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Geoff Shreeves quits Sky Sports after rejecting pay cut and considers other offers

Touchline reporter Geoff Shreeves quits the broadcaster Sky Sports after rejecting a pay cut and now considers other offers.

Mail Sport first revealed that Shreeves has become the latest big name exit as the channel cut costs and increase the diversity of its football staff.

The 58 year old was asked to continue working for Sky but on a reduced salary, but along with Martin Tyler and Jeff Stelling, choses to walk away and is already looking for work elsewhere.

Graeme Souness also recently left his role as a pundit, doing some charity work, and could be taking up a role at Rangers, while Sky are telling some reporting staff to reapply for their jobs with the likes of Guy Havord and Bianca Westwood set to leave.

Sky’s number two reporter Patrick Davison could be in line to replace Shreeves, or could choose not to recruit from within.


Geoff Shreeves has announced he is leaving Sky Sports.

The veteran reporter has been an ever-present part of Sky’s coverage since joining the organisation in 1992.

His arrival at Sky coincided with the dawn of the Premier League and, with his vast experience in the game, his voice has become a constant for football enthusiasts across three decades.

Shreeves’ pitchside presence and post-game interviews with players and managers on match-days are a staple of the coverage but he has now made the decision to leave Sky.

On announcing the news, Shreeves said: “There’s an old saying that you always have to know the best time to leave even the greatest party.

“And that’s what my 32 years at Sky have been – the most fantastic party I could ever imagined attending. From the first kick of a ball in the live coverage of the Premier League to Manchester City’s title celebrations last season – with plenty in between.

“I have been fortunate to work for a ground-breaking company who have helped revolutionise football. But the time is right to move on.

“Sky have been incredibly generous in recognition of my service and I can’t speak more highly of so many people I’ve worked with there over three decades. I now have the opportunity for new experiences which I’m looking forward to announcing in the very near future.”

Shreeves started out his career as an estate agent but by a quirk of fate ended up working at the World Cup in 1990.

Two years later, he was a touchline Premier League reporter on the day the competition was first televised by Sky Sports as Teddy Sheringham scored the winner for Nottingham Forest against Liverpool in August 1992.

Sky Sports Director of Football Gary Hughes said: “Geoff has been an integral part of the Sky Sports football team and the best tunnel reporter in the business, interviewing the biggest names at the biggest games for over 30 years. Geoff leaves with our sincere thanks and best wishes for the future. As Sir Alex always said, Well done, Geoff!”

Here’s what fans are saying as Geoff Shreeves quits Sky Sports after rejecting a pay cut and considers other offers…

@Mr_Me55y: To be replaced by some talentless youtuber?

@JamieInglis93: You mean you sacked him?

@joshcm21: Sky Sports Coverage has been going down the drain for a number of years. They’d rather get a 30 second social media clip full of ill informed nonsense between Neville and others than actually focus on in depth analysis that can teach us more about football.

@Joeythemoon87: Which tiktoker will replace him

@JayLovesLFC: Sky losing another big name Geoff/Jeff. Are they cost cutting to save money for the next Premier League rights auction because more streamers are sniffing around? Or are they in financial trouble? #SkySports #GeoffShreeves

@LUFCGondy: Bet someone a tenner he starts his own podcast

@LukePorteous20: Sky doing a mega clear out then. Another proper professional who was fantastic with his insight and coverage 👏🏻

@SnattyN: I’m not surprised, Skysports has gone downhill fast, keep the ladies to be pundits on the women’s stuff, and the gents on the mens!! They send me to sleep at times! 💤💤💤

@UkJudgey: Sky Sports really will be left with the cheap dregs. These new young faces they have filled the screen with are just awful at best and completely useless at worst. Think it’s a one overdue goodbye. 💩

@Ant_Dale86: At this rate Neville and Carragher will be commentating, conducting pre and post match interviews, presenting Soccer Saturday and at the same time being a match reporter on Soccer Saturday.

@WillPritchardG7: First Tyler and now Shreeves. A wonderful transfer window for Sky.

@tuc76049437: He’s a tough cookie though I’m sure he’ll carry on

@J9_MNU: To replace him with 15 year olds because you think that’s what your audience wants?

@JibbaJabb: BT / TNT should be straight in there to sign him up

@M_4u2nv: “He’s got a broken ankle, but I think he will continue.”… “Cheers, Geoff.” NOOOOOOOOOO!

@LeeJ02ncfc: Why are you getting rid of everyone who’s good at their job?

@seanoliver68: So that’s sky sports pretty much fucked. A new generation of YouTube bells welcomed with open arms. If I’m still watching football in a few years I’d be surprised

@RobF_WHU: Sky sports has been going downhill big time lately, all the best pundits are going

@BurneyMcr1: Going down the pan. Lost so many rights. Coverage aimed at YouTube crowd. Loads of redundancies and cost cutting. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Sky get sold/bought out or lose even more.

@revelator_blue: Lot of changes at Sky, presumably a strategy? If Soccer Saturday over the last couple of years is anything to go by, it’ll be a fucking catastrophe

@nealius: WTF are #skysports doing? No doubt their subscription price will go up before the new football season starts 🤦‍♂️

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