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Heated flare up and sh*thouse moments between Notts County and Chesterfield players go viral

Several heated flare up and sh*thouse moments between the Notts County and Chesterfield players go viral during Saturday night’s meeting.

The Magpies came away with a 2-1 victory, guiding them back to the top of the National League after Wrexham had defeated Wealdstone earlier in the day.

Macaulay Langstaff scored his 25th goal of this season, controlling Sam Slocombe’s long kick, and converted to cause scenes in the away end.

Chesterfield levelled in first half stoppage time when Armando Dobra converted from corner.

After Jeff King was sent off after a poor tackle on Cedwyn Scott, County took advantage of their opposition being a man down and Adam Chicksen scored with 19 minutes left on the clock.

One talking point, in the words of Notts County, saw ‘Dobra unnecessarily push Baldwin into a BT Sport camera as the ball ran out of play and goes down clutching his face about being pushed in the chest by Rawlinson. He and the Welshman are booked.’

Then at half time, with both sets of players making their way down the tunnel, Dobra was seemingly nudged to the ground, causing another slight flare up.

Dobra could also bee seen shushing the away end full of Notts County fans as he scored, only for the Magpies to have the last laugh by grabbing a winner…

Notts boss Luke Williams said after the game as per Derbyshire Times: He said: “I am pleased now that the final whistle has gone because we were suffering a lot. It was very tense, the opposition were incredible. It is the most we have been dominated by any team this season. They were brilliant, even with 10 men. They made it feel like we had 10 men, it was amazing. Now it’s over I feel very pleased.

“I am disappointed because we did not manage to control the game more but I understand it because it is very difficult against top opposition. Possibly there was a bit of anxiety. Playing against one less we should control it more but I must say the opposition were incredible because they were so brave, they left nobody at the back of the pitch, pressed with everyone.

“For all the incredible pressure of Chesterfield they did leave space at the back and there were chances for us to score more on these quick transitions.”

Cook said, as per Derbyshire Times: “We have played really well but unfortunately one or two achilles heels keep appearing and as a manager that is something you have got to address over a period of time where you want to get stronger but Rome was not built in a day.

“The goals we conceded were too soft. I think we all know where the areas of the pitch that they came from and unfortunately it has got to change. Today I thought it was a good-bad day if you like.

“I thought we got a bit of credit back but now we have got to go to Aldershot and try and get a good performance.

He added: “We played well, I enjoyed the game, I thought it was a great advert for the league.

“I love teams being front-foot and aggressive and I knew today that is what you will get. The personnel in the team were probably picked correctly to play that. You have got to remember that different teams bring contrasting styles and Notts County allow you to do that.

“Woking and one or two other teams don’t allow you to do that because they are not really possession-based.

“The game probably panned out how we probably thought it would but I thought our lads came off the pitch with real credit.”

This is what Twitter users said to the heated flare up and sh’thouse moments between Notts County and Chesterfield players go viral…

@MrALevin: I am struggling to watch this without feeling a sense of embarrassment…

@1LiamMckeever: @scottcedwyn_ my hero

@30pLeeAnd: What’s he holding his head for? Probly just realised they’ve lost again.

@phileasfogg70: I thought there was a sniper in the ground…..twice

@warpedpolecat: Embarrassing to watch this

@trevwellens: Is he out of intensive care yet?

@ncfckeats: Hero @scottcedwyn_ 😍

@jackdakin8: Honestly adore this team 🤣

@BlakeeBedfordd: Does this and then scores 🤩 gotta love Dobra man 🔥

@Callum_SR: Hahahahahahahha. The only player to ever die on the pitch twice??

@gmase2020: Thoughts and prayers with him


@notts_twit: That is embarrassing

@forza_notts: Dobra utterly embarrassing tonight. Spent all afternoon trying to get people sent off. Muppet

@fliveseyafc: Jesus Christ that is tragic

@NeilGlenn5: Footballers are pathetic human beings!

@H4rrisonholland: Hahaahah missed this @scottcedwyn_ my geordie slabhead😍😍😍😍

@funny_pies: Can’t believe they didn’t call for an ambulance.

@stiffleftjab: @scottcedwyn_ love a player with a bit of bite. 💪

@goalkeeperdoyle: RIP Dobra lmao best shithouse in the league

@sampacey1: Got what he deserved

@mriordan__: My Geordie fucker

@dfido1: Thoughts and prayers are with Dobra and his family tonight. ❤️

@CountyRoadPie: Beautiful 😍

@knotsbirder: Inject it 😍

@NayV99: Dobra has no backbone.

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