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Harry Redknapp ‘comes out of retirement’ to manage Britain’s worst football team

76 year old Harry Redknapp ‘comes out of retirement’ to manage Britain’s worst football team, who happen to be Cwm Albion.

The Swansea based team won the so called ‘Specsavers’ Best Worst Team’ with the aim of the competition was to find a club in desperate need of help and with an average defeat of 20+ goals.

Fair to say this team definitely ticks the boxes after they lost all 21 of their games last season, have an average defeat of 20+ goals, and racked up a 191 goal difference after conceding 200 goals. And we have to mention keeper Jamie MacDonald, who has failed to keep a clean sheet in 10 years.

The likes of John Rees, 74, the oldest and longest serving team member, Daniel Gill, 32, Colin Gill, 59, Chris Pippins, 36, and Shayne Prior, 30, went on ITV’s This Morning to talk about how the ex-Premier League manager is helping them turn their luck around.

John Rees, the club chairman after being part of the team for 55 years, said: “The way people have jumped on the bandwagon with us and helped us out has been brilliant.”

He had played the first game of the season, adding: “I thought I did well but they haven’t been picked since.”

Defender Chris Pippins speaks of how he spend 15 years playing for them and within that time, he had ‘tried to leave on two occasions’ but returned, giving him the nickname ‘boomerang’.

Winger Shayne Prior said he discovered the game via Gumtree: “I went to a couple of training sessions and realised there was no pressure and I could get 90 minutes. They were struggling for the team at first,’ he said.

“Over the years a lot of people have come and started to make the team good before giving up and leaving. So it’s never the same players for long”, while described playing for them as ‘frustrating’ but ‘good fitness’.

It’s been six years since Redknapp, 76, called time on his career, however, he’s now ready to come and help improve results for this club in the Swansea Seniors League.

It seems his imminent arrival has already led to a change in form – with the club actually managing to win a match, their first in three years in last weekend’s game (4-3 win against Tennant Colts).

Harry Redknapp said: “The team’s 191-goal difference certainly caught my eye. ”But after meeting the lads you can’t doubt their determination. They’re a real close unit and their hard work is already starting to pay off with the lads securing their first win in three years in their latest match – 4-3 against Tennant Colts. Fantastic result.

”With the right training and guidance, I’m hopeful that these victories will continue throughout the season.”

Manager Dan Gill said: ”Having Harry on board for the season is the biggest thing to have happened to our club since I joined when I was 16-years-old.

”He’s a huge inspiration for myself and the lads and we can’t wait to start training with him.”

Specsavers invests in grassroots football through its ‘should’ve gone to’ initiative.

Head of consumer communications Lisa Hale said: “Almost 2,000 grassroots football teams across the country applied for the opportunity to be Specsavers’ Best Worst Team.

”We couldn’t have found a better team in Cwm Albion. It’s clear how passionate they are about the game and their community. We really can’t wait to get behind them and hopefully with our and Harry’s support we will see improvements both on and off the pitch.”

You can follow how the club progresses under Harry in a series of YouTube episodes narrated by Jill Scott.


Youth career
1958–1962 Tottenham Hotspur
1962–1965 West Ham United

Senior career
1965–1972 – West Ham United
1972–1976 – AFC Bournemouth
1976 – Brentford
1976 – Seattle Sounders
1976 – AP Leamington
1977–1979 – Seattle Sounders
1980 – Phoenix Fire
1982 – AFC Bournemouth

International career
1964 – England U18

Managerial career
1983–1992 – AFC Bournemouth
1994–2001 – West Ham United
2002–2004 – Portsmouth
2004–2005 – Southampton
2005–2008 – Portsmouth
2008–2012 – Tottenham Hotspur
2012–2015 – Queens Park Rangers
2016 – Jordan
2017 – Birmingham City

Here’s what social media users had to say as Harry Redknapp ‘comes out of retirement’ to manage Britain’s worst football team

@keirmccumiskey9772: Had a great season with the Cwm. Won a couple, lost most and met some wonderful people. Telling John and Colin I was leaving to concentrate on my uni studies was really diffficult. Great to see John is still involved. Daniel was a ballboy when I played so amazing he’s grown up to become the manager. The club was everything about inclusive football and getting a group of lads together to enjoy a few hours in each others company every Saturday. We had some cracking nights out and I often still talking about the Cwm now with some of the boys I played with there (Chuckie, Ricky, Tiny). I wish nothing but the best for them all.

@LFC_Felly: If you’re going to be crap, you might as well be the worst possible

@christophermorse6634: I love this Team played for them for a good few years started in the seconds move up to the first’s … Will welcome anyone in to the club and are like a family ❤️ would come back and play for them any time John , Colin and Dan Love and respect gents

@pauldavies4893: I played for the Cwm nearly 20 years ago when I was at Uni in Swansea. Still brings a smile to my face when I think about the games and nights out we had. We didn’t win many then but we had a cracking set of lads who backed each other every week. Great to see John and the Gills still involved. This couldn’t have happened to a better club!

@74kimbo: Played for cwn late 90s. Got involved deeply in early 2000. Won many lost many. Met some cracking players deep down some soulful great people. John Rees is a true legend and a hero of mine. With utter courage and commitment

@HarryHedges9: Beat these 10-0 other week 🤣🤣🤣

Aaron Purkiss: Brilliant stuff!

Jo Delbridge: Love their reaction when he walks in the dressing room!

Catherine O’Sullivan: This is brilliant.

Luke Bevan: Yes Upper Cwm, come on the boys

@christophermorse6634: Well done Lads keep up the hard work. Chuffed you lot are getting a helping hand.. UP THE CWM ! Ok maybe not up but higher in the league table yea 😊

@radadamcider0: Fair play to the lot of them for keeping going all this time

@clarkey1601: I played for Cwm Albion between u11 and u14 (1994 to 1997). I’ve got a feeling that was the last time they won a game 😂😂

@joeali54: It was great to be coached by you

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