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Harry Maguire punished after being caught out by team-mate

Harry Maguire has been punished after being caught out by a Manchester United team-mate whilst taking part in a training session.

The Premier League outfit have a dressing room fines policy that the players and management much abide by, however the England international let that slip his mind on one occasion.

Despite being on the fines committee, Maguire has revealed he was forced to pay a contentious fine by one fellow member of the squad for allegedly using his phone before training.

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The Red Devils captain has shed light on the club’s fines policy, admitting that he was recently caught out at the Carrington training base and forced to put some cash in the pot.

“I’ve been fined once which is still debatable,” he told the official Utd Podcast. “It’s crazy but I let Nemanja [Matic] do it. I took the hit and put the money in the pot.

“When you meet in the gym before training for pre-activation you are not allowed on your phone. We did pre-activation, I didn’t have my phone.

“But then you go outside to put your boots on and you aren’t allowed to go on your phone in that period. I had my phone and carried it out with me.

“I wasn’t on my phone because straight after training I was going to put my trainers back on and go up for a massage instead of coming all the way back.

“I could have gone straight to the massage and Nemanja fined me for that. He’s strict with everyone so I’m happy. I can set the standard.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

He added: “We have lates for training, meetings and travel. They are the three big ones.

“We mainly have one set fine but double on match day. I just like to keep it simple. If you have too many fines it ends up too messy.

“We have a good fining list this year. I don’t know who is top of it. They have been good. Everyone has been on time, everyone comes early.”

“That’s the aim and aspirations of joining this club.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side bounced back in superb fashion after taking just one point from matches with Sheffield United and Arsenal, producing a 9-0 win against nine man Southampton.

The win keeps Man Utd in second place in Premier League table and in big title contention and three points behind league leaders Manchester City.

Maguire was then asked by David May how he feels about rival teams constantly wanting his club to lose and slip up.

“I enjoy it. I don’t mind it at all,” said the world’s most expensive defender.

“When I lift my first trophy at this club it will put a bigger smile on my face knowing there’s a lot of people not wanting us to do that.

“We are the most talked about club in the world. A lot of people don’t want us to do well.

“A lot of people want us to fail and that’s the world that we live in. I’m pretty used to it now.”

Talking of fines, and Harry Maguire getting punished after being caught out by a fellow team-mate, we also have to talk about how players are punished at Burnley.

Former Clarets player Steven Defour recalled the time he was at the club and a strange ‘wheel of fortune’ appeared to deal with forfeits.

Defour explained: “For example, if you don’t respect the rules, like being late, you have to spin some kind of wheel. Each letter represents a forfeit like imitating Elvis Presley, going for a swim in the river close to the stadium, create a boys band or play the crossbar challenge, paying £50 if you miss. It’s in this atmosphere that I was having a good season”.

Then there’s the very different one at Chelsea, with some eye-watering sums listed whilst Frank Lampard was at the club.

1. Late for Match day/1st team departure – £2,500
2. Late for Report Time for Training – £2,500 (plus £2,500 for every 15 minutes thereafter)
3. Late in gym for pre activation – £1,000
4. Late for treatment – £2,500
5. Late for Team Meetings – £500-per-minute
6. Late for start of training – £20,000
7. Phone ringing during Team meal or meeting – £1000
8. Reporting in the wrong attire/kit for Team Travel and Match days – £1000
9. Not travelling back on Team coach post match, without giving 48 hours notice to the Manager or an Assistant manager – £5000
10. Refusal or not turning up for corporate/community duties – £5,000
11. Not reporting illness or injury before day off or 1 hour 30 minutes before training – £10,000
12. Late for medical appointments – £2,500

The list stated that all fines must be paid within 14 days or else all outstanding fines will be doubled.

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