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Gillingham fan calls out sexism from club’s own supporters in another incident in Newport game

A Gillingham fan calls out sexism from his club’s own supporters in another incident in the League Two game against Newport County.

New details have emerged on how a fan attempted to get stewards to take action over individuals who sang sexist chants towards a female physio, with things turning sour in the stands.

The game had also seen Newport condemn a “racist gesture” aimed at striker Omar Bogle during Saturday’s League Two win at Gillingham. See more on that HERE.

Back to the sexist chant incident now with @RainhamEndGill tweeting: “Just been sent this photo. I am the guy in the black hat & the “father and son” who decided to abuse me for calling out the two chanting are the guy in blue (pointing) & the older guy. Interestingly the guy in blue on FB has accused me of lieing and that he wasn’t involved.”

In a lengthy statement detailing what happened, they say: “During the second half yesterday, I was involved in an “altercation” with some fellow Gills “fans”. I put fans in ” , as I truly don’t believe these types of people give a shit about OUR club and the consequences of thier actions.

“The incident took place as the female physio for Newport was walking behind the Rainham End goal after attending to thier goalkeeper.

“As she walks past block 4, i hear a chant of “do you take it up the ass”.

“I turned around from my seat to see two guys (probably mid to late 20’s) chanting the above.

“I put my finger to my lips to “shush” them and simply said “stop”. Its at this point they start verbally abusing me, aswell as call me a homophobic name (rhyms with Baggott).

“I proceeded to plead with them to stop the sexiest remarks as its the club that will suffer. They continued and find what they are doing funny.

“It’s at this point I beckoned over the closest steward at the bottom of block 4. He remains unmoved. It takes me a least 6-7 shouts to him before he finally came over.

“I point out the two guys (as the club have implored us to do) and explain that they had been chanting sexiest comments to the female physio. The steward responds by saying “then you need to report this via the correct channels”. Unbelievable.

“Unhappy with this answer, I beckoned over more stewards. I explained what happend to the head steward (the bald guy) and he was disinterested.

“It at this point there was maybe 5 stewards around me that the two guys came down to my row and with the stewards between them and I, they start threatening me. One grabs the collar of my jacket and I push him away. He then throws a punch which doesn’t connect.

“The stewards then proceed to take the two guys back to their seats.

“At this point a gentleman (late 30’s) 2 rows below me decided he wanted to stand up for the other guys and started to verbally abuse me. This continue for the rest of the half.

“I tell the gentleman infront of me that my 13 year old niece is sitting with me and asked if he condones sexism? He response was that I should have left her at home.

“A couple behind me with a 2 lads (assume their sons) then stand up for me and tell the guy to shut up and leave me alone. He responds by verbally abusing them aswell. I genuinely appreciate them doing this as it was much easier to not get involved.

“A short while later I was taken down the concourse by a police officer and asked what happen.

“On my way back to my seat, the guy sitting 2 rows down carried on abusing me. As I go to walk up the steps, his dad who was sitting next to him at the end of the row tried to grab my arm and said he’d see me outside. This is a guy in his 50’s!

“So that is the story of what unfolded during the second half.

“Has me standing up and calling out sexiest chants/comments put a target on my back, maybe, but I love my club. Our club. And will always stand up for what is right.

“I would rather Gills have attendances of 3k a week with fans that love this club and get behind our boys.
Racism, sexism and homophbia is not welcome at our club. Today, tomorrow or ever.

“If we the REAL fans stand up against the minority, because it is a minority, we can get these people out of OUR club.

“Up the Gills.”

Twitter users reacted as a Gillingham fan calls out sexism from the club’s own supporters in another incident in the game against Newport…

@lillegs85: The RE is becoming a cesspit. I’ve had several incidents with people since the back end of last season. I enjoy sitting there, generally it’s a good atmosphere but is fast becoming toxic with fans getting at each other. The stewards need to go back to a no-nonsense attitude imo

@mjl12354: I was a couple rows behind you and can aid in any statements to the club if you need help. Witnessed it all

@CunnersGFC84: Don’t ever think you are a target for doing the right thing. Do not be disheartened either. You asked for support from the ‘authorities’ and it wasn’t forthcoming which is extremely poor. Unfortunately that is on the club and something MUST be done about that ASAP.

@benbowatson24: Fair play to you mate 🔵⚪️👍🏼

@Sibbo34: Had my 5yr old daughter with me as she has a season ticket too, now I need to try move stands as I don’t want her hearing this , there’s swearing which is part of the game but to hear that abuse was vile , I felt so bad with her sitting next to me

@stueybourne: Well done for standing up for your club and fans. We should all try to be as brave you 👏

@rachaelsasha: Good grief, this is appalling! Thank you for taking the time to publicize your horrendous experience, i hope this gets the powers that be to start taking this so called ‘banter’ stuff seriously. I wish you well fellow Gills fan.

@splowrie123: spoke a very close friend of mine who is a steward in r.e last night and he got told not to do anything as it was only hear say.This was told to him by the leading steward of the R.E. now if it’s true THEY SHOULD BE SACKED. I am so sorry you experienced this keep up the good work

@intherainhamend: Stewarding is appalling. They are all so unbelievably lazy and workshy. No wonder people do it week in week out because they know that nine times out of ten nothing will be done about it!

@Truebluejock: Maximum respect to you for doing the right thing. The club has your statement, witnesses & location of these people. There is no excuse for them not to act. You did the right thing, it’s time for @TheGillsFC to do the same after their representatives (stewards) failed at the time

@WelshSpur07: Well done for speaking out. I used to take my son before he could go himself. I always thought the stewards were too pally with some of the fans back then. That’s to be expected if it’s the same people week in, week out, but it’s an issue.

@BadgeCounty: It disheartens me to read this is still going on in 2023, full respect for you and any others who call it out. I think it’s time for head stewards (and possibly others) to be wearing bodyworn cameras, hopefully the club will address the lack of support from the stewards as well.

@SteveJoyce14: So very sorry for your experience REG. The club have allowed this to go on for far too long now and put the onus back on the proper fans to deal with. Not acceptable #gills

@WelshSpur07: Well done for speaking out. I used to take my son before he could go himself. I always thought the stewards were too pally with some of the fans back then. That’s to be expected if it’s the same people week in, week out, but it’s an issue.

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