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Gary Lineker triumphs over Piers Morgan who gets slated for bizarre England theory

Gary Lineker triumphs over Piers Morgan who gets slated for coming up with a bizarre England theory, wanting to see them lose badly.

Piers Morgan has received backlash when stating what he believes would help England progress through to the latter stages at Euro 2020.

The Three Lions’ third Group D curtain-closer now have great importance regarding which route Gareth Southgate’s side take in the knockout stages.

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Gary Lineker triumphs over Piers Morgan who gets slated for bizarre England theory

England were frustratingly held by Scotland at Wembley Stadium on Friday night with a heartless display in the 0-0 draw.

With the Czech Republic beating the Scots in their opener before drawing 1-1 with Croatia last time out, Southgate’s side currently find themselves second in the group.

England must beat the Czech Republic at Wembley on Tuesday night to qualify for the knockouts as Group D winners.

However, many supporters have suggested that England should aim to finish second in the group to avoid a horror last-16 clash.

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The Group D winners will face the Group F runners-up in the next round, most likely one of France, Germany or Portugal.

Whilst a win against the Czech’s would guarantee top spot, tieing the game and finishing the group in second would amazingly result in a more favourable round of 16 draw.

The Group D runners-up would face Group E’s second-placed side, one of Spain, Sweden, Poland or Slovakia.

However, if England were to finish second, they would most likely face the Group F winner in the quarter-finals.

If that’s not appealing enough, it would probably then either be Belgium or Italy in the semi-finals – two teams that won all three of their group games.

Piers Morgan left speechless by Susanna Reid ironing bombshell: 'Really?!'  | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

Piers Morgan took to his Twitter account on Tuesday morning to stress the importance of England’ losing badly’ against the Czech Republic. Probably thinking he’d get a lot of people on side as he usually does.

He said: “It’s vitally important that England lose badly tonight. We’ll get a much easier L16 opponent if we do.”

That got around 2,500 likes, however over 1,500 replied back to his tweet and majority of them weren’t in favour of his views.

Hours later, Gary Lineker had his say, and the like count for what he said trounced Morgan’s, getting over 110,000 within six hours of writing it.

The ex-England player stated: “Lot of rubbish about whether @England i better off losing for easier last 16 game. You play to win every game. Winning gives confidence. If you’re scared of playing France/Germany you’ve got no chance of winning the tournament anyway. Let’s stop being so bloody cautious. Attack!”

As mentioned, Gary Lineker triumphs over Piers Morgan who gets slated for his bizarre England theory…


@tomwpw: Absolutely rubbish statement. You can’t play about with trying for ‘easier’ routes. In the last tournament we got knocked out by Iceland.

@Tommo_27: Come off it! We need to win every game, losing shatters confidence and would rather go out to France/Germany than Sweden or whoever it could be.

@anthonydduff: Horrific mentality

@Byro65: What a stupid statement

@jongaunt: You should never want your team too lose. It’s called sport

@NiallDoranx: Honestly mate your are fucking clueless!! You want your team to go out and lose?? You’ve defo never kicked a ball in your life. Or if you have kicked one, you defo toe pegged it.

@jmannnn98: That’s a shit mentality piers. To be the best you got to beat the best. Thought better of you pal

@Houses456: You’ve obviously never played sport… such a bad mentality to have.. you play to win.. always!

@markwilko9: Ridiculous. It’s all about momentum and confidence in a tournament, and especially after Fridays performance they all need to show some pride

@DazDancingDisco: What sort of loser says it’s vital we lose, Behave yourself. We play for the win and take on any team in our way. If you can’t beat Germany, France or Portugal at home then you’re not going to win the tournament anyways.

@snowglen: Totally the wrong attitude. What’s the point of being in a tournament if you haven’t the self belief to want to play against good teams? However, judging by the ‘performance’ against the Scots it is very likely that England will be thrashed tonight.

@Ridderz86: Shows how much you know about football. We need to play the top teams as we are more suited to a counter attack playing style.

@charliermills4: Arsenal fan mentality

@tonyhannan: That is not the attitude to take, you go out to win every match

@ashdown8: Remember Iceland being the easy route.. just win the group and hopefully being the underdog vs france or germany helps us, if we get spanked so be it.

@Paul_Williams10: Such losers mentality. Playing to stay in the tournament an extra week rather than playing to win it. Top half of the draw has much, much better teams (France presumably, Belgium, Italy and 3rd place from group F).

@sbatte17: Personally, I believe England have a better chance playing better opponents. Lesser teams sit back and we never find a way to break them down. Playing better teams with give us a better chance of getting breakaway goals. Especially with the pace and half decent attacking players.

@Ridderz86: Shows how much you know about football. We need to play the top teams as we are more suited to a counter attack playing style.

@mythicals: What a shame mentality. That is why England has never won any major tournament since their only WC. You need to beat the best to be the best in football. If they can’t beat France, Germany, Spain etc then they don’t deserve to go through

@JamieMurphy0716: What a terrible attitude to have 😂

@MarkCasci: Winners want to beat the best. Losers hope for an easy ride.

@nicholsonr66: That statement pretty much sums up the average arm chair football fan in this country.


@jasesherratt: I agree. Win the game, win the group. If we go out to Portugal, Germany or France in the 2nd round (highly possible), then so be it

@liamdallo: Finally someone who speaks sense! Been doing my head in all tournament about people wanting to finish 2nd, we have to beat the top teams at some stage, let’s put these away tonight and whoever we play in last 16.

@LewLew_Crouch: It’s such a weak mentality to want to try and worm your way through a tournament without playing any of the best teams. I’d sooner go out having a go at Germany or France than get knocked out trying not to lose.

@toby_shanks23: Spot on, anyone can beat anyone on any given day

@harvey0540: Fucking preach it Gary we’ll fight any cunt that’s in our way where’s the passion gone

@LoveDaniClayton: Agreed. Don’t deserve to win a tournament if you don’t feel confident against the best teams. What kind of mentality would that be. Play to win every single time. We need a proper performance tonight

@AndrewWako: Exactly if you don’t play to win and look to scrape by on draws or goal difference you don’t deserve to be in this game

@woodxrs98: Thank fuck someone actually has said it. Can’t stand those people who want the ‘easier ride’. Let’s be arrogant bastards and smash the best to be the best

@TonywalkerTony: Can someone please tell Southgate

@GoldNblackWolf: About the best thing you have ever said!

@LTait23: Real talk let’s fucking have it

@andrewstevo39: Finally, 100% agree

@Marklister95: Couldn’t agree more Gary. Negative mindset= Negative results

@inthezoneuk: Play to win! It’s as simple as that. Fans deserve 100% from their team. It would be disrespectful to other teams & fans. We didn’t play to win based on tactics against Scotland, but that was because Scotland were better & our creative side was very lacking.

@Matthew77808399: If they went out and won 5-0 it would send out a powerful message. Surely they’d rather win big than just have a lousy and lame 0-0 draw or 1-1, or even lose. Germany always play to win, and win as big as possible and that’s why they are so successful among many things.

@tylersue0: Exactly, why build a squad who are afraid of those “top” teams. Yeah it’s a challenge but that’s why you play the game, you can’t win championships or tournaments by taking an easy route and not playing against “top” teams. A confident squad against any side is lethal in sport

@ClarksonFiona: Exactly what I said! If you want to win the euros you’re gonna have to play them at some point. If you’re too scared why even bother playing the competition. We have to go out there and try to win

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