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Gary Neville mocked with ‘crying filter’ by fan after rant on Glazers as Arsenal beat Man Utd

Gary Neville was mocked with a ‘crying filter’ by a fan at the Emirates after the pundit’s rant on the Glazers as Arsenal beat Man Utd.

Neville had been on commentary duty for Sky Sports during the Premier League clash, alongside Peter Drury and referee correspondent Mike Dean.

The United legend saw his former side take the lead, with Marcus Rashford curling the ball past the outstretched glove of Aaron Ramsdale.

However, Arsenal straight after with captain Martin Odegaard netting from Gabriel Martinelli’s pass.

Alejandro Garnacho thought he had scored the winner for Man Utd on 88 minutes after slotting the ball past Ramsdale, only for VAR to deem the him to be offside.

Arsenal came away with all three points as Declan Rice hit home a deflected effort in the 96th minute, then Fabio Vieira broke free played in Gabriel Jesus who got Arsenal’s third.

As the Gunners celebrated, one fandecided to film footage of Neville as he commentated over the goal, but cheekily used a ‘crying filter’ on his face.

Gary Neville said that despite reports to the contrary, the Glazer family needs to sell Manchester United and cannot continue to mess around with the football club

“It’s just a game for them, they think it’s a toy!” said Neville. “Of course they’re going to sell. They’re desperate for money.

“They can’t even compete on FFP anymore. Man Utd are talking like a midtable club when it comes to the transfer market. Man Utd turn over £500m, one of the highest revenue generating clubs in the world.

“Chelsea, Arsenal can sign big players, Man Utd are scrambling around on FFP. I know they’ve had losses on Covid and that could be thrown as an excuse.

“Today was a fantastic game but it won’t change the fact that they’ve got owners of one of the biggest clubs in the world who are messing around with the football club and I’m not going to stop talking about it because it’s a massive problem.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted as Gary Neville mocked with a ‘crying filter’ by a fan at the Emirates after his rant on Glazers as Arsenal beat Man Utd…

@adesemoyedaniel: The Glazers don’t look like they want to leave. Do you know why? Because United fan are not ready to make sacrifices that would hurt the finances the Glazers are depending on. Maybe if Manchester United get relegated. but not when this vampires are contented with UCL football and the top four without trophies.

@rogerefc: When you were a young lad wanting to make your way in the game Everton Football Club boasted more league titles than Manchester United. You were then part of an era of unparalleled success and now clearly think you’ve a divine right for it all the time @GNev2 Get real and grow up

@AkaPaulHoward: Honestly, what would they do with more money? They paid £80m for Sancho, £80m for Maguire, £80m for Antony. They’d just waste it. They’ve spent an absolute fortune. They’ve just overspent on poor players.

@DavidHickman87: “Chelsea, Arsenal can spend big on these players, Man Utd are scrambling around for FFP” Does your arse get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth? @GNev2

@R_Greeko: How do @SkySports justify employing a man like @GNev2, who uses their platform to mislead fans with outrageous narratives about United somehow not spending enough (they’ve spent £385m over the last two years) — unless the WHOLE POINT of employing him is the reactions his takes get?

@JohnParlanti: Really rate Neville as a football pundit but why is it always the glazers fault when Utd lose. It just doesn’t add up. I agree they clearly aren’t great owners but you can’t tell me they don’t spend money. Recruitment at Utd since Gill and Fergie left has been the problem.

Onana £50m
Mount £70m
Hojlund £90m
But the Glazers don’t spend 🤡

@1ndy_B: Everything about this is hilarious. His quivering upper lip, the high pitched voice, the way Richards & Walcott turn and look at him when Dave Jones tells him Utd were only behind Chelsea’s net spend then the “look at the end of the day” when he knows he’s fucked it 😂

@razmo123: @GNev2 is a spoilt, petulant child. Perhaps instead of whining about the glazers he should think about how they could have spent such vast sums of money on such average players over many years.

@NPage10: Oh do fuck off. They’ve spent a fortune. They spend a fortune every summer. The only thing you mean is you want them to spend more than everyone else by far. It’s pathetic. The owners should be praised for acknowledging losses and ffp not shamed. I know you run Salford on losses

@Chris78901: Just the 175m spent this summer (as per Transfermarkt), but go and get the Norwich scarves eh!

@ianmckee58: I really wish both @GNev2 and @Carra23 would use their platform to bring to light how bad clubs like Southend are being run! Glazers have spent billions and Everton have spent Billions. Grow up the pair of you

@tomwalters_4: Get in the fucking bin Neville, Jesus Christ 🤣🤣🤣 They put A LOT of money into the team. Manager after manager have come in and spent millions on absolute shite

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