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More matches postponed due to impact of storm leaving grounds wrecked

Numerous EFL fixtures have been postponed this weekend due to a rise in Covid cases at a team camp as well as the cold heavy rain.

The latest game to be called off is Charlton Athletic’s League One encounter against Portsmouth, due to a waterlogged pitch.

After an initial pitch inspection on arrival, the referee carried a second inspection at 2pm to decide whether today’s game will go ahead with heavy rain still coming down.

The Latics' League One clash at Northampton Town is off following a pitch inspection at midday, with the pitch deemed unplayable by the officials after heavy rainfall overnight and this morning in Northamptonshire.

Supporters who have already purchased match passes will be issued a refund automatically, this could take up to five days.

Details regarding the re-arranged fixture will be published in due course.


Saturday's League Two match at Walsall has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

Supporters who had already purchased a match pass to watch the fixture via iFollow will automatically be able to watch the rearranged fixture.

A new date for the fixture will be announced in due course.


Meanwhile, Burton Albion’s League One fixture against Blackpool on Saturday the 30th of January has been suspended.

Burton Albion informed the EFL that they would be unable to fulfil the fixture following recent positive COVID-19 tests and the requirement for players and staff to self-isolate as per EFL and Government guidance in order to mitigate against the risk of further infection.

The circumstances surrounding the postponement will now be the subject of an investigation in accordance with EFL Regulations.

A revised date for the rearranged fixture will be confirmed in due course.

Fans reacted after seeing numerous EFL fixtures postponed this weekend...


@fey_jason: All the poor #Pompey fans who have booked trains and hotels. #cafc

@aronpeters8: At least we might have some 1st choice Centre backs for the rearranged fixture

@gilltom971: Well, now I’ve got feck all to do this afternoon then

@22ScottM: pitch is 10x better than at Peterborough

@tom_rigden: Yet we can play on a potato field that Peterborough called a pitch... work that one out

@SamLegg0: Stress free weekend!

@phil_cullum: Very league 1 now aren’t we.

@llezx3addick: That’s a disgrace! I hope Lee Bowyer is going to get on the phone to the FA/EFL & demand for the Peterborough game to be replayed. That pitch was a swimming pool / mud bath.

@gilltom971: Only Charlton fans would have a twitter argument over a pitch being playable or not when there is literally no evidence except a couple of vague photos to base it on


@pBuckley05: 25k stadium and can’t maintain their pitch

@martinlloyd23: charlton are one of the biggest clubs in league one. big ground. surely a fairly sizeable ground staff team? so how has this been allowed to happen?

@84Knight: If we don’t play them, they can’t beat us. Result.

@ffslluke: fuck sake what do i do now on my saturday

@WillHShort: A weekend where Pompey don't lose? Is this a good thing?

@benellissss: Fucking joke Charlton meant to be a big club

@MattPFC: Fuck offfff, no way can Charlton not afford decent drainage


@NickCooperative: Disappointing but understandable.

@LiamStewartWFC: Play em on the astro, we are used to that

@Yates86Chris: What a shock after letting villa ladies play on it

@gsm85wfc: Killed 2birds with one stone there avoided the backlash of adebayo and jules sales till monday and avoided playing mansfield when there inform

@joe76192000: Looks like they have had the sprinklers on

@VitalWalsall: Game today is off! How will we know if Adebayo and Jules are going!!

@05mazza: Are the covers broke?


@sonoad: 3 games in hand now. Great.

@MUFCBradleyP: League 2 will end up playing through the summer at this rate to get games done..

@Blobodan: I bet Bolton will be off again too

@Blobodan: Not surprised with the weather forecast over there.

@elliewells7: 3 games on the bounce now called off

@MtfcAlfie_: Some day we will see us play again, ffs

@jasmineswain_: actually go away, someone control this weather because it’s ruining my week constantly


@NathanNTFC: Ah ffs. Swear it’s been ages since we last played at home, can barely remember my ifollow password

@archcorbett: Longest journey I've ever made for a Burger King. Off home I go! #NTFC

@Feeney510: Shambles! How many other games will be postponed in League 1 or in the football league come to that because of waterlogged pitches???

@andyntfc: What’s changed since 9.30 this morning? It was clear all day long it’d be off when I woke up! It was clearly big up the game so that enough people purchased match passes!

@NileHollowell22: Embarrassing

@WelshCobbler: I dont get the whole bigging the game up etc, no mention of a possible pitch inspection or being in doubt at all. Then boom, game off. Its embarrassing. Communicate with fans FFS.


@jsylatic: At least we can’t lose

@RyanPill: That’s so poor from people at Northampton... the Wigan team will probably be very near Northampton now

@deb_chap: Just looking forward to game as well

@larmy1979: Gutted but on a positive note gives leam and gregor more time on the training pitch with the new lads. Hopefully more time together set them up nicely for next week and 3 points

@Latics1932: Looks in better Nick than our pitch!

@MatthewWAFC: day ruined

@Ticsmon1932: Ever heard of a cover ffs

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