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Grimsby appalled by racist comment from Facebook user on post about club’s new signing

Grimsby Town have been left appalled by a racist comment that emerged from a Facebook user on a post about the club’s new signing.

The League Two outfit were made of it earlier this week, with it quickly removed from the comment section of the post which had photos of new signing Tyrell Warren.

Now a statement has been issued by the club, with fans praising them for quick action taken.

One Grimsby fan, @RichardLadd_1, couldn’t believe what he was reading regarding the racist abuse. He said: “Seriously what the fuck is up with some people. This isn’t banter. Its sick. Imagine if that young lad is checking social media excited about the club he’s just signed for and sees this shit. Racist twats which I’m sure fuck all will get done #gtfc Can’t the club just delete them.”

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A statement from Grimsby read: “Grimsby Town strongly condemns any form of racial abuse and have a zero-tolerance stance.

“The club have been made aware and are appalled by a comment made on social media last night.

“The club has begun an investigation working with the relevant authorities and supported by our Designated Football Police Officer.

“We take a zero tolerance stance to any forms of abuse, and will not hesitate to issue a Club ban to anybody found to have used such language.”


Kick It Out say: If you’ve seen discrimination in football – online or at a grassroots, non-league or professional game – don’t turn away. Report it to us so we can get the right people involved and support everyone affected. You can tag them in a post/comment, message them or fill out the form below…

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Social media users have since given their reaction with Grimsby appalled by the racist comment from a Facebook user on a post about the club’s new signing…

@3Qnutsandrusty2: One Town , One club, One love You play for us, you get judged on ability & nothing else

@antporter76: Weapons on Facebook still stuck in the 80s

@JaseIves: Bloke says things every week, isn’t a Town fan, never goes to games – but ‘has a go’ at anything connected to club constantly. He’s got issues. Clearly. Little point banning as he doesn’t go. But action needs taking on comments. Needs to grow up.

@trevhewsongy: Too right. Myself and others called it out on there as soon as I saw it. Simply pathetic to post crap like that. Also reported it so assume FB will be dealing with his tawdry little account too.

@louis_grants: Absolute Helmet that bloke, some fans wonder why players dont want to come here @officialgtfc make an example of him please

@Jacothe8th: He won’t be too hard to track. He used his real name, has pictures of the street he lives on included in his social media profile along with his car and his company details.

@Squared_Eyed: If he is a Lincoln fan, as others have suggested, then Town should inform them so he can properly face his consequences

@StephenMcdaid77: Great, well done 👏🏻

@HertsGTFC: Some people are 🔔🔚s well done Town !!! 💪🙌

@Rob_S_and_P_in: One ‘fan’ can cause a lot of damage to the clubs reputation 🤦‍♂️ I hope it doesn’t but not a great start to the summer 🥺

@KyleTalbot97: And people wonder why the best players don’t come to us at times, some absolute nuggets on socials that wouldn’t say 99% they do on here in person to people

@HaydnSandvig: Good and although I didn’t see it, nor will I look for it. Good to see an instant and positive response from the club. 👏👏👏👏👏

@topicking: Well done for condoning it so fast. Awful that such action is needed. I was hoping progress was being made, but clearly not everyone.

@M97Jonny: That’s how you do it! Quick and needed response, well done Town 👍

@george_hol13347: Giving whoever attention is exactly what he/she wants

@CiaranHolness: Well done town 👏

@gtfc2words: 🔔🔚

@stoichkov8822: Absolutely beyond belief that people have to act in such a way or make such offensive comments. Delighted the club have made a statement and taken action, but it’s utterly damning that we should need to do this, but this individuals behaviour is a disgrace.

@stephenstiffell: Lifetime ban

@angel_high9: Thank you for speaking out let’s get them banned👍 no place for it

@Mariner61: Shame this still needs to be said in 2024.

@mark_coup: Well done @officialgtfc from a Bradford City fan. We need to use our beloved sport as a means for change in this country where racist, homophobic and misogynistic beliefs are allowed to flourish in our media 👍

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