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Graham Potter pleas Brighton fans to stop shouting word as it’s ‘putting off our players’

Graham Potter pleas with Brighton fans to stop shouting a certain word as it’s ‘putting off our players’ during matches, he claims.

Brighton fans shouting ‘shoot, shoot, shoot’ is presenting a “challenge” to his side, now that they have have failed to score in six of their last seven games.

They ended up playing out a goalless draw against bottom of the league Norwich City on Saturday afternoon, despite having a total of 30 shots on goal.

Potter’s side hit four of those 30 shots on target throughout the Premier League encounter – a stat that was questioned after the full time whistle.

In fact, Brighton became the first team to have 18 shots off target in a Premier League game since Chelsea in February 2011, according to OptaJoe.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he spoke about the stats. “The build-up suggests we’re getting there. Of course, the longer you go, you can hear the crowd, ‘shoot, shoot, shoot’, you know, and that sometimes is a challenge for the players.

“Because sometimes there’s an opportunity to shoot – sometimes it’s a chance for the block and then the transition. And sometimes maybe one more pass gets you in a better position but, if you miss the pass, you should have shot.

“It’s just one of those things that we’re going through. A bit of pain and a bit of suffering.

“So, then, that does affect confidence. It affects a little bit of the final bit.

“It’s the Premier League and Premier League defenders – it isn’t so straightforward to create chances and score. But, in terms of our intention in the game, I thought it was really positive.”

Brighton boss Graham Potter said after the game: “We’re frustrated we didn’t score but there were lots of positives in terms of our intention in the game. We were the dominant team and created chances. It’s a step in the right direction. I thought the crowd appreciated the performance – it was a good day but a frustrating day.

“I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this but better players than Neal will miss penalties. That’s the game. It does show strength of character to take them and sometimes you miss them but you bounce back. Today wasn’t his day but he’ll have a day in him – that’s for sure.”

Norwich boss Dean Smith: “When we finally put some passing moves together and showed what we could do, unfortunately on the back of two goals for his country, Milot [Rashica] puts it over the crossbar.”

“It wasn’t a great game, I didn’t think. I thought there were an awful lot of unforced errors. We are a group of players who are good footballers, but they are making some poor decisions at the moment on the ball.

“Off the ball we showed our spirit and doggedness at times, especially our captain (Grant Hanley) and goalkeeper who I thought were excellent.

“I know Brighton have had an awful lot of ball and shots but probably 20 of them were outside the box, which is where you want the opposition shooting from.”

Back in November, after the Seagulls recorded another 0-0 draw against Leeds at the AMEX, manager Graham Potter was perplexed as to why some of the home supporters booed their performance.

Despite dominating the game for large periods, the Seagulls could only earn a point. But at the time, they were sitting in eighth position, so Potter thought the chorus of boos was not fair.

He spoke to Sky Sports after that game: “Well, they’re entitled to their opinion. I disagree with them. Completely.

“You have to understand the game, you have to understand who we’re playing against, how we played, what we did.

“I think we’re sitting eighth in the Premier League, but maybe I need a bit of a history lesson at this football club.”

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Twitter users reacted as Graham Potter pleas Brighton fans to stop shouting the word ‘shoot’ as it’s ‘putting off our players’…

@whu_cal: Embarrassing that

@BlueKD_: Ahahahahaha… no way

@zorkeid: maybe we’ll stop when we score a goal graham 👍

@kanefromthelane: Strikers that can’t score yet you’re encouraging them to shoot from 30 yards…

@PrideofLo1: 😂😂😂 are there enough fans at the amex for the players to be put off by this 😂😂😂

@DerektheKopRed: It’s something that is cropping up at all grounds. Just shows the level of football knowledge of the fans in the stadiums in this country!

@Gary_Kidson: It’s happened for decades. The fact players now can’t handle it shows how soft our society has become.

@L_BHAFC: We’ve scored 1 goal over the last 7 games out of total 101 shots, we’re getting desperate

@O_boy_roy: Got to be a wind up 😂

@jimcpfc: The gift that keeps giving and giving and giving 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@forestfanboy686: And people actually rate this guy christ 😂

@SMcVII: He’s 100% right to do so. Shittest thing in football

@MQUTins: Not the first time this tyrant has demanded the crowd act a certain way. What’s the problem mr potter? Afraid of free speech?

@FtblObs: Love you Graham but stop chatting out your arse 😂

@MacdoonJnr: Such delicate souls footballers, paid a lot of money, but don’t like being told what to do by the fans who invest their time and money supporting them.

@ozytone: Maybe the should do some in bloody training then!! Your never going to score if you can’t hit the spot from penalty. Also Potters record at home is absolutely shocking 😢😢😢

@TalkCPFC: Class from Brighton thinking about it, making 0 noise home and away so they don’t distract the players. Taking it to the next level of not even turning up to games in the first place is real commitment 👏

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