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Gary Johnson labelled ‘arrogant’ by Torquay fans over his ‘not going anywhere’ interview

Gary Johnson labelled ‘arrogant’ by Torquay fans over his ‘not going anywhere’ interview after the win against Dover Athletic.

Johnson says that he is out to prove his critical fanbase wrong with some of those watching on in the stadium during the win calling for the manager to go,.

Torquay’s win over bottom side Dover in the National League South leaves the club sitting 6th, with 44 points from 26 games, and are 18 points off leaders Yeovil Town.

Johnson spoke about the discontent among fans, saying to BBC Radio Devon: “There’s still that negativity with me and all that sort of thing, but I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying.

“The one song that our supporters sing over the far side – I don’t want to fall out with them, but come on chaps, let’s get behind the lads and let’s see where we end up, support your club.

“It’s as much my club, as it is their club, because I’ve been here a long time now.

“I don’t think it’ll change anything but I just want people to know that the things that some people say to me in the stands you wouldn’t say to somebody in the street.

“I want to see this club move on myself, as in get to the next level and then try to get to the next level, if somebody gives me that job again.

“If they don’t then I’ll shake everybody’s hand and say ‘thanks very much I’ve really enjoyed my time’, but I’m the one that’s going to do it this season, I’m the one that’s been given that opportunity and I think it’s only right for me to say that.

“So whenever they sing any song about me in a negative way it’s not happening, what they want.”

He said to the club’s YouTube channel: It was tight because it was only sort of 1-0 from what was it 60 minutes or something but I thought we the first 20 minutes we didn’t start very well, we didn’t keep the ball enough, second 20 minutes we did, we kept it, and we had a few chances, we were getting ourselves was in their penalty area playing it you wide men were getting involved and we were getting our passes away, so at half time we just said look we just need to keep going, find a bit of quality that’s going to win the game, whether it be a cross or a set play or a shot from 40 yards which is unbelievable, I just seen it, I don’t think they had a shot not on target in the whole game, so even though sometimes here at Plainmoor when people other teams attack everyone panics a little bit and so you know we defended well when we had to, but we had most of the play in the second half I just look I like to look at the stats we had more many many more double penalty area entries than then double final third entries than then double the shots, so in effect it was a very good 1-0 win, and Dover, I keep saying to people I think some people think you got to win these games 5-0 every week, you still get the three points and we we’ve gone up a little bit and our club is in a decent position considering all that’s happened to us this year

Interviewer: And you were determined to put a run together that could be the start today and it was a special goal that won it wasn’t it

Johnson: Fantastic goal just I couldn’t believe how far out it was you know watching it on the video I thought on at the time it was about 25 yards out it was about 35-40 yards out you know I mean it was a probably 35 maybe 5% exaggeration but he’s got that in him that’s why everybody says shoot when he when he gets it and he played well as well he played well we had a good shape with they we wasn’t as open as we’ve been in the in the last couple of games I’m just pleased for the lads pleased for the positive supporters at the club that we’re there competing we’re absolutely competing

Interviewer: You mentioned that some people were expecting it to be 5-0 but looking at Dover’s recent results they’ve beaten Aveley not that long ago, they drew with Taunton last weekend they have been a tough side to beat but it was do you agree that the 1-0 score line was a little bit more comfortable than maybe that’s suggested

Johnson: Well because they I don’t think they had an opportunity in the second half you know teams don’t always score just when they go over the halfway line so you know we got to be careful when they do because they’ve all got match winners in their own teams unless your match winners are at the back as well as at the front and I thought that we defended as a group much better, we was in all areas of the pitch compact and so we won a lot of battles, and they battled, you can’t say that they didn’t battle right to the end they did, and if we’re honest there’s got to be one or two penalties out of those four surely, do you know what I mean, and I’m sure when I’ve seen the one on Ross, we were in situations where you don’t dive in them situations you’re already ahead of the player and I think it was Dills when it was one of them that I I definitely don’t think was penalty nor was Ross’s and both disappointed they didn’t get that and then it would have been a little bit more comfortable had we got a couple of those decisions but anyway the club’s you know it’s a good result another win at home you know a record at home is still is very is good and uh we need to keep that going but then we need to pick up on our away performances and our away results

Interviewer: So into the top seven which of course where you want to be but like you say we’re now facing two away games and that’s the next challenge now is to try and replicate some of that home for away from home

Johnson: Yeah it is absolutely and uh that’s what the boys we we we’ve been trying to work on that’s why you know we’re trying to be a little bit more compact and a little bit more solid and and not be so open you know sometimes we there’s a lot of breaks on us where we try and attack and it breaks down we don’t want it breaking down as early as it has been away from home so hopefully the lads will get a bit of confidence from this game today because we had a lot of the ball and and take that into the Chippenham game and beyond

As mentioned, Gary Johnson was labelled ‘arrogant’ by Torquay fans over his ‘not going anywhere’ interview…

@barnabynickels: “It’s my club as much as it is yours”. Wow. He doesn’t help himself does he.

@TUFCtravelclub: Wow. It just gets worse

@gullssinceaboy: Very sad to hear his gaslighting. His time has long gone. Our club is dying.

@ECFCJJ: Stubborn, arrogant man. Way past his use by date. Sack him @TUFC1899, and employ a young manager like @Steve2Tully.

@Byehorse: But at any self-respecting club it wouldn’t be his decision! All good things come to an end, and the stubbornness of Osborne and Edwards is sucking the life out of us. The “Yellow Army” PR nonsense masks contempt for the supporters. #TUFC

@Ianpric45730994: You’re going nowhere after five years destroying our club but I am. Season ticket holder leaving, giving notice here if he stays!!!! Let’s see how he feels playing in front of zero fans cause we r all fed up with him. Been going since 1985 but I’m done with this GJ rubbish!!!

@Steve20709: It is pure arrogance! First the positive supporters comment now this he’s taking the piss #Johnsonout

@RachelVillavox: So it’s now GJUFC @TUFC1899 seriously he’s the laughing stock and the supporters – who pay to watch our club – don’t want him! this is an insult to every Torquay United supporter.

@jamiepikeonline: “One Club United” as the manager keeps hammering that wedge between the fan base #JohnsonOut

@RobKig: O my goodness, he’s really lost the plot now. #tufc

@DomRoman: “One club, United? – could @TUFC1899 change the line to “Like it or lump it” perhaps? Gary very much taking his lead from growling George Edwards here 💩

@Jake_kennedy_96: We are being taken for a serious ride hahahahaha

@George26011: Nah what a horrible man.

@RachelVillavox: pleased for the positive supporters at the club….. even when he mentions us, which is rare, there’s a dig. #JohnsonOut

@Steve20709: Win and you have a dig at the fans! Lose it’s the players fault! Take responsibility and walk away like you do when we lose #Johnsonout

@A1927362678: He desperately needs to go. The atmosphere is flat, the players look flat and devoid of ideas – it’s just a mess.

@DaveMor76625935: Be humble and accept that the reason around half the fans are not positive is because of what you have given them. Don’t sulk because the popside were singing for you to go even after McGavin had saved your bacon.

@mel_baher: the positive fans? as opposed to those that just don’t want you here? #JohnsonOut

@AshtonVilla9: before you make snide comments Johnson, a reminder we are 18 points behind league leaders and playing pretty awful football.

@ruiningfootball: Get out of the club Johnson. What arrogance and disdain for fans.

@GlapwellGladia1: Beat worst team this league has ever seen and he’s acting like pep, calling fans out left right and centre. The arrogance of this man will be the death of this club

@GullsRosario: smug git. a laboured underwhelming win against bottom club on the back of these woeful performances. #JohnsonOut

@Joe_Ugs: Get fucked Johnson, it’s not as much your club as it is ours, we’re 18 points off Yeovil and just limped past Dover, the worst team in the league

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