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Gary Neville brutally shuts down David Jones for ‘butting in’ over Man Utd protest

Gary Neville brutally shuts down Sky Sports presenter David Jones for ‘butting in’ during Sunday’s Man Utd protest against the Glazers.

The Red Devils’ Premier League game against Liverpool was delayed after a large group of supporters broke in Old Trafford and onto the pitch to protest.

It has seen the broadcaster Sky Sports look to fill the time by speaking to their pundits and commentators, and it got very awkward to watch.

Neville lost his patience with host Jones when he was giving a perspective on the reason for the fan protests, because we of course needed one.

The ex-United defender was invited to respond to Liverpool legend Graeme Souness’ criticism of the protest, suggesting they would not impact the American owners.

Gary Neville shut off a Sky Sports presenter who interrupted his response to the Old Trafford protests

Neville said: “I’ve never thought they were brilliant owners but I’ve also seen in football that there are worse owners than the Glazers family.

“However, I think all football fans should unite today behind what United fans have done because what they [the Gazers] did two weeks ago was dangerous for English football.

“We must not forget that. They tried to walk away and create a closed-shop league that would have created a famine in this country for every other football club…”

As Neville looked to continue his answer, the Sky Sports presenter jumped in for some clarification on the former defender’s call to arms.

Jones interjected: “Gary, what are you saying here? Are you saying that all fans should try and get matches called off?”

However the United legend was not impressed at all, laying into the Sky Sports presenter with: “Dave, let me finish.

“Dave, this is not a time to interject and start that.”

Neville went on to once again slam the owners of the club as well as Liverpool owners FSG for their part in the European Super League, the source of anger for the fans.

“They tried to create a famine two weeks ago in English football, in Dutch football, in German football, in French football, all over Europe.

“Those 15 clubs would have walked away from their leagues with their money and basically destroyed the ethos of the pyramid of relegation and promotion in English football, so that’s number one. It’s unforgivable what they did as a family two weeks ago.

“I get Graeme’s point around them paying themselves dividends. We could go around the chippy tomorrow, make a bid, they could sell it, we own a chippy and the local public might not be happy with the new chips they’re getting, I get that principle of a free market.

“However, the Glazer family two weeks ago tried to implement something that would have damaged every single community in this country that has football at the heart of it.

“That’s why they’re dangerous – [Real Madrid owner Florentino] Perez is dangerous, [Barcelona president Joan] Laporta, [Juventus chairman Andrea] Agnelli are all dangerous to the concept of equal opportunity and fair play.

“Today there is anger, I would hope tomorrow it switches to mobilisation and reform, regulation and behind a fan-led review.

“I might be a bit naive here, but when I spoke two weeks ago about these football clubs, Manchester United and Liverpool, they should act like the Grandfather of English football, demonstrating compassion, spreading their wealth through the family, their experience and being fair.

“They haven’t done, they’ve demonstrated self-greed and tried to walk away with all the money themselves and left their family struggling below.

“That is not what you do at this football club or at Liverpool Football Club, so whether the Glazer family has been good or bad, what happened two weeks ago is not acceptable and an apology is not good enough.

“Joel Glazer saying he wants to rebuild the trust with the fans of this club, he never had the trust, he’s never spoken to them, he’s never said a word.

“Today, we can be angry, the game may not go ahead, they’ve protested peacefully and we have to accept that you’re allowed to protest in this country and it’s every person’s right.

“But tomorrow is about form and regulation because there are six or seven people within English football that have it under their control and that control has to be taken away from them.”

Fans reacted as Gary Neville brutally shuts down David Jones for ‘butting in’ over Man Utd protest…

@smith_dog1: Go on Gary you tell that Dave Jones. Roy Keane fancy chinning Souness whilst you’re sat so close

@aguyiusedtoknow: Gary Neville: “Can I just bring this back to FSG. They tr…” Dave Jones: “Gary, I’m going to have to stop you there. We’re talking about Spurs v Sheff United now. It kicks off in 3 minutes, Gary. Come on, give it a rest.”

@LiamBillo9: Gary Neville is gunna punch Dave Jones’s’ head in here

@RickOShea54321: There we go. Gary Neville and co were being so lenient towards fans breaking into the stadium. Now David Jones asks the softball question of: We can’t condone fans breaking into the stadium, can we? Sky Sports walking back their support for fans ever so slightly…

@Conor815: Dave Jones has the patience of a saint when Gary Neville gets unnecessarily snippy with him #GlazersOut

@RowZMedia: Gary Neville basically just told Dave Jones to shut the fuck up. Sky really is entertaining nowadays.

@badboybubby69: Dave Jones trying to silence @GaryNeviIIe2in mid flow. Well done Gary Neville for telling Dave Jones to let you speak. Also great to hear @Carra23for speaking up for the fans right to protest.

@GlitchUKx: Gary Neville not taking any shite from David Jones

@dxnglish: Dave Jones is such a wet wipe. Definitely has a poster of Boris Johnson in his house somewhere. Jumped up Sky mouthpiece in a suit.

@ReubenPinder: That eye roll when Dave Jones interrupted Neville 😅

@agbnufc_: Gary Neville telling Dave Jones to shut up while he goes on another Super League rant, go on lad!

@sunnybadwal1: Gary Neville shutting Dave Jones down was TV gold

@PaulGrat1: If this was Liverpool fans they would be condemned for years. Dave Jones keeps talking about a “peaceful protest” It is nonsense, Sky has been complicit in this whole saga. Political activist Gary Neville is right in the middle, probably opened the doors for them.

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