to try and overturn the goal deficit.

But as can be seen in the video below, their supporters who travelled to Andorra for the first leg were left raging and made the players and staff knew about it.

The Andorrans took the lead on the 15th minute through Adria Gallego before going 2-0 up after David Marshall produced a howler.

The ex-Celtic, Norwich, Cardiff, Hull, Wigan, Derby and QPR stopper fumbled the ball, and the ball fell to the forward Jean Luc Assoubre who tapped the ball into the net.

There were very few positives to cheer about until Joe Newell scored with a free-kick, sending a low effort from 20 yards into the back of the net after Elie Youan was tripped on the edge of the box.

Lee Johnson gestured his hands towards the ground as he tried to calm those in the 600-seater stadium, before giving a thumbs up to the fans as he went down the tunnel.

Speaking after the game, he slammed individual errors and said he was ‘majorly disappointed’ with the opening 45 minutes.

“We were very poor and didn’t acclimatise, whether it was the conditions or altitude,” he said, as per Edinburgh News. “The lads knew everything about the opposition. You have to give the Andorrans credit, they worked extremely hard and there were far too many unforced errors from us. We don’t have a given right to beat anybody unless we’re at it.

“I was really disappointed with some individuals on the day. We have to be better, quite simply. We took a bit of stick and that was fair. Second half we were much better and I thought we had opportunities to potentially go and win the game, but the second goal was an absolute sucker punch. Joe’s goal was ever so important for us because this is now a completely different game going back to Easter Road with the big, wide pitch and the fans behind us.”

“I can understand why our fans were getting frustrated,” he continued. “We weren’t very good in the first half. I’ve always been honest and genuine with the fans, I’ll never sugarcoat it: we weren’t good enough, but we’re not out of the tie and that’s why we need everybody even more for the second leg to give us this boost. The fans have got to maintain belief. Within ten minutes of the second leg we could turn the tie on its head and that’s the attitude we need to take. What we don’t need is the tension and the tightness of the negativity in the second leg to seep into the players’ performances. We have got to be careful not to be too negative. We won’t let the negativity seep in.”

Admitting the first leg had been a ‘wake-up call’, Johnson added: “We were poor, and I think individuals will accept that. I have to accept that as the one picking the team and putting the guys out there but it doesn’t mean I’ve lost belief in the players after a bad 45 minutes.

“There were too many poor individual decisions. I could come up with excuses about altitude, heat and maybe we should have come out a day earlier but we could have been better in our decision-making and our execution. The tie is not over. There is a bit to do, but this game is not unturnable.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as Hibs fans confront players and Lee Johnson urges supporters to calm down after defeat…

@ScottyMM1985: Another Scottish dent to the coefficient thank god for tavernier and his golden boot winning penalties eh 🤦‍♂️

@StephenMcGarry3: Fuckin glorious 😂😂😂

@KellieJ91: I want a fuckin refund 😭

@SufcLouis: Football is back 😍

@JamesRHoffa1975: I don’t know why Hibs’ fans are like this. Sure, they’re disappointed but what’s their expectation? They probably should beat an Andorran team but similar sized teams (Killie, Well) have lost at this stage to “diddy” teams, and it’s not as though #Hibs have any European heritage.

@tomcafc: Why? The favourites won

@MiserableMackem: Lee Johnson. That is all. 😂

@joshmontage656: Around the same level tbf, not sure why they’re upset

@Stephen22374580: Why embarrassed? Scottish league after the top 2 and the Andorran league are a similar standard. 2-1 away from home was a pretty good effort for them.

@Nathaniel_John: Conference League isn’t for everyone. Irons.

@theWishyman80: ‘But Scottish football is so good’

@GThomas_3: Not sure ‘fans’ is the description for this lot – as a fan you have to take the highs and lows – the behaviour of the ‘fans’ is a disgrace

@Ticketmancity: Another Scottish football reality check

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