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Grimsby and Solihull fans warned on taking 11 banned items into stadium for playoff final

Grimsby and Solihull fans have been warned on taking 11 banned items into the London Stadium for their playoff final on Sunday.

Around 13,000 Mariners and over 5,000 Moors fans make the journey to the capital with both hoping they can win a place into the English Football League.

However, while the supporters have been through enough already within the last week over the chaos and controversy caused by the National League, they are now hit with a warning over what they are allowed to take into the West Ham’s ground, and they are rather strict on this.

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They have warned that all visitors may be searched upon entry, saying: “Avoid delays – please don’t bring bags to the venue. All bags will be subject to a search regime. Large bags are not permitted and there are no left luggage facilities.

“All visitors may be searched – please have your coats open and remove hats at search areas. Some events may have specific search policies.” They added that fans with medical bags or items must be searched and should arrive early.

The stadium has also listed items which fans are allowed to take and those which they are not. Grimsby Telegraph have given fans a better idea as to what that is.

Permitted items

– Bags that comply with the bag policy
– Blankets
– Plastic bottles with tops removed
– Thermos flasks
– Cameras with three-inch lenses or shorter. No lights, tripods, selfie sticks or monopods are allowed
– Small quantities of food and drink for personal consumption
– Seat cushions
– Strollers
– Compact umbrellas

Restricted items

The venue said: “London Stadium does not permit entry of restricted items into the venue. Owners of such items may dispose of them or surrender them to security staff for disposal.

“Surrendered items will not be stored or returned. Guests arriving by public transport are advised to take particular caution not to bring with them any restricted or prohibited items, as no exceptions will be made.”

– Large bags, backpacks and/or briefcases in excess of 30cm X 20cm X 20cm
– Glass bottles, glass of any kind, or cans
– Golf-style umbrellas
– Video cameras/recording devices
– Professional cameras and tripods
– Pets
– Aerosol cans
– Hanging banners/sticks/signs/polices or flags unless specifically permitted
– Laser pointers
– Noise makers eg whistles, air horns, bull horns, cow bells, musical instruments
– Alcoholic beverages

Prohibited items

The venue explains these items are determined by legislation as being dangerous and as such are not allowed. They include:

– Firearms
– Pellet guns
– Ammunition
– Knives including pocket knives and box cutters
– Instruments defined by law as weapons
– Explosives
– Chemical or incendiary devices
– Spray paint
– Fireworks, pyrotechnics and flares
– Drugs, narcotics or other illegal substances
– Clothing containing vulgar or insensitive slogans
– Pepper spray and mace
– High-vis clothing

Fans reacted as Grimsby and Solihull fans are warned on taking 11 banned items into the stadium for Sunday’s playoff final…

@AndrewHumberst4: Little tip… but a bottle top down your Y fronts.

@Jim_Buckle: Is enjoyment permitted? Some ridiculous restrictions on that list.

@KyleTalbot7: No way as if I can’t take me pet Gerbil with me

@jimmyb1985: In other words don’t enjoy yourselves 🤷🏻‍♂️

@MNorvock: So small bottled water is ok

Martin Meechan: And remember… Don’t say hello to anyone in London – they’re allergic to people being polite and sociable!

Jack Tommis: At least you can take a lawnmower

Jason Brown: Devastated I was going bring my cats with me actually, guess I’ll have to see if Kurt Zouma will look after them for me

David Duff: How much beer does it take to fill a thermos up? Asking for a few thousand friends

Ash Thompson: Doesn’t say that you can’t take seats in. We taking patio furniture for behind the goal?

Chris Baumber: Oh I’ve bought my dog a ticket does that mean I can get a refund?

David Mcgregor: Take deck chairs and sit behind the goal

Martin Cain: I don’t get the recording device one. At a comedy event I get it as it’s art and people pay to see it. But sports? A week later after the result is known, are their going to be bootleg copies of play off finals on dvd at boot sales? 😂

David Holness: I am taking flares and beer x

Daniel Lewis: Best leave the fish at home then 😩

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