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Group of thugs ‘kick fan unconscious’ at petrol station after Liverpool v West Ham

A group of thugs ‘kick a fan unconscious’ at a petrol station shortly after the Liverpool v West Ham fixture finished on Wednesday night.

A shocking video has gone on to get over 600,000 views showing a gang of around seven youths launching a savage gang attack on a young male on a garage forecourt.

The footage recorded on a mobile phone at around 9.40pm, just minutes after the final whistle with police, who weren’t in sight when the fight took place, appealing for witnesses after the incident.

The clip starts off by showing the attackers squaring up to the 18-year-old victim on Oakfield Road, with the stadium seen in the background.

The gang approaches the the victim, who tries to back away onto the forecourt of an Esso petrol station only to be set upon by around seven young men, dressed in dark or grey clothing.

The group throw punches at the victim who trips and falls to the floor as he tries to back away with the culprits surrounding him and some decide to kick to his body at full force.

As he tries to protect himself one of the men, who you can see wearing a hat, takes a running kick at the victim’s head which appears to render him immediately unconscious.

They suddenly disperse after seeing just what they had done, while a member of the public rushes to the young lad’s aid. The incident took place at a location which is said to be a busy and popular meeting point for Liverpool fans.

Merseyside Police said the victim was taken to hospital to be checked over. A spokeswoman said: “At around 9.40pm we received a report that the victim and his friends were walking along Oakfield Road when a group of males approached him and punched him in the face causing him to fall. He was then further assaulted by the group.

“Members of the public intervened and the offenders made off from the scene. The victim suffered bruising and swelling to his eye, and police took him to hospital to get checked over.

“Officers are investigating the incident, including examining CCTV footage, and anyone with any information is asked to contact police.

“If you have any information on this incident please contact our social media desk on Twitter @MerPolCC or Facebook ‘Merseyside Police Contact Centre’ with any information with reference 22000771129.”

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Here’s how social media users reacted as footage shows a group of thugs ‘kick a fan unconscious’ at a petrol station after the Liverpool v West Ham game…

@DBirons6: Was like this all night saw a kid on his own get KO’d with a bottle trying to run away from the same group about 10 mins after this

@BlueMerseyside: Where’s the “tool”👀 where’s the mighty West Ham helping him out. Face facts they all ran and left him on his own

@1tz011: Why have his mates all legged it and left him 😂 some fans you have there

@ChazzaAVFC: @LFC sort this out.

@Laney338: Can we have a statement about this please @LFC. You lot seem to be good at writing statements when it suits your agenda eh.

@kjohno10: Cowards and all too typical for this lot.

@tony4score: That’s disgusting that , I thought these scenes were a thing of the past , how do you know it’s a West Ham fan and not a local fall out 🤷🏻‍♂️ does anyone know if the lads ok 👍

@Lee36Simmons: I’m a Liverpool fan and this is sickening, nobody wins in situations like this and the bystanders should have helped, whether something was said or not this is a mob mentality which never works out for the best

@Carr18Alex: Scousers are literally the scum of the earth, Liverpool, Everton fans are the worst fan base in the league. Absolute tramps #nufc

@JamieUnderwood1: Cowards. Mad that lads will risk it all for a bit of scrap. One punch can kill.

@Tgarratt10: Sick of idiots going up the footie thinking they’re 10 men cause they’ve watched green street twice. Who the fuck batters 1 lad in a group? Divs. I’m sure you have plenty of local boxing gyms if you’re so desperate to prove how tough you am 👍🏻

@calumb77: statement for this @LFC? or only when it’s towards you? 👍

@MCFCTrey_2: Expect them to use Hillsborough to defend their behaviour. People from Liverpool are disgusting.

@LIVE_LOVE_MCFC: Sh*t houses. Anyone that boots someone in the head whilst they are defenceless on the floor need to be convicted of attempted murder!

@Chris_Mills_: Guarantee the scousers will find some way of blaming the West Ham fan. It’ll be either he said something or his mates left him. They are fucking scum. 20 on 1. Imagine what would happen if this was reversed, we’d all be made to have a minutes silence. #Rats

@2286red: Expect a strongly worded statement from @LFC about this… or do they continue to ignore their own behaviour and only issue statements for where they want the attention

@Mattmufc2002: Scousers attempting murder again I see. Don’t you dare call them what they are though

@kswannick4: Shame they weren’t this game when Roma came to town

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