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Gateshead go viral with goal consisting of 37 passes and 10 players in win over Kidderminster

Gateshead go viral with a team goal consisting of 37 passes and 10 players in their 3-0 win over Kidderminster Harriers this week.

Marcus Dinanga got the hosts ahead after just six minutes, making it his seventh goal of the season, having been teed up by captain Greg Olley, who then doubled Gateshead’s lead on 20 minutes, hitting home from 25 yards out after receiving a pass from Ed Francis.

Regan Booty then got his first goal for the club nine minutes into the second half with Kidderminster’s winless run extending to eight games.

It was the opening goal that had people talking on social media, and the National League club have now released footage of the total football moment…


Interviewer: Mike, a 3-0 win tonight in what was a pretty controlling performance, I’d say, really. But what’s your assessment on things?

Mike Williamson: Yeah, I thought the performance was excellent. Some of our play was was excellent, was unstoppable. I thought in the first half we got away with a few things out of possession which, you know, we needed to improve on. But yeah, I think when you say you look at the goals, you look at the pans and the concepts, the lads took it and played with that bravery and courage that they usually do. But their quality was outstanding tonight and I think that’s what was the overriding feeling of the performance was as much as we were good in possession, our transition was spot on as well.

Interviewer: Yeah, and I mean asked this to Regan as well, just in his interview, but obviously you mentioned on Saturday in the draw at all the shot feeling like he’d played better than the week before eastleigh, where you’d won 6-0, but obviously not coming away with a win on Saturday. So I suppose tonight, do you feel like there was a discernible kind of difference between that being a drawand then ended up on the winning side tonight?

MW: No, not in terms of the performances. I want more scrappy goals. I think that our goals are all excellent team goals, really, and we need to make sure that we’re picking up those scruffy goals, the deflections, the ricochets, the keeping things alive in the box, putting it back in percentage wise in terms of set plays. So we need to improve on the scrappy goals because, yeah, like I say, the performance against Aldershot was brilliant. It was like, say, one of the most controlled I think we’ve had this season, but the final product wasn’t there like it was tonight and it was against Eastleigh. But if we’ve increasing our margins with those percentage goals and we’re putting more bodies in the box,I think we get more scrappy goals. Those controlled performances turn into wins and I think that’s us going on to the next level.

Interviewer: Yeah. You mentioned wanting more perhaps scrappy goals there, but in terms of the overall picture, how, I suppose, close or far away do you kind of feel you are to where you want to be in terms of performance really.

MW: Well, every week poses a different question. Obviously with our personnel and our mentality, we’re always pushing to improve and then the conditions and the opponents factor into it. Obviously. The most difficult thing I’m finding at the minute is excuses for the lads who aren’t playing, I think showed against Aldershot and tonight that the lads that came on have been fantastic. They’ve all impacted it, they’ve all put a shift in, they’ve come on with enthusiasm. And it’s difficult because normally I do make changes and I’ve made it clear freshen things up, but I’ve just felt the continuity and the consistency of the starting eleven over the last three games have been there and the performances have been building and I felt as I just wanted to keep that. But ultimately you can’t play everyone. And I feel like the boys that are coming off the bench do deserve to play. And it’s keeping everyone happy, which is the hardest thing in football.

Twitter users helped made it go viral, as Gateshead wow with a goal consisting of 37 passes and 10 players in their win over Kidderminster…

@RyanBro11591296: Unreal footy. If Man City scored that football tacticos would be creaming for a week

@PaulGoodfe14756: Total Football 👌⚽️

@miffy66: Bielsa esque 😍😍👏👏👏

@ha11nno: National Leagues biggest decoy 😎🫠

@LRbix: Had this on repeat 5 times already 🤤

@hbkvic: Just when I’d seen the goal of the season from Brighton v Man United at the weekend. @GatesheadFC deliver this. 👏🏻👏🏻

@SHD_Backup: This is how Mark Hughes thinks we play

@SamuelCol1115: Honestly the highest of quality goals u will ever see in this division

@StephenMurray87: Big Mike Williamson is the English Pep. Elite. #HeedArmy

@nad_THFC: That’s an outstanding team goal.

@JoeBreen03: Best goal I’ve seen in a long time

@Heed_Army: Gets better each time to watch

@DonnyBlade83: Jesus wept this is poetry in motion 👏 👏

@JontySowery: This is ace.

@AdamRobson4: Incredible team goal.

@CraigBelcher01: This is lovely

@T_R_W1991: This a joke

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