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Gary Neville’s Salford City ruthlessly sack second manager of the season

Gary Neville’s Salford City ruthlessly sack their second manager of the season with their promotion hopes looking to be taking a dip.

Richie Wellens has been dismissed amid a faltering League Two promotion push, and they had only replaced the predecessor Graham Alexander in October 2020.

His exit comes shortly after winning the club’s first trophy as a Football League club, following their success in the 2020 EFL Trophy – with last season’s final only being played earlier this month.

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A statement on Monday simply declared: “Salford City Football Club has parted company with Richie Wellens by mutual consent.

“We would like to thank Richie for his time and efforts at the Club and wish him well for the future.

“An announcement about a new manager will be made in due course. There will be no further comment.”

Reports claimed at the weekend that Gary Neville ‘held an inquest at Salford to galvanise their season with the Manchester United legend desperate for promotion this year’.

Wellens was unhappy with his team’s attitude on Saturday, particularly during the warm-up.

‘The attitude was poor from the start,’ he said. ‘If we stay humble, do the basics right, listen, and take out onto the pitch what we’ve worked on then we’re alright, we’ll pick up results in this league.

‘But when players decide to drift off and do whatever they want to do then that’s what we got served up.

‘I’ve never watched our warm-up but I watched it today because our changing rooms, obviously they’ve moved them, so you can see the warm-up. Our warm-up I’m not happy with at all.

‘I said to [coach] Warren Joyce when they came in if the game was won on the warm-up, we’re already beat, it was a shambles so I’ll be looking into that. The game started off pretty much as what I’d seen in the warm-up.’

Richie Wellens targeted promotion after Salford produced an upset Portsmouth at Wembley.

“I spoke before about this game being a hindrance, it can get misinterpreted,” he said.

“It was the timing of the game but it may have been a godsend because we are hoping to see it as a springboard now.

“The players now should take a hell of a lot of confidence and we should use the momentum for Colchester on Tuesday, we don’t want a Lord Mayor’s show, and then kick on for the remainder of the season.”

Fans reacted as Gary Neville’s Salford City ruthlessly sack their second manager of the season…

@DonnellyJE84: Pub team with a chequebook

@ForeverAYellow: Was a disgrace to sack Graham Alexander, shocking again to get rid of Richie Wellens after just winning a trophy, shocking ownership. Should they like Bolton who have actually tuck by Ian Evatt instead of not sacking and look what happened when you give managers time instead of sacking every five months?

@shankers73: You lot need to get a grip. Board needs a long hard look at itself. Only been in post a few months and won you a trophy just over a week ago

@Reggieahh: Ian Evatt doing class at Bolton after choosing to stick with him rather than sack their manager every so often, bad move Salford!

@welshy1000: Expect nothing less from the vanity club that is @SalfordCityFC

@zakbrownz: You can buy success but you can’t buy Class…

@paulgra1970: Who in their right mind would want this job,absolutely ridiculous changing managers literally every 5 minutes. Pathetic

@colufangeorge: Disgrace of a football club, no sense just all about the money !

@HonestFootball3: Sold Graham Alexander after an unbeaten start, sacked Richie Wellens a week after winning the EFL trophy. With respect, there are some massive clubs in League Two and it was always going to take Salford time to get promoted. 2 unjust, premature sackings this season for me.

@realmullet9: Have heard John Sheridan is decent, why not go in for him??

@Billy__Piper: @GNev2 you do contradict what you say in punditry work and real life.

@FitzpatrickKev: Should have kept @BernMorley84 @amjonno in charge or even Graham Alexander. Grass doesn’t suddenly become greener by sacking managers @GNev2 Look at the time Ian Evatt was given at #bwfc even though we had a slow start and look at us now. You need stability at a club

@Stef1885: Are you in a competition with Oldham for how many managers you can sack? What a farce

@Jimi_Dyer: When will clubs realise just sacking managers all the time didn’t bring success. They need stability to get a way of playing and get the team they want in. Ridiculous

@FANDC_HUB: Swear @GNev2 is the bloke who always goes on about giving managers time (specifically ole). Practice what you preach

@SalfordWalshy: This is getting embarrassing @GNev2! Stop fucking about changing the manger every ten mins! We won a cup last weekend and yeah struggled a little lately in the league but show faith and have patience. You want too much, too soon

@JayKhfc: Joke club

@GrantTheHatter: Neville etc thinking money will give them an instant promotion to the Premiership instead of doing it the hard way like everyone else has to . Really hope they stay in League 2 .

@CranebirdRovers: Someone’s put a cheat code into Football Manager and given a nothing club endless cash, that’s all this ‘project’ is. Their place is the 9th tier, the sooner they realise that the better.

@ianlew17: Get Bernard and Johno back in to sort them out

@KaneB88: Interesting that @GNev2 sacks managers every 5 minutes at Salford while supporting his mate Ole’s under performance with United

@TomStirk1992: Gary ‘give managers more time’ Neville strikes again

@_Grahamo_: Horrible club that is eh

@Dunkerzz: Unbelievable. Absolute joke of a “football club” I bet most Salford fans just want their old club back. At some point they will just drop the club and it won’t exist like a modern day Rushden and Diamonds.

@Jon_Harris_: @GNev2 You need to stop this obsession with getting promotion every season. No-one is going to want the job. Any new manager for you is on a hiding to nothing from day 1. You need to look more long term and give people time.

@ForGOSH1: For a bunch of owners who played under one manager and a club who prided themselves on stability, they seem to chop and change a lot 🤷‍♂️

@jimmywood3107: Alexander was unbeaten when he got sack, should of stuck by him no continually in the club, can’t keep sacking managers and expect success.

@lukebailey90: Like having a group of spoilt kids as owners 😂

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