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Harry Kane: which club will the player choose?

Perhaps the best English center forward of our time, Harry Kane, will turn 29 years old this summer. To this milestone, the striker is approaching without trophies in a professional career, minus various individual awards are given for goalscoring performance. With his club side Tottenham Hotspur, Kane hasn’t won anything in eleven years, and the picture is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, given the competition in the Premier League.

Somewhat paradoxically, in the January transfer window, there were not the slightest serious rumors around the person of Kane about the possibility of moving to another club. And it’s not the striker’s deteriorating performance indicators but his excessive loyalty to Tottenham. The lack of serious interest in Harry now is the price for the devotion that the forward has shown for a long time. It should be noted that online casino games also have a football theme.

This saga is far from over.

There have been many exciting transfers this off-season, but they all pale in comparison to the possible transfer of Harry Kane to Manchester City.

According to British media, the clubs agreed on the amount of the deal – 187 million pounds. And even Kane allegedly agreed with the “townspeople” the terms of a personal contract. After that, there was a lull in history for two weeks. Then, Harry himself broke it today.

Kane boycotted Tottenham training camp to move to Manchester City

Harry rested calmly after Euro 2020 and waited for the transfer. However, there was no progress. Today, Harry was supposed to return to Tottenham and prepare with the team for the new season but did not show up at the training base.

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano tweeted that Kane had publicly expressed his unwillingness to play for Tottenham. Therefore, his absence from training is nothing more than a boycott.

Tottenham broke the gentleman’s agreement, according to which Kane could move to another club

Despite an agreement with Manchester City, Tottenham president Daniel Levy would like to keep the Spurs star forward. But, at the same time, according to Kane, Levi violates the gentlemen’s agreement that they concluded a year ago.

In the summer of 2020, Kane wanted to leave Tottenham, but Levy persuaded him to stay for another season. As a result, at the end of the 2020/21 Premier League, Harry was the top scorer (23 goals) and the best assistant (14 assists). However, it did not help the Spurs – the team took only seventh place.

Kane kept his end of the bargain, which was not the case with Levy. As a result, the gentlemen’s agreement was Harry’s only hope for a transfer to Manchester City.

What will happen next?

Thanks to the boycott, Kane can “put pressure” on Levy, but his transfer to Manchester City may fail for other reasons. Not so long ago, the “citizens” agreed with Aston Villa on the transfer of Jack Grealish for 100 million pounds. The city may simply not have enough money for Kane.

The option of Manchester City signing both Grealish and Kane is unlikely. The “citizens” need to sell one of their current leaders to do this. The press reports that Pep Guardiola is ready to part ways with Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva, Riyad Mahrez, and Aymeric Laporte.

The end of this story is still far away. Maybe Kane will change his mind and stay at Tottenham for another season?

Jerome Boateng: opinion

  • Former Bayern defender, now defending the colors of Lyon, Jerome Boateng believes that Englishman Harry Kane will be a worthy replacement for Robert Lewandowski.
  • The ex-Bayern player added that Tottenham is a good team but not world-class. Boateng said: “If Kane went to Bayern, he would be a great replacement for Lewandowski.”
  • 28-year-old Kane is a graduate of Tottenham Hotspur. This season, he took part in 49 matches for the team, in which he scored 26 goals and nine assists.
  • Tottenham is in fourth place in the standings before the last round of the Premier League. Spurs are two points ahead of Arsenal, who are in fifth place. Antonio Conte’s team is currently in the Champions League.

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Kane’s failed transfer to Manchester City last summer is perhaps his last lost chance to still be in a top team that fights for top trophies. Of course, the more time passes, the less severe buyers will arise around Kane, but this does not mean that Tottenham will be ready to move away from their requirements for the amount of compensation for the striker. Harry is a living legend, and selling a player of that stature and caliber for next to nothing is like shooting yourself in the foot.

It was expected that the arrival of the ambitious Conte at Tottenham would lead to the fact that this side would become attractive for more quality players. But in the end, in January, the Spurs were able to attract only Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kuluszewski, who were more unnecessary in Juventus, to their ranks. Still, the main goals of the Italian coach – Adam Traore and Luis Diaz – preferred to move to other teams – Barcelona and “Liverpool, respectively.

And after all, Traore and Diaz can be understood – even the crisis “Barcelona,” not to mention quite a competitive now “Liverpool,” look like spaceships against the backdrop of continuing to flounder somewhere among the klutzy-losers “Tottenham.” And let Kane praise Conte as much as he wants, telling how he changed the psychology of the team; to be on the lips of fans around the world, any team needs only trophies and maximum victories. And with this, Tottenham does not change anything for the better, both with Conte and without him.

Of course, at some point, Kane may finally lose faith in his native club and urgently demand a transfer. And, despite the current not the most successful results in terms of performance, interest in him will still be high, but the ruthless businessman Daniel Levy will still not reduce his financial requirements. Therefore, Harry has no choice but to manage with loud phrases to further improve his image in the eyes of the team’s fans. If you can’t win trophies, you should at least continue to win love and respect in the stands.

If Kane stays at Tottenham, he risks being the only England captain this century to never win a trophy in his entire professional career. It will probably be unfortunate to realize this for Kane in a couple of decades when he sits down to write his memoirs and remembers how in the summer of 2021, he had a chance to move to the best team in England at that time.

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