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Glimmer of hope for Derby as surprise twist emerges on takeover with Chris Kirchner

There is a glimmer of hope for everyone associated with Derby County as a surprise twist emerges on the takeover with Chris Kirchner.

Kirchner is adamant that he can still intends to complete a deal to buy Derby County despite missing several deadlines for the purchase money to be paid, report Sky Sports News.

He no longer has exclusivity to try to complete a takeover after missing Friday’s 5pm deadline, set by the club’s administrators.

It is understood he has told Quantuma, the administrators, that the cash to buy the club is lodged in a European bank clearing account, awaiting money-laundering checks to be completed.

Kirchner has altered his plans to make a plane journey back to America, and will stay in the UK to try to finalise a deal.

Sky Sports News confirm Kirchner is one of FIVE parties still interested in buying Derby – ex-Wolves owner Steve Morgan has since withdrawn his interest.

Former Derby chairman Andy Appleby is in renewed negotiations with Quantuma, though he is working to sure up investors who will commit to investing, while Mike Ashley has the cash to buy the club by himself and is still determined to purchase, but claims he is being ignored by the administrators, while two other, as yet unnamed, groups are also involved in the bidding process.

All the delays have see the amount of debt increase for Derby, meaning the asking price for the club is continually rising.

The original price, in the “high twenties of millions”, is now likely to be in excess of £30m with the option to buy Pride Park adding around £22m on top of that figure.

A price tag of over £50million is more than any investor want to pay to buy many Championship clubs. But it’s thought Derby, despite relegation to League One, is still a very attractive proposition due to the size of it’s fanbase and future commercial potential.

A Team Derby spokesperson said: “Team Derby is hugely concerned at the latest developments regarding the sale of Derby County Football Club.

“The group, which includes MPs and representatives of the civic and business communities, has been active behind the scenes in the process of helping secure a purchaser for Pride Park Stadium and has offered support to prospective new owners of the club.

“We reiterate our willingness to do whatever we can to achieve a successful outcome for Derby County, the supporters and the city.

“We have met this morning and had further discussions with the administrators. We understand the administrators are seeking to engage with other interested parties, and would urge them to do this as soon as possible, given there is now very little time remaining to achieve a positive resolution.

“With the help of our local MPs, we are seeking a meeting with the Sports Minister and to again raise our concerns in Parliament next week.”

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Fans reacted as a glimmer of hope for Derby sees a surprise twist emerges on the takeover with Chris Kirchner…

@DJW1994_: I’ve kept quiet for a bit regarding the situation at our club. You lot saying you hope @cskirchner doesn’t get the deal across the line… I couldn’t care less who comes in. If he saves us from liquidation, I’d let hitler himself take over. horrible time to be a #DCFC fan.

@ajfoz: let ashley have it don’t want CK too dodgy rather have a decent businessman

@gempopmoo: I don’t want ck after this I really don’t… I fear for us is he takes over.. I was positive about him before but not now

@Mark0_dcfc: Is it his fault though that his money is stuck in a clearing bank?

@mattbarnish: Sick of hearing this ashley being frozen out then not didn’t they send a letter to him last night. Just match kirchners bid and get on with it

@TrickyLMC: I really hope it’s Kirchner as he’s proved he’s a liability so will be great to see. #nffc

@MiguelKelly716: Well CK would have done himself and Derby fans a huge favour by just coming out and been honest and keep us updated like he had been doing, also that would have quashed rumours. Why were the funds not sent to a British bank instead of a European bank ?

@hutch172: We don’t want you @cskirchner

@RollWithIt86: He’s another Fawaz, avoid FFS

@dancarlin77: If CK @cskirchner is really still feeling like he’s going to make this happen he needs to communicate with the fans now – so much needless damage done over the past few days if he’s to make the deal happen

Questions for @cskirchner
* When did you pay the money?
* Did you / your lawyers not understand the clearing process?
* Why have you stopped communicating with us, the fans?

@JustinPeach27: Surely Kirchner can just come out and say this? Just another red flag. That’s literally all he has to say, yet he’s playing golf and hiding. Strange man, should be nowhere near a football club. American Laurence Bassini.

@cymruszn: Then why isn’t his business paying it’s workers or it’s debts?

@JueConnor: @cskirchner are you in or out?

@julieann57: @cskirchner come on get it done please.

@BruceMather3: Not gonna lie, would be nice if @cskirchner gave us some kind of explanation. This could all be a massive misunderstanding that us #dcfc fans are unaware of because there’s not been an update.

@duncandual: It seems @cskirchner has lost his twitter voice in a time when clarity to the biggest asset the club has (the supporters) is required… Chris its all very well talking the talk when its easy but a true leader comes out at the most difficult times even if its the worst news.

@FranklinLinc86: Best thing to happen to #DCFC would be Ashley coming in. A man who actually has cash and a proven track record for rescuing failing businesses. He will demand a ROI and will therefore have a strategic vision on how to make the club successful on the short and medium term.

@gary34881: Kirchners money has been in more countries than Kazim Richards playing career #dcfc

@DarrenDoherty83: From the #dcfc timeline it looks like im the only one who still hopes CK becomes the new owner. The way I see it if the hold up is something outwith of his control why is he getting so much hate?

@McguireKev: Absolutely mental, £50m+ and still need to get 20 odd players in for next season. What a mess #MelMorris has left #DerbyCounty in. #dcfc

@Dean94611515: Removed @cskirchner exclusivity, mike ashley has the money in his english bank, is already a fit and proper tested owner previously and is almost begging to buy the club… fucking give it to him it will be a simple transaction!

@gempopmoo: And the show goes on this is just getting absolutely pathetic!!!! Just give it Ashley!!! #dcfc #dcfcfans

@_ECT_07: Ck only needed to provide EVIDENCE by 5pm on Friday to the administrators that he had the funds and he failed to do so. He did not need to complete the deal. Clearly not happening. #dcfcfans

@TreeBlackwell: Let that sink in. There will be 5 year olds starting school soon who won’t believe losing to Derby is a thing. They might be leaving school before we even play them again. #NFFC #dcfcfans

@Phodge99: Dunno how he’s gonna fix the relationship between him and us (the fans) I don’t see how he can rebuild the trust

@johnnysleftfoot: Depends what the reason is behind all this. If the cash is genuinely stuck in the financial system awaiting fraud checks then it’s possible it’s completely out of his control. Might have done everything he can up to now… time will tell.

@Brightonfan: There is a reason why PNE pulled out of the deal with Kirchner, he is a dodgy conman, Derby fans you must be seething right now. He missed the deadline yesterday and the Administrators don’t know if he has the money to complete the takeover. Why should you trust him? #DCFC

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