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Glenn Tamplin injured in major incident with man arrested at £10m home

Glenn Tamplin has been left injured in a major incident with one man reportedly arrested at the ex-Billericay Town owner’s £10m home.

Tamplin’s son has since confirmed he is alive and well with police attending the property in Abridge, Essex on Wednesday night after suffering minor injuries.

A 38-year-old man has been taken into custody on suspicion of ABH with pictures showing numerous police vehicles outside the gates of the mansion.

Police were pictured outside of Tamplin's property on Wednesday night

Glenn Tamplin injured in major incident with man arrested at £10m home

A police statement read: “A man has been arrested after a disturbance which took place in a property in London Road, Abridge.

“We responded to the incident shortly after 8.15pm last night, Wednesday 3 November.

“Officers arrested a 38-year-old man at the scene on suspicion of ABH (Actual Bodily Harm).

“He remains in custody for questioning and our enquires continue.

“A man aged in his 40s sustained injuries which did not require hospital treatment.”

Tamplin was once thought to be worth around £40million

Credit: Sunday Mirror

Tamplin, 49, has recently returned to the UK after spending some time living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Reports of Tamplin’s condition spread on social media, but the former Billericay Town owner did not require serious hospital treatment.

His son Archie took to social media to deny rumours that his father had died – but added that there were “problems”.

Archie told his Instagram followers: “My dad is not dead.

“People need to stop spreading rumours. Think about family around him hearing this.

“Have some respect for us family.

“There is obviously problems so leave it to family to sort out. But he is not dead!”

Tamplin, who is believed to have once been worth £40million, made headlines across the nation after taking over as owner and manager of Billericay Town in 2016.

He was able to turn a £50,000 loan into a £40million fortune through his work in the steel industry but he has recently fallen onto financial hardship and blames the coronavirus pandemic for his struggles.

At Billericay, he renovated the stadium – which included a mural of him sleeping in bed as you do – and guided the club to promotion to the National League South with the aim of getting to the EFL, something that never happened as they remained in the sixth tier of English football.

Former Premier League stars such as Jamie O’Hara and Paul Konchesky played for Billericay under his stewardship but his social media antics caused quite the stir.

Tamplin was known for posting videos of his motivational speeches to players – and once got the team to sing R.Kelly’s World’s Greatest before a cup final which was rather cringe and many teams took the piss out of it.

Tamplin has admitted that he has fallen on hard times of late

In 2017, he was named the second most powerful person in the Essex Power 100.

He sold the club to a new consortium in 2019 before taking on a new venture with struggling Romford, which was short-lived and with false promises.

He has also spoken openly about his battle against substance abuse and depression, which has led him on numerous visits to rehab.

The pandemic had a seismic impact on his business ventures, with his main steel company going under due to the constraints it had on finances.

Speaking to the Daily Star in 2020, he said: “I’ve been bed-ridden for three weeks. I’ve been in the self-pity pot in a major way.

“And I’ve lost one of my key businesses due to this coronavirus, which was my main source of income.

“That is the thing that has affected me big time – a lack of income. I’ve not been used to that for a long time.

“I’ve been the worst I’ve been for the last three years. It probably would have been easier if I had been using.

“I had relapsed without using – but it was still a relapse.”

Glenn Tamplin once claimed that he was dead for two minutes and that the lord spoke to him.

Tamplin is driven by an extraordinary experience he had three years ago, when he says he met God and his life had been hit hard by cocaine addiction and depression and he was pronounced dead following an overdose, which led to an out-of-body experience that shaped his purpose.

“I had a visitation and met the Lord,” says Tamplin. “I was dead for two-and-a-half minutes. People will say I am lying, but I had two paramedics say I was dead. I was talking to my wife and she was ignoring me, I couldn’t work it out, and then a bright light came behind me, like an ultra-light, and I met the Lord.

“I was trying to talk to my wife and she was crying, but my body was downstairs and I couldn’t work out how I got upstairs, then the Lord held his hands and took me, I started going out the back door and floating. What I will say is eternal life has been proven to me and it is beautiful and peaceful.

“I begged the Lord not to take me and he said to me, ‘Fulfil your purpose, son’.”

“I think what people have to realise is the reason I was very sick, I’m an addict,” he adds. “The reason I was ill and in the darkness was I was always wearing masks, I never knew who I was. It was always false identities.

“The Lord saved me, I’m a firm believer in what you give you get back 10 times. I’ve been blessed and been through addiction, have been through the darkness because it’s for me to learn, not for me to be an ambassador, but to help people less fortunate.

“If someone hadn’t picked me out of the hole, put their hand up and picked me up, I wouldn’t be here today. I would have taken my life. I was at a stage where I wanted to take my life. I’d given up.

“So when an addict jumped in the hole and showed me the way out, I knew from that point when I got well that I was always going to have to lift people out of the hole. The community side is just as important to me as the football side, I’m not going to say it is more important because I’m an honest man. I am concentrating on the homeless at Christmas, on winning 24 games out of 24.

“My job is to get the Lord into people’s hearts. But because I believe in the Lord and I do right, doesn’t mean I’m a doormat, doesn’t mean I get walked over.”

“I’ve changed so much [since Billericay],” he said reflecting back. “I don’t regret it, but it made me very sick and cost me a lot of money. Billericay was a circus because I spent so much money [£3million]. I paid what I call idiot tax. The difference is now I used to do things with my pocket, this is about me doing things with my heart. So people are seeing the real me.

“Jesus is my Saviour. But I want to be like the saviour of the roads and the streets and I want to help people.”

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