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Grimsby issue statement on promotion/relegation between the EFL and the National League

Grimsby Town have decided to issue a statement any proposed rule changes on promotion/relegation between the EFL and the National League.

A week ago, Southend United chairman Ron Martin made a surprise suggestion to the EFL as he felt ‘it’s unfair’ that teams are relegated from League Two.

The Shrimpers chief gave a series of answers to various topics about the future of the club, finances, and going down to the National League.

Southend United chairman Ron Martin confronts angry supporters at Roots Hall  | Echo

Southend’s Ron Martin confronts the club’s supporters protesting against him

They have lost their place in the Football League for the first time in 101 years, alongside Grimsby Town after yet another dismal season.

However Martin is unhappy relegation has been allowed from League Two and not the National League, and is now taking action. Yet we all know how this is likely to play out.

Well Southend seemingly haven’t backed down, though as of Saturday the 15th of May 2021, Grimsby have stepped away and won’t go any further with the proposal.

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Grimsby Town has agreed with the EFL not to progress any proposed rule changes in connection with promotion / relegation between the EFL and the National League.

We take this opportunity to wish good luck for the rest of the season to the clubs challenging for promotion to League 2 and look forward to participating in the National League in 2021/22, hopefully with the backing of all our respective fans returning to support us.


“A proposal has been submitted to the English Football League and it will be discussed at next week’s EFL meeting,” said Martin once the season ended.

“Ultimately it will be spoken about at the AGM on June 10th too.

“Grimsby and us feel that the unusual circumstances of this year should be acknowledged.

“The National League haven’t relegated but they have promoted and the way it’s pitched at the moment it’s unfair to relegate clubs from League Two.”

“We’re looking at the rules.”

Martin also stated that the proposal had been submitted by Grimsby Town with input from the Shrimpers.

Meanwhile as Ron Martin felt it was unfair to relegate teams to the National League this term, manager Phil Brown is actually not finding it an issue.

“There’s no problem where I’m concerned about managing Southend United in the National League,” said Brown.

“I’ve no fears of that and it would actually tick another box.

“I could say not only have I managed in the top four divisions but the top five instead.”

“It has to be right for both sides,” said Brown.

“They will have to match my ambition in trying to get out of the National League.

“Going forward any manager who takes this position has to know in no uncertain terms that the deal is right and the club has to share the ambition with the manager.

“It can’t just be them saying I hope we get promoted, I can’t be listening to that.

“It has to be on the same page as what I’m talking about.

“It’s about scrapping and battling to win games of football and that’s all I’m interested in.”

Fans reacted as Grimsby issue a statement on the promotion/relegation proposal between the EFL and the National League…

@LancsIron: Agreed they should never have asked… Throw the book at them @EFL

@bmussell1997: I’d look at your own club before commenting on others 😂

@happyangler123: As a scunny fan we are mighty lucky not to joining you ! If we had I think we wouldn’t have got back , Always good to see you lot get shit / beat , but I’d rather have the Derby’s and the banter, up the iron

@richymills: Good, it was a pathetic move

@longman18: Yep and embarrassing, we’ve been a laughing stock for years, this was the nail in the coffin if they pursued it

@jhowes17: More respect in 2 weeks than the other lot had in 17 years. We weren’t good enough and after 46 games we finished bottom of the pile. We move on. Onwards and upwards with integrity.

@GrimTim_GTID: The last board in charge were just out & out chancers so they probably can be held to account…. the new owners have integrity and have shown some dignity in accepting our fate, no matter what the outcome

@BoddTonzalez: Sickening to be relegated, but it’s the right decision.

@Jim_Buckle: Wonder if this is why Day resigned so quickly? #GTFC

@Skegmariner: Right decision. We are where we are and need to move forwards. Makes it easier with player recruitment as we know what league we are in without it dragging on. UTM

@steveparker007: Presumably Southend put them up to it

@tonypearce1974: Common sense prevails

@1904Irrelevants: Grimsby told to wind their necks in basically.

@OfficeOfWilson: Been so impressed with the new leadership of the football club I support, instilling fairness rather than continuing the previous regime’s pursuit of policy changing as a way out of their terrible decision making.

@prosthetichorse: Absolutely the correct course of action in my opinion #gtfc

@JaseIves: Ok hand well done – absolutely correct course of action – I suspect led by the new regime correctly overturning the old regimes cowardly action and hope of getting lucky. #gtfc

@rossparkin123: I think this is why Day left earlier than expected. He was kept on with the hope to keep #gtfc in the football league however I think the fans, the new board and the management want to get on with preparation for next season and rightly so.

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