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Geordies demand refunds after ‘absolute chaos’ at NX Newcastle World Cup fanzone

Geordies demand refunds after ‘absolute chaos’ and issues aplenty arose at the NX Newcastle World Cup fanzone on Friday night.

The venue, which was previously known as O2 Academy Newcastle, hosted a fan zone for England’s second World Cup clash with tickets sold out.

The crowd came in high spirits, singing ‘It’s Coming Home’, but ended up leaving dissatisfied as fans watched images on the screen not in sync with the commentary by one minute.

The crowd yelled furiously at the camera crew, begging them to fix the audio or cut it. But nothing was done.

Fans were again fuming when the screen at NX Newcastle was cut completely for a significant period. Many fans grabbed their phones and held them in the air, hoping to share the action with others.

While the football was being played, the crowd poured pints onto the stage, spilling over equipment, and one even hitting drums.

To the delight and cheers of the crowd, another man jumped over the front barrier to grab a toy World Cup, before a security guard chased him through the crowd and engaged in a shouting match, which was watched by the entire venue.

The screen was eventually removed, but it began to broadcast the BBC show Angels of the North instead of the football.

The second half’s final section was re-broadcast, this time with no commentary and then again with the delayed thoughts of Sam Matterface and Lee Dixon.

After the event, fans came out and spoke to NewcastleWorld. One said: “Shocking! They lost connection like five times and for fifteen minutes the game wasn’t even on. We need a refund. I think it was the first time they put it on to be honest.”

Another attendee added: “It’s pretty poor I can’t lie. You pay all this money to come watch an event and it turns out they don’t know how to use a remote.”

A statement from NX Newcastle was shared on Friday night. It read: “We are very disappointed with the technical problems experienced tonight with the Fan-Zone event. We are now woring with the event promoter to establish precisely why the football screening was not delivered as expected.

“NX would like to apologise to all fans who had such a disappointing experience. We would like to add that the event was not promoted by NX but by a promoter with a long standing track record of delivering sports events in the city. We will proide an update regarding ticket refunds shortly.”

Twitter users reacted as Geordies demand refunds after ‘absolute chaos’ at the NX Newcastle World Cup fanzone…

@gb1892: You’re an absolute disgrace, give fans their money back. The event was a shambles from the off

@loaks87: @NXNewcastle Absolute disgrace tonight, £12 entry each, commentary 5 minutes behind and the screen was off for at least 10mins, queued 30mins for drinks and it’s £6 a pint, ran out of Stella on what’s bound to be the busiest night of the year so far. #Iwantmymoneyback

@markdobson: You’re a shambles. Everyone reluctantly paid £13.50 last night thinking it would be as good as the O2 when it was free. The audio was 5 minutes behind and the video cut out for most of the second half. Worst event I’ve ever been to. Won’t be back.

@TheVMan83: We walked out at 6:45pm due to overcrowding and went it watch in the Town Wall instead. Shocking event that was a danger to all in attendance. Glad we got out of there before the match even started.

@Drewzz23: 30 minute wait for a beer was bad enough without the issues. Clear from the moment walking in that the concern was making as much money as possible and not the buyers experience. Despite the renovation my shoes still stuck to the floor the same as they did 10 year ago

@samgains2: Hands down the worst event setup I’ve ever seen. Got in 45 mins before didn’t get a drink til 15 minutes into the game. Audio was miles behind and the picture constantly going off. Shite. Shambles. Turned very very hostile during the 2nd half.

@DP_NUFC: Jesus christ i’m glad we left after 20 minutes! It was bad enough playing music over the national anthem! Maybe take all the stage gear away next time as well so people near the front arent watching a blurry screen through microphone stands! more bar staff would be smashing!

@CharlieGrieva4: Worst I’ve ever seen , should be free like it has been when it was the o2 , much better atmosphere and actually a decently organised event, no need for £15 tickets for not even being able to put the match on , had months maybe years to be prepared embarrassing

@alexmarr1: Presume a refund is coming to all customers? sometimes you just need to admit you fucked up! Disgraceful tonight after 20 + plus years attending venue

@lukedarwin: Let’s be honest the money means fuck all when hundreds of people missed a World Cup match On a Friday night. Queue to the bar was daft and the set up was shite from minute one and now your passing the blame

@_EnGee: Still a bit annoyed about yesterday. Went to @NXNewcastle to watch ‘Angels of the North’ and it was ruined by hundreds of drunk football fans demanding the England game was put on. NX had my show on for a bit before succumbing to the mob. Poor.

@DP_NUFC: @NXNewcastle WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE SOUND? ITV on the screen and talksport radio 1 minute behind on the speakers??? 2 staff on the bar no-one can get a drink! Utter joke for £13.50!!!

@alexmarr1: @NXNewcastle Absolute shambles tonight. Sold about 500 too many tickets! Health and Safety disaster waiting to happen. Sort the fucker out!!!!! Disgraceful

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