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‘He’s got some bottle, we’ll give him that’ – Hull City makes fan cover up his Man Utd shirt

‘He’s got some bottle, we’ll give him that’ – Hull City makes a fan of theirs in the home end cover up his Man Utd shirt.

The Tigers published a video onto their Twitter account, showing the supporter sat in a red Manchester United kit from the years they had AIG as their sponsor.

He was spotted come half time, so over came the mascot, Roary the Tiger, chucking over something in orange and black along with another shirt with Hull City written over it.

The clip has gone on to get nearly 2,000 likes and over a million views, you have to laugh… give it a watch below!

This came in the game against Plymouth Argyle, with the two sides playing out a 1-1 draw with Adam Randell put the away side ahead, before Regan Slater hit back for the hosts on Saturday.

It was on the 22nd minute when Randell, who was involved throughout, got Edwards moving, and via Azaz, they shifted the ball left to Mumba, with a cross taking a deflection or two to with Randell arriving, and netted.

Then 20 minutes later, some fantastic work by Philogene down the right-hand side saw him square for Slater to tap home into an empty net.

Hull City: Allsop; Christie, Jones, McLoughlin, Vinagre (L. Coyle 71’); Morton, Seri ©; Slater (Twine 62’), Traoré (Delap 62’), Philogene; Connolly.

Subs Not Used: Ingram, Sinik, Furlong, Smith, Sellars-Fleming, R. Coyle.

Plymouth Argyle: Hazard; Pleguezuelo, Scarr, Gillesphey (Kesler-Hayden 55’); Mumba (Bundu 74’), Houghton, Edwards ©, Randell (Cundle 82’); Azaz (Butcher 82’), Whittaker; Hardie.

Subs Not Used: Burton, Miller, Warrington, Wright, Waine.

Attendance: 20,312

Hull’s Liam Rosenior:

“I want more wins, but the wins will come as a process.

“The process is performance and our performances have been absolutely top this season.

“We have been so consistent – we don’t get beat and have, other than two halves of football, dominated teams all season.

“I’m frustrated not to win the game, but I’m not frustrated about the performance. We had complete control and domination but you have to remember we are a work in progress.”

Plymouth’s Steven Schumacher:

“We knew this was going to be a difficult place to come. They are expansive when they play but if you can get the press right, you can cause them a problem.

“We expected a tough game and that was exactly what we got. Once we settled down after the first 10 minutes we looked good and composed.

“For us to concede right before half-time was a bit of a blow. In the second half it was the same – it ebbed and flowed – but I feel it was probably a deserved point.

“Late on, Conor’s done what he’s supposed to do, and the one he made (from Jones) was outstanding.

“It was a big moment for us. That now gives confidence going into the next away game.”

This is how Twitter users reacted as Hull City makes the fan cover up his Man Utd shirt…

@danisawolf: Why would you even turn up to game in another clubs colours proper mong behaviour that

@TipTacticians: Man united shirt and jean shorts to watch Hull 🤦‍♂️ proper weapon

@hbotterill19: Delete this for ours and his sake

@DeaconHordz: “Yeah that’s mint I’ll wear that to a Hull City game”

@ftblbenji: rewarding everyone but loyal fans again, happens every time

@brewdogandbond: Great bants from the match day team! Made me chuckle reading/watching that. Think everyone else needs to calm down 😂

@mike_huckstep: Vintage united shirt. probably same time alot from Hull stopped going to old Trafford aswell 😉

@William89181331: Yes Roary 🤣

@beng6578: Ejection with a life time ban.

@1903bw: Man Utd shirt to a game involving Hull and Plymouth

@reece_scholes: What’s going on in football? I saw at least 3 people get their heads kicked in in the North stand lower for this kind of crap before I’d reached the age of 12 😂 #bwfc

@MattyHC5: Proper sad reality of Hull as a whole. Full of glory supporters who aren’t arsed whatsoever about hull city. What are you doing brev. #hcafc

@samcharnock94: Shite behaviour. Wearing another teams shirt to a game should result in getting kicked out not rewarded

@LewisOsborne01: Such weird behaviour rocking up to the ground wearing a shirt belonging to neither of the teams playing. #hcafc

@NCAFC__Ben: This is just wrong on so many levels

@RBM2603: How embarrassing

@BelcherHCAFC: Embarrassing

@Joseph_Carr02: Why was he allowed into the ground ?

@HackingJunior19: Had to check it was official account posting this. How embarrassing

@StockyHatter86: Why are you rewarding this behavior? he should be kicked out for being in the wrong end

@AnthonyHatton93: Fuck that. Why wear that to start with 🤢

@KeenanBaldwin8: What a bellend. Wearing that embarrassing red and white shite

@hcafcjoe: Ffs absolute joke, why is the club A) endorsing this and B) rewarding him??? Bizarre #hcafc

@JWhittlesElbow: I sort of get what City are trying to do here, though ejection from the stadium and a life ban would have been my preferred outcome.

@_MUFCJames: I never got people who wear other kits to football games tbh. Weird behaviour if your over 16

@Ambraneri: Roary should have got him in a headlock and chucked him out. #hcafc

@RP2218: Such a weird tweet. Can’t wait for the next home game when people are begging for free stuff by wearing other teams stuff 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

@vilechels4: What the fuck is this

Take a look at every attendance from the weekend by clicking HERE.

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