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‘Good luck policing that’ – Billericay rile up supporters over new items banned on matchdays

‘Good luck policing that’ – Billericay Town have managed to rile up their own supporters over new items banned on matchdays.

The newly relegated non league club, who will be in the Isthmian League Premier Division next season, has announced a total ban on smoking and vaping around its stadium, despite concerns it will be “impossible” to enforce.

The ban at the New Lodge stadium sees the community pitch as well as lower car park areas no longer allowing individuals from smoking or even vaping.

Both had already been banned in stands and under roofed areas, but this decision is leading to a divided reaction.

One fan raised the point of how the rules will be enforced, saying as per Echo News: “I have never smoked but believe this is a ridiculous decision.

“It would be impossible to enforce unless you have stewards/security patrolling throughout games.”

Billericay Town Councillor, Mark Thomas, has been more supportive, adding: “I can’t believe this wasn’t done sooner; this is a much positive step forward for the stadium to take.”

The total ban is expected to be in force from the 18th of July, following what’s said to be a trend within football which sees more and more stadiums become smoke-free through the introduction of bans on cigarettes and E-pens.

However, some EFL and SPFL grounds have allowed spectators to vape and even see these type of products to be sold on the premises.

Basildon Council leader Andrew Baggot, who represents Burstead Ward, is another who has welcomed the steps taken by Billericay Town, saying said: “Although it’s best not to micromanage, I welcome the decision made. We have to be more health conscious in regard to these things, sadly those who do smoke not only have a negative effect on themselves but also on others.”

“It is not just a health risk, but it also causes an air pollutant in terms of smell, I have had many complaints in my surgery of people complaining of the very strong smell of marijuana and vaping.

“I believe more venues should follow their example.”

As mentioned, Billericay managed to rile up some of their own supporters over new items banned on matchdays…

@DMacG: Why?

@mandm1974: The culling of BTFC fans and potential new fans is still in full swing I see!! Slowly killing our club. So true that you should be careful what you wish for!!

@keith_57790: These owners once said on record they are custodians…well seems a bit dictorial now

@LeighUnited_FC: What’s wrong with vaping?!?!?

@noflowers4him: An away ground i wont be visiting this year.

@rockerfellerstr: I’m interested to know who will be expected to enforce this on matchdays and also during the week. Also I’m assuming this would apply for when the club is hired for private functions. A provision of a smoking/vaping area would seem more logical and prove less confrontational. Consultation with supporters would have been a good idea to gauge feeling on this issue and better understand the reasoning and how it would work on a matchday and at other club functions. Also to explore any solutions. We have to remember we are a non league football club.

@StatsaBlue: Utterly ridiculous

@charlie_k94: If by consulting the fan base (or community) before making this decision it may have received a slightly less negative response

@WisdomArtPrints: Wow. Vaping too? Seems harsh.

@Cover4Caravans: This generally doesn’t matter to me but maybe considering an area for vapers and smokers would of been a better idea? Bearing in mind the Stewards don’t really enforce anything it also puts them in an awkward position.

@simonahanks: Unfortunately I’m a smoker. Part of my enjoyment watching btfc is meeting up with mates having a couple of beers and a laugh. I don’t blow smoke in peoples faces. I think a designated area could have solved http://issue.It is disappointing but won’t stop my support

@jimmygreen83: No away game for me then. Ridiculous decision. Take it you will be announcing a ban on alcohol on your next post then. Both go hand in hand (literally) so can’t ban one without the other.
What a time to be alive huh.

@DannyBaugh94: I don’t smoke nor vape but this seems like a very odd decision that was only going to annoy fans

@markalanbaker22: I think we handle match days pretty well, are very fair with home and away fans and don’t really have any trouble because of it. It’s ridiculous decisions like this that cause issues and unnecessary confrontations.

@BenMapp02: Like others, I don’t smoke or vape but can’t see the benefits of this. A designated smoking area would work fine, this will just cause unnecessary dramas with both home/away fans and put people off coming (as seen in other comments). Would’ve been better to speak to fans first.

@NMorris2553: An alternative approach could have been having the ban during the week when the stadium is being used by the community (children), but allowing smoking (in certain areas) on match days and evening functions I can’t see this being enforceable

@Finders82: Fuck that

@mikesjoyce_mike: I have never smoked but believe this is a ridiculous decision It would be impossible to enforce unless you have stewards/security patrolling throughout games The only thing that will be achieved = Confrontation. Is this what the club wants + Was there any consultation with fans

@halfbob: Banning alcohol next? Bit puritanical. Then there’s the Burger Bars that can be made Vegan. Are we turning into Hamlet? Rainbow Kit on the cards?

@neilcowell19: @Beckettway Wonder who was behind this?! 🤔😂

@Vaicollins19: Try stop us 😂

@markalanbaker22: Cant wait to get a club ban before the season even starts 😂🤡

@jimmygreen83: Certainly no away game for me this season. Pathethic. Can’t ban smoking or vaping without banning alcohol too though right…. 🤷 Ridiculous decision.

@b__mxrris: I can see the intended idea but almost impossible to enforce and causes unnecessary aggro, makes more sense to just create a dedicated smoking area imo

@orientgantry: Good luck with venue hire. I don’t like smoking, but to ban even vaping in the car park 🤦‍♂️ that’s so OTT.

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