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Heung-min Son takes a swipe at Harry Kane after his Tottenham no-show

Heung-min Son takes a swipe at his potential soon to be former teammate Harry Kane after his double Tottenham training no-show.

As widely reported, the England international’s potential move away from Spurs took a huge turn this week, with the striker reportedly missing training on Monday and Tuesday without permission from the club.

He made it clear to the club at the end of the last Premier League season that he wanted to depart, as he wants to start winning trophies.

That’s also the topic of a social media post which Son ended up liking on Instagram, pointing out that Kane hasn’t won anything during his time in north London, as can be seen below…

Son has already committed to extending his future with the club, becoming even more a fan favourite at Tottenham.

He still have the fight and determination to try and win some sort of silverware for the club, whilst Kane has seemingly given up and is now ready to force a move away.

It’s been 13 years since Tottenham last won a trophy of any kind, coming as they beat Chelsea in the final of the League Cup, and they’ve only had near misses since.


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Son signing a new deal is a decision that has raised eyebrows with some, including former Spurs midfielder Danny Murphy, who has questioned Son’s winning mentality and lack of ambition.

“Players are very different,” Murphy told talkSPORT. “When somebody is content and enjoying life and enjoying their football, not everybody is craving the same things.

“I’m sure he is getting a great financial deal, but the chances are he is not going to win very much in the next couple of years at Tottenham. That’s the honest fact.

“So he is obviously not that bothered about winning things.

“I’m talking about every individual player being different in terms of what they want from life and football and their careers.

“It does suggest, to me, like he has kind of given up,” he added. “He might believe that Tottenham can turn it around and, I don’t know, compete somehow.

“But most people who know football don’t see that happening next season or the next few seasons, if we are honest, with Chelsea, Liverpool and City’s power.

“He has given up that, I think.”

Son, meanwhile, was delighted to sign a new deal at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

“It was already a big honour to play here for six years, the club have showed me massive, massive respect and obviously I’m very happy to be here,” he told Spurs’ official website.

“It’s like home, especially with the fans, the players, the staff. There was no decision. It was easy. I’m so happy to be here and will be so glad to see the fans again soon.”

Fans gave their reaction as Heung-min Son takes a swipe at Harry Kane after his Tottenham no-show…

@whitehartloz: Slip of the finger maybe? Son doesn’t seem like the type for this. Unless it’s all turning really nasty behind the scenes?

@TheSpursExpress: Seems very out of character for Son, but this week has been out of character for Kane. Next we’ll have Daniel Levy giving us 50% off the Skywalk and the whole world will be upside down!

@LabroniciSpurs: Honestly it kind of makes sense Son would be the one most annoyed at Kane; reality is that Son has always been a big game performer and has contributed enormously to getting the club to opportunities to win trophies and every time Kane has not turned up, yet is acting like this

@TheOnlyKailahh: my winger

@DraftJv: Not being willing to train alongside someone the caliber of Sonny is low key disrespectful, regardless if anyone feels he deserves the move. The dude is saying he’s above his teammates (Son included) when you could argue he’s not. HM7 is the most clinical finisher on the planet.

@djeterg19: Sonny is Tottenham through and through!

@Sorainho: He’s one of our own, He’s one of our ooooown, Heung-Min Son, he’s one of our own

@SpursOfficiql: Knows his stuff son

@WorldofHotspur: Damn. Battle lines drawn, Sonny clearly backing the club vs Kane

@Schmessi: Son is a fucking legend

@thfcMegan: I can’t fucking believe Son has genuinely liked this

@dtm_441: Sonny my hero

@jdm2241: Son won’t have thought of anyone noticing this on IG. It’s probably just how he feels. And why shouldn’t he? The idea that every player is culpable for not winning trophies EXCEPT Kane is nonsense.

@jdm2241: Shots fired!

@Sheev6664467: Yeah this is gonna get real toxic very quickly

@minajjjjatwa: That’s my star boy

@ericche84589391: Hahaha even son is fed up with him

@spurs221303: Ahhhh wtf yes sonny boy 😂🤣🤣

@SweatyCockerel: Good on him. We know how hurt fans are, imagine how hurt his friends and teammates must be.

@BRubin111: I love Sonny more than life itself. True Spurs legend. Unlike that snake harry

@_Priickly: Sonny is our main man.

@aileysworld: I can only imagine how betrayed Sonny feels right now, this is his close friend and co-star turning back on all of the work that they’ve done together

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