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Gary Neville issues apology to Liverpool fans after backlash over video

Gary Neville issues an apology to Liverpool fans after backlash over a video following defeat for Jurgen Klopp’s side in the derby.

The Reds suffered a fourth successive Premier League loss as Everton secured a first win at Anfield since 1999, and boy did the Toffees players celebrate.

Neville took to social media with a bottle of wine to celebrate Liverpool losing, with his Manchester United allegiances clear for all to see.

“It’s been very difficult in mockdown, I mean meltdown, I mean lockdown… to see the demise of the champions,” he joked.

At half-time he also told fellow Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher to “go and get your kit on”.

But this comments saw him accused of lacking professionalism, yet is was quite clear he was just being his usual witty banter self.

He returns to punditry duties for Manchester City’s game at Arsenal on Sunday afternoon and decided to speak out on his “vexed behaviour” online.

Gary Neville said in an apology to Liverpool fans: “Good morning. Apologies for my slightly unprofessional behaviour last evening.

“I was in celebratory mood, which has resulted in these black bags appearing underneath my eyes.

“Some of my following, trusted and loyal, seemed slightly vexed with my behaviour.

“But I can assure you that my professional stance will return today as I deliver you co-commentary on Arsenal vs Manchester City. Have a lovely day.”

Richarlison’s hit home early to put Everton in front early on before Gylfi Sigurdsson also added to Liverpool’s misery by scoring a late penalty.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin claimed the spot kick in controversial fashion as he fell over Trent Alexander-Arnold who was already on the ground.

A VAR check was advised but referee Chris Kavanagh only needed a split second before choosing to go with his original decision.

Sky pundit Graeme Souness was less than impressed with his former side who he called “an easy touch”.

He said: “They’re a shadow of a team. When you think what Liverpool have been for three years – a team that no one wants to play against, a team that were always on the front foot, super aggressive, must have been horrible to play against them.

“And now everyone wants to play against them. They’re an easy touch and that hurts me.”

Player Ratings

Liverpool: Alisson (6), Alexander-Arnold (6), Kabak (5), Henderson (6), Robertson (6), Thiago (6), Wijnaldum (6), Jones (6), Salah (6), Firmino (6), Mane (6)

Subs: Phillips (6), Origi (6), Shaqiri (6)

Everton: Pickford (8), Holgate (7), Coleman (7), Keane (8), Godfrey (7), Doucoure (7), Davies (8), Gomes (6), Rodriguez (7), Digne (7), Richarlison (8)

Subs: Calvert-Lewin (7), Iwobi (6)

Man of the match: Tom Davies


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, speaking to BBC Sport: “It is [tough to take] but we conceded this early goal which was completely unnecessary and have to defend it better.

“We had to chase the game and did it well creative-wise. We created some chances in the first half and even more in the second half but we did not finish our situations off.

“We made one mistake in the first half and they used it.

“I don’t like to talk today about the good stuff because we lose the game and we feel that deeply. I have to use it tomorrow and it is our lifeline to keep going.

“We have to improve on the finishing stuff and then we will win football games.”

Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti, speaking to BBC Sport: “We are really happy, really pleased. After a long time Everton are able to win at Anfield, it is a good gift for our supporters. The performance was good. We were focused, worked hard and when we had the opportunities we were clinical.

“We have three points. The derby is a special game as we said before but we have to catch three points at home too. It [our form] is not good enough at home.”

Fans reacted as Gary Neville issues an apology to Liverpool fans after backlash over his video…

@marksmithlfc: Fair play to Gary he should celebrate as we did when we became the champions last season and united not wining for how many yrs now

@21790Scott: Ridiculous, its just part of football, people winding rivals up etc

@rebekkarnold: Trust that it’s been waaaay better to watch the demise of your club over the last 8 years.

@JossephYeow: Even if Jamie did the same I would just smile at the banter thats it… pool fans always so triggered

@mufc_shah: Bodied Jamie Carragher

@Alan45075546: Thought you had more class than that mocking a fellow international injury, there is banter and then there is poor taste

@Pippa35: If it gets him off commentary then I’m all for it. But then I remember how painful it was watching him in the last couple of years.

@GS87_: Laughing at players getting injured. Disgusting. Is this the type of professionalism you encourage @skysports?

@RyyPowell: I’d be buzzing if he did, we’d still lose but at least we wouldn’t have to listen to the cunt

@gauraverage: Why everyone getting offended by this?

@Barmy2Toon: True professional mind mocking other teams when you work in the media covering these teams

@hanger_clifford: Not a Liverpool fan but this is not really professional behavior for someone who’s supposed to be objective as a co/commentator on Liverpool games?

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