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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher get personal in social media spat with each other

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher get personal in a social media spat with each other prior to their Monday Night Football coverage.

The ex-Man Utd player pulled no punches during a Twitter dispute with his fellow colleague, with it all starting off the back of G Nev’s complaints to train firm Avanti West Coast.

He was left miffed at the service he received while en-route to the Sky Sports studios where both he and Carragher will talk about the weekend’s Premier League action before then previewing Everton’s home game against Burnley.

Neville took to twitter to bemoan the poor quality of service on the train, writing: “Excelling themselves again @AvantiWestCoast. We haven’t loaded any cutlery packs this morning. Forget assessing Ronaldo on MNF tonight I’m covering this lot. Absolute shambles of a company. Morning everyone…”

Of course, Jamie Carragher couldn’t help but sway in, aggravating Neville further, mentioning him in a tweet that displayed a picture of the former Liverpool player holding his cutlery in the first class section of a train from the same company.

Clearly reeling, Neville took the argument up a notch by replying: “You lot sold out to beat tiered lockdowns, won all the pilot events post CV and you’re now celebrating a private contract partner of a Tory government.

“You write for the telegraph, drink red wine and stay in a 5 star hotel in Whitehall. Mr James Carragher Ladies and Gentlemen!”

The response produced a huge number of replies from footie fans, who were watching this argument play out on Monday morning.

Carra didn’t left users down, with another reply to Neville’s jibe, mentioning everything from Neville’s part ownership in League Two outfit Salford City to how he spent his testimonial money.

Carragher said back: “The Roman Abramovich of league 2, who wants an independent regulator to regulate the Glazers but not the class of 92, used his testimonial money to build a hotel for the fans (they still have to pay & Sat was his biggest taking, let’s analyse that bit of Ronaldo on MNF!)”

Trying desperate to get the last word, Neville couldn’t let that lie and sent one last parting shot to his Sky Sports punditry colleague, writing: “Well thank you! Sounds like a great set of achievements,” followed by a thumbs up emoji.

Fans reacted as Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher get personal in a social media spat with each other…

@Tomwells81 (to Gary Neville): Bit rich from someone who berated the extravagance of the super league and applauded the violent protests and then celebrates a team spending 200 million on players with one on half a million a week

@Huwro_Science: Gary Neville moving from right back to left wing was the 2021 plotline I never saw coming.

@AndyBolton89: Bit of an overreaction to a knife and fork

@TomCoyi: You’re literally both Millionaires squabbling over who is the most working class when you both take first class on trains 🤐😂

@Doyley1208: Keep up Carra they love the glazers now. 4 months ago they weren’t welcome in Manchester. Saturday they were at old Trafford welcomed back @GNev2

@FPLKSI: I can’t even tell if these guys are mates or mortal enemies at this point

@neiloflynn6: @Carra23 ask him why United fans storm a stadium one week and then line pockets of same owners the next while wearing green and yellow scarfs that are in protest to the glazers they seem a bit confused these United fans and ex players

@ianwilldo: This is a bit embarrassing.

@skuxxas0001: I don’t like it when mum and dad fight!

@Camkarot: @GNev2 lads its 9am

@meandonlyme67: Come on children time to grow up lads

@Set_To_Fail: What!? Gary Neville makes people pay to stay in his hotel? No way? That’s insane, that’s unbelievable, that’s….actually just really normal.

@RobJackson1168: Fully agree Jamie & I’m a MUFC fan. GN just loves to spout about socialism & the working person while taking advantage of the working person daily!! What is your lowest pay grade at Hotel Football Gary? What is the hourly rate you pay for non football staff at Salford?

@franheavey81; Let’s just agree that the two of ye will do anything for money and call it a draw lads

@MUFC_redarmy99: What a crazy revelation that is from Jamie, people have to pay to stay in a hotel!

@wegot6bigears: I see a charity boxing match on soon

@AdamTurner1986: 2 millionaires sat in first class, arguing about who is more working class. Get a grip.

@KevL15727410: On a serious note at some stage you two need to discuss the elephants in the room re: footballs finances. Out of control escalating players salaries, agents fees and state owned clubs. The ESL shambles has conveniently distracted everyone from some of games fundamental problems.

@Bullensblue1: Pair of millionaires bitching over drinking red wine, how much money they make in a hotel and liverpool getting out of lockdown first while the rest of us battle Monday morning in mind numbing jobs…what a pair of over entitled tarts Carra and Neville really are

@zenned_: “You spit on kids” woulda won you this, instead you kinda admitted to being a champagne socialist. but do few more of anti-tories rts Gary, I’m sure no one would notice lol

@JxstJxsh_: Watching two multi-millionaires arguing about who is the more “working class” has been a strange thing to witness this morning.

@brian1childs: A venture that has added jobs to the local economy and was a haven for key workers during Covid. What did Carragher do? Oh yea, broke lockdown to set off fireworks at the Liver Building 👍

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