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Garnacho stuns with bicycle kick goal for Man Utd after Everton fans boo Premier League anthem

Alejandro Garnacho stuns with a bicycle kick goal for Man Utd after Everton fans took to boo the Premier League anthem pre-match.

But first, we have to talk about that goal of the season, Puskas Award contender from the Argentinian, acrobatically striking with just four minutes on the clock at Goodison Park.

The 19 year old’s effort went straight into the top corner going past Jordan Pickford, with Garnacho left unmarked from 15 yards out, to put Man Utd ahead.

Sky Sports’ Adam Bate at Goodison Park said: “A mood of defiance among the crowd, a cauldron of noise. Which makes the start on the pitch all the more extraordinary. United did not let Everton have a kick inside the first two minutes and then score a top-class goal at the start of the third. What a strike by Garnacho.”

Gary Neville said while on Sky Sports duties: “He can’t believe it, Garnacho. I can’t believe it. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a stadium to see an overhead kick as good as that – and I was there for Rooney’s in the Manchester derby. That was unbelievable. A magical, magical goal.

“Garnacho was moving away from goal, which made it even harder. It’s one of the best you’ll see.”

Leon Osman (Former Everton midfielder on BBC Radio 5 Live): “Quick as a flash Garnacho spotted it, adjusted his body and it was behind him yet he still rises into the air and as sweetly as you’ve seen one hit connects with it right into the top corner. Pickford absolutely no chance. What a start from Manchester United.”

Another talking point of this Premier League fixture saw Sky Sports opt not to change the crowd noise in Everton’s Premier League match against Manchester United – but the broadcaster instead choice not to show the protests.

The Toffees were given the biggest sanction in Premier League history, a 10 point deduction, which mean they dropped from 14th in the table to 19th in the table, after breaching Financial Fair Player (FFP) regulations.

Premier League clubs are permitted to lose £105m over three years and an independent commission found Everton went over their allowed losses by £19.5m in the period to 2021-22.

However, this left Everton and their supporters angry regarding how severe the punishment was and raised the question of why the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea haven’t had their punishment.

Everton fans took aim at the Premier League, chanting in the 10th minute of the match “Premier League, corrupt as f***”.

To avoid breaching Ofcom’s rules on offensive material, with the game at 4:30pm kick off on Sunday afternoon, being before the watershed, reports stated that broadcaster Sky Sports would reduce the crowd noise or play fake crowd noise during the protest.

However, the chant was heard clearly while thousands all around the stadium displayed pink cards which included the word ‘corrupt’ alongside the logo of the Premier League. Sky Sports however didn’t show this.

The day before, Everton fans paid for a plane to fly over Etihad Stadium during Man City’s game with Liverpool with a banner that read: “Premier League = corrupt”.

Manager Sean Dyche said that the punishment ‘unjust and disproportionate’ while speaking to the media on Friday.

He said: ‘Like everyone, I was shocked. The enormity of it. Disproportionate is a word that has been used by the club.

‘It doesn’t change the focus of sorting things out on the pitch.

‘We were on the right lines for that and this has just given us a push backwards to go forward again. The final league table is the truth of a season.

‘I told the lads that, for sure, it changes the viewpoint but it doesn’t change what we are doing.

‘We have to go harder for longer and stronger. It’s been more about refocus than anything. All the senior boys have rallied and said, “Let’s take on the next challenge”.

‘There have been plenty of challenges since I’ve been here so let’s take it on. I don’t know every inch of what went on but I certainly believe in what the club has put forward.’

It comes as Mayor of Manchester and Everton fan Andy Burnham urged for the Premier League to ‘null and void’ the punishment.

‘Has there been a fair process? Having taken my time this week to study the judgment and speak to a lot of people I have concluded that there has not been a fair process,’ he told reporters outside Goodison Park on Sunday.

‘There has been a highly flawed process and I would go as far to say there has been an abuse of the process. 

And that abuse of process concerns the guideline and framework that was put together in August and submitted to the independent commission. 

‘As I understand it, the sanctions regime that has been developed has not been seen by any of the PL clubs. I understand that many of them found out about it when they read the findings from the independent commission, how on earth can that be fair?’

Burnham also addressed the letter of his to Alison Brittain, who is the chair of the Premier League, and also the Department for Culture Sport and Media, while also intending to make a complaint in his capacity as an Everton supporter, as per Daily Mail.

This also comes after local MP Ian Byrne also put forward his support to Everton’s case, and local mayor Steve Rotheram also spoke of his unease around the process.

‘It could be argued that the Premier League handing a new penalty regime to the Commission in this way is akin to the Government handing new sentencing guidelines to a judge in the middle of a particular trial.

‘Any right-minded person would see that as an inappropriate attempt to influence due process. From my experience of regulation, introducing new rules in the late stages of a process would be regarded as regulatory malpractice.

‘So, what we have ended up with is the harsh penalty the Premier League clearly wanted but with no formal policy basis for the calculation of that penalty nor any policy basis upon which it can now be challenged at appeal.

‘It is, in effect, an arbitrary decision which seems to result from the pressure applied by the Premier League and any appeal against it would be a similarly arbitrary process. 

‘How on earth can Everton Football Club be assured of fair treatment in these circumstances?

‘As founder members of the Football League and Premier League, we’re not asking for special treatment but we are asking for respect for this grand old football club. This needs to be stopped soon and it can’t be allowed to drag on.

‘I would say the process should be declared null and void because of the regulatory malpractice of introducing new rules in the middle of a process. When really no regulator ever should do that.

‘The sanctions regime should be shared with all the Premier League clubs, debated and adopted, and then Everton’s case should be heard again under the agreed PSR regime. I can’t see any alternative to resolve this situation.’

This is what social media users said as Garnacho stuns with a bicycle kick goal for Man Utd after Everton fans boo the Premier League anthem…


@ConorM67_: Up there with one of the best overhead kicks you’ll see. Unbelievable technique

@BhaMelvs: The goal was so good it made Gary Neville suffer from early-onset dementia, poor bloke thinks he’s never been in a stadium…

@MrPaddyMurphy: That is absolutely unbelievable 😂😂 Puskas winner already. Wow. Garnacho has the potential to be world class

@LewisDeighton17: Hate ‘em but that’s naughty.

@XtraLeicester: That’s a ridiculous goal and he’s even moving away from goal when he hits it

@AdamClery: Everton fans raising over 40 grand, getting 35,000 people organised for a protest, and creating a bear pit atmosphere only to get the goal of the season dropped in them in about 150 seconds. Barclays.

@cav_priv: The sui celebration irritates me though. You’ve just scored a screamer, stop glazing Ronaldo for 2 seconds.

@callumpenrose: That’s genuinely one of the best goals I think I’ve ever seen 👏

@jaacknffc: That’s one of the best bicycle kicks your ever gonna see and it’s from that prick. Games gone

@Leeds_lord1: Great goal, very unlikeable player.

@TheRyanMcGinlay: You won’t see a better goal all season I reckon.

@jacob_culshaw: The overhead kick was so good that Gary Neville forgot he’s been to a stadium before


@Leyther70: Everton fans showing Utd how to do a proper protest. Utd fans need to up their game. Getting the Norwich scarves out every time they lose a game isn’t working. 😆

@andycoyne1976: How can you tell when Everton are booing as a premier league protest or just generally booing cos it’s Everton?

@DaveLUFCWatkins: I don’t get this angst from the Everton fans against the Premier League – they need to accept there is a price for breaking the rules. Jeez, as #lufc fans we know that!

@blues_canadian: Truly wish Everton fans would direct their ire at the directors box and ownership. Its truly where it belongs. I as a Chelsea supporter will be doing the same thing when the time comes. You cant fault a league for having rules when you break them.

@1875j: that’s how you protest 👏👏👏👏 ain’t many that do it like everton

@dannylloyd1: You just couldn’t get anymore Everton than that could you, big protest, whole ground bouncing with a hostile atmosphere & we concede an overhead kick goal of the season in 2 minutes 😂😂😂🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

@charliefyfield: Everton fans with a great showing/protest against the premier league. At least they haven’t resorted to throwing tennis balls like some lower league circus clubs 🥴

@Dav_m160: I think Everton should be deducted 10 more points as punishment for an utter shite protest. #EVMU

@RedTom64: I fully support the protests by the #Everton fans. Everton’s breach was minuscule in relation to the leveraged take-over of ManU by the Glazers; those teams that were planning to join a European SuperLeague & the 115 alleged breaches by ManCity

@ltfckimbo: I can’t get over Everton doing a protest for 1 whole minute, and then all just sitting down again. 🤣🤣🤣 That’ll show em! 🤣🤣🤣

@AW_CPFC: Well that Everton protest got shut up quickly hahahahahahahah

@gw850: Everton are such a laughing stock. Huge build up over their protest, and it’s been overshadowed by a world class overhead kick within 2 minutes. Magic.

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