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Gibbs-White throws himself to ground after Rodri grabs his throat, leading to red card

Nottingham Forest’s Morgan Gibbs-White seemingly throws himself to ground after Man City’s Rodri grabs his throat, leading to a red card.

The moment of madness came on the 46th minute as Rodri holds off MGW to try to win a throw in but before the ball rolled out, he turned to give the Forest man some.

He produced a shove, then raised his hands to the throat for a second. Other players come rushing in, including Phil Foden, and then Gibbs-White goes down.

There was a lengthy VAR review to see if the ref has made the right call, and eventually the decision stood.

Fara Williams (on Final Score): “Initially I thought this wasn’t a red card but on the second look, you can see Rodri has put his hands on the throat of Gibbs-White. The Forest man does make the most of it, but hands on the throat is violent conduct.”

Chris Bevan (BBC Sport at Etihad Stadium): “Rodri will miss City’s Premier League game against Arsenal as part of his three-game suspension for that red card. He will also sit out the matches against Wolves and Brighton.”

Michael Brown (on BBC Radio 5 Live): “It was a delayed reaction wasn’t it? That’s the point, he could have easily stayed up and then he thought ‘oh I’ve got to go down’. That’s the point.”

Sky Sports’ Adam Bate at the Etihad Stadium: “City supporters can debate that if they like but it is an inexplicable decision by Rodri rather than the officials.”

It took just seven minutes for Man City to break the deadlock, Forest were cut open with Kyle Walker picked out behind the Forest defence by Rodri. He laid it off perfectly for Foden to hit home.

Fara Williams (on Final Score): “Fantastic finish. A switch of play outside to Walker, softens it down to the floor for Phil Foden with one touch, and Foden smashes it into the bottom corner beyond Turner. Pep Guardiola will be very happy with that.”

Paul Merson on Soccer Saturday: “What a goal. Forest had ten behind the ball, but this was a phenomenal football goal.”

Sky Sports’ Adam Bate at the Etihad Stadium: “Naively, perhaps, I am watching Forest’s deep defence and thinking how hard it is for City to penetrate in behind with so many bodies there. Rodri immediately proves me wrong. Exquisite pass. Walker might have gone himself but that’s not the way with this team. Brilliant goal. Forest’s plan is to play on the counter-attack, obviously, but if City are not in the mood to surrender it easily this could be a painfully long afternoon for the away side.”

Chris Bevan (BBC Sport): “It’s fair to say that goal had been coming but if you want some stats that further illustrate how this game has gone in the first seven minutes, then Kyle Walker’s pass to set up Phil Foden was City’s 98th of the game, with a 97% accuracy. Forest’s tally when they fell 1-0 down? One pass… which was unsuccessful.”

It was then 2-0 by 14 minutes, another slick goal for the hosts as they opened Forest up too easily, worked a crossing chance for Matheus Nunes. He drinked it in and Erling Haaland rose high to score.

Stephen Warnock (on Final Score): “Again, you can see what Man City are trying to do, and it is so simple and straight forward. You think you can stop it, but you can’t! It is a great stand up to the back post from Nunes, and Haaland is all alone at the back post. Forest are so concerned about trying to stop the ball coming into the box that he is left unmarked, and it’s a thumping header.”

Michael Brown (on BBC Radio 5 Live): “It’s all about the quality, patience, the weighted passes that I keep talking about. There’s composure down the line from Nunes question marks are being put on this guy Erling Haaland but because of this delivery, set up by Nunes, Haaland six yards out just comes across and guides it back where it comes from. It’s a comfortable header right on a plate but he’s in the right place.”

Goalscorer Phil Foden: “Delighted with the performance. I think the first half was brilliant apart from the last 10, I think they found us out a little.

“The second half was not what we expected because Rodri got a red card quite early.

“It wasn’t ideal but we showed a different side to us today to dig in and yeah I’m proud of the team.”

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola: “An exceptional game in the first half.

“Exceptional game in the second for our resilience and our work because we played, I would say, 51/52 minutes ten against eleven so it was not easy but we were fantastic.

“I thought the way we played in the first half was amazing so against a difficult side for the physicality the pace they have up front so yeah, recover for the next one.”

This is how fans reacted as Gibbs-White throws himself to ground after Rodri grabs his throat, leading to a red card for the Man City man…

@HarryNewby1: Get in gibbs white

@Joshc7292: It’s a red but gibbs white looks like a right cunt here.

@Ste_Healy247: Embarrassing that from Gibbs White

@Price_isRight17: Morgan Gibbs-White you cheeky little so and so

@JamesyMc10: It’s a red by the rules, but honestly that’s embarrassing from Gibbs-White

@MattyHarrison4: Gibbs White you fucking melt

@THFCKay: Yes it’s a red for Rodri due to violent conduct, BUT it should also be yellow to Gibbs White for the most blatant dive I’ve ever seen. Goes down about two seconds after he’s touched…

@gaz8467: Gibbs White should be embarrassed by this.

@SamueIGreen: Rodri, you plonker. 🤦

@TheKopWatch: Top draw shithousing from Gibbs White. He’s sucked Rodri in and he’s fell for it 🤣

@ConnCFC: Rodri was stupid there, he now misses the Arsenal game for that red card. Would’ve thought players would stop that after what happened to Casemiro last year.

@GoodKidManCity: That was so stupid from Rodri these clubs are always lookin for that

@ASmurfyDreamer: Rodri Stupid. Morgan Gibbs White is a shithouse, went down about 2 seconds after Rodri touched him. Soft cunt!

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