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Goal or no goal? Did Weymouth’s penalty cross the line?

Goal or no goal? Did Weymouth’s penalty cross the line? Those are the all important questions that everyone is asking this weekend.

The Terras ended up playing out a goalless draw with Solihull Moors this afternoon – but was the Bob Lucas Stadium outfit robbed of having a winner?

A photo has been doing the rounds across social media shows how Andy Dallas penalty resulted, after hitting the bar and smashing the ground.

The screen-shot shows the ball and the line, but boss Brian Stock was unconvinced after being shown the image by assistant Louis Langdown during his post-match press conference.

Dorset Echo: Goal or no goal? Picture: WEYMOUTH FC/DUNCAN GARDNER

He told Echosport: “Everyone keeps questioning whether the ball’s gone over the line.

“Lou’s just showed me a photo to say it has. We’ve tried to slow it down, it’s happened quite quick.

“The linesman’s in a great position but at the end of the day I don’t think they’re going to change their decision!

“It’s one of those. It might’ve gone over, but it’s very close. It’s certainly not clear cut.

“When you pause (footage) it looks over, but whether it’s already bounced or is in the air I don’t know. It’s a tough one.

“We need to really slow it down because (Dallas) hit the ball so hard.”

The National League announced clubs in the first tier of non league football had voted to continue play, without relegation to Step 2.

The outcome still needs to be ratified by the FA, but is expected to pass without any doubts.

Brian Stock’s side are currently a point just outside the National League relegation zone in 20th of 23 clubs but had taken three wins from five after completing six impressive signings in January.

This in turn has led to White having sufficient optimism that “footballing talent” alone would have kept the Terras’ status in Step 1.

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He told Echosport: “We are (happy), of course, but I’m still certain we would’ve done it under our own footballing talent anyway.

“I think Brian was beginning to turn it around and we’re in a much better place than we were a month ago. We would’ve done it anyway.

“It means we’re not going to be relegated. If I was to be truthful, it will give us a fairer crack at it.

“Everything that’s happened in this last year, with the pandemic and hundreds of thousands of deaths, it’s been a weird 12 months for Weymouth Football Club as well.

“None of us expected to be in the National League quite this quickly. It will give us a chance to look at ourselves and try and get into a position where we feel more confident.

“That’s coming on the pitch now, anyway.”

Despite the pandemic, Weymouth have gone on to achieve a promotion and consolidation in little over six months.

White added: “I don’t want to look at it and say it’s worked in our favour, because I still feel we would’ve pulled ourselves away from trouble.

“I had the confidence in Brian and it’s not been an easy ride for Brian. You can’t turn around and say this has been a normal season – it certainly hasn’t.”

So then, goal or no goal? Did Weymouth’s penalty cross the line?

Josh Barton: A very tight call on the ball crossing the line with the penalty. Still, a good performance, clean sheet and another point.

Jason Lee: For me, that’s over the line

Nathan Phelps: Looks like it’s gone over the line!

Paddy Fearns: Weymouth were robbed there

Wayne Sutcliffe: Can see how the referee thought it didn’t go in

Will Rayment: Such a close call that

Liam Sullivan: Got to feel for Weymouth, ball definitely crossed, should have won the game

Jamie Bond: Yep, thats over the line judging by that pic

Ollie Daniels: Ooft what a hard one that is to decide

Keith Reynolds: Shocker of a decision not to count that as a goal, shame that for the Terras

Timothy Barker: Harsh call not to award that goal to Weymouth in my opinion, looks to have gone over for me

Ed Culshaw: Weymouth have been hard done by there, looks to have gone over the line, would have been another good result and much needed points too

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