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Harshest red card ever? Jamal Lewis sending off decision slammed as ‘shambolic’

Harshest red card ever? Jamal Lewis sending off decision slammed as ‘shambolic’ after Northern Ireland’s defeat against Switzerland.

Former Northern Ireland internationals Neil Lennon and Chris Brunt have slammed the call to give marching orders to the Premier League player during the World Cup qualifier.

The full-back was shown a second yellow card for time wasting with only 36 minutes on the clock in Geneva, sparking an appalled reaction from the travelling support and the two pundits in the Sky Sports studio.

Having already been rightly booked for hauling down Breel Embolo after getting turned on the wing and with the score still at 0-0, Lewis stood over a throw-in.

It took 23 seconds from the ball went out of the play until Slovenian referee Slavko Vinčić produced the second yellow and subsequently the red.

“Watch the referee,” began Lennon, speaking as he watched through the replay of the incident. “He’s pointing at Jamal, fine, but he’s not saying ‘get a move on, get a move on’.

“He’s still stood still. Now Jamal could have thrown it a couple of times but still the referee doesn’t warn him, doesn’t blow the whistle.

“Now he starts walking over to him, blows the whistle, gives him a second yellow card. It is shambolic. I have never seen a player get booked for time-wasting on 36 minutes in any game in my life. It is an awful decision.

“I wouldn’t like that as a player, the way their staff threw the ball hard at him. So maybe he’s just going ‘ah I’ll show you’.

“Come over, have a word and say ‘you do it again, it’s a second yellow and you’re off’, but you don’t just come over with no explanation and give him a second yellow card.

“No wonder Ian (Baraclough – NI manager) and the boys on the bench are absolutely livid. This is a huge game.”

Brunt agreed with the ex-Celtic boss.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said.

“I think the referee, because the crowd has been whistling and booing from the word go, he thinks he needs to make an example of somebody, he’s pulled the yellow card out and then he’s realised he has to send him off. You can sort of see it on his face.

“It’s a ridiculous decision.”

“That’s three games I’ve watched Northern Ireland against Switzerland. The penalty in the play-off, the penalty in the last game and now this,” concluded Lennon.

“I think the decision is fundamentally wrong. It lacked common sense,” he continued at full-time.

“It’s 36 minutes and 15 seconds in and you’re sent off for time wasting. It’s absolute nonsense.”

Fans reacted at what some questioned whether it was the harshest red card ever while the Jamal Lewis sending off decision was slammed as ‘shambolic’…

@lfcfin: That’s pathetic. It’s the 30th minute 0-0… why would he be time wasting. Ref has had a mare

@Peteclarke85: It’s harsh, but the ref started giving warnings as early as the 10th minute to Ballard, then he spoke with the cpt McNair about it, it’s actually fairly refreshing to see a ref clamp down on time wasting… oddly NI do need a win anyway

@TheGingerPirlo_: That’s ridiculous. Sent him off for time wasting in a 0-0 game on 37 mins. Someone check the refs voicemails and bank account. Maybe a Swiss one….

@slimyflea: You can see in the refs eyes when realises that he’s messed up. Should been a warning.

@jmothecat: Referee has definitely been paid off for that one.

@petermcmullan98: One of the biggest jokes I have ever seen in an international football game, 37 mins gone ruins it for the fans and the players. No less than 3 separate games against Switzerland the referee has been influence by the crowd and potentially costing us reaching a major tournament.

@stubamos: The most ridiculous decision I’ve seen!

@jackokelly456: The ref definitely forgot that he was already on a yellow

@archiepollard10: What on earth 😂

@ForeverAYellow: I get it if it was in the second half, but the first?! Why not just add on time at the end of the half?

@rookie2121: Terrible decision 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

@MrFrampton147: That’s a disgrace if I was the manager I’d tell the players to walk off

@JackWatsonMufc: I feel like the referee forgot he was already on a yellow and remembered when he had already got the yellow out so he couldn’t go back

@TossupBotEU: Game’s gone soft

@jakkewood: that’s the worst decision in the history of footy. how jamal lewis hasnt chinned the ref for that is beyond me

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