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Gareth Southgate criticises England fans for booing Jordan Henderson as he came off

Gareth Southgate criticises England fans for booing Jordan Henderson as he came off the pitch in the game against Australia.

Southgate defended the captain after the midfielder received jeers by England fans when he was subbed off in the second half at Wembley.

This came just minutes after Ollie Watkins scored the winner as England beat Australia 1-0 on Friday night, with the game being the first England have played at home since Henderson controversially made the switch to Saudi Arabia.

‘I really don’t understand it,’ said Southgate. ‘He is a player who has won 79 caps for England. His commitment and what he has delivered for England is exceptional.

‘His role within the group both on and off pitch is phenomenally important.

‘He is the one who took Jude Bellingham under his wing and is a role model for the group in his professionalism and approach to every part of his work.

‘We didn’t have much experience and caps on the field so his influence before and during the game was hugely important. He helped other players get through the game.

‘Some people decided to boo, I don’t understand what that is for. We play Italy here on Tuesday, let’s get behind this team.’

Southgate dismissed suggestions that the boos were because Henderson had posted in support of Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the World Cup in 2034. ‘What does that have to do with supporting a guy that’s wearing an England shirt?

‘I don’t know where we are really heading with everything,’ he said, then sarcastically responded: ‘I am hugely impressed with the impeccable values and decisions that everyone in our country is making now. I don’t understand it.’

Speaking on the decision to call Henderson up for September’s fixtures, Southgate said: “I don’t really know why a player would receive an adverse reaction because of where he plays.”

When told that England fans may not agree with Henderson’s principles, he said: “Well, yeah, I don’t really know where we are heading with everything.

“I’m hugely impressed with the impeccable values and decisions that everybody in our country is making then.

“Yeah, clearly, I don’t understand it. I know what’s created it and I know why it has happened, but it defies logic to me that you would give a player who is playing and putting his heart and soul into playing for England… why boo him?

“How is that going to help him or help the team?”

Southgate was quizzed about his comments relating to what created the reception, to which he said “there’s nothing to gained by going over it, really”.

Twitter users gave their thoughts as Gareth Southgate criticises England fans for booing Jordan Henderson as he came off…

@costanza55: Really, they’re booing you for continuing to pick players who don’t warrant a place.

@NashNash194: I think anyone with any common sense totally understands the booong, but perhaps it is also aimed at the manager for choosing him when he is playing in a pub league. Fair play he may be a great motivator, if so give him another role and give his playing spot to someone else

@Khya_Gott: It’s easy for Gareth Southgate to not understand why people are mad at Jordan Henderson when he is not affected. He might have 79 caps, his commitment might be exceptional, but people are allowed to be angry and express their frustration. Actions have consequences.

@SWightwick: Surely he understands it?

@baldybastardUtd: It’s quite simple. He’s finished and is playing in a league that’s barely national league standard so should nowhere near the squad let alone the team. Make him mascot or ball boy if his banter is that good

@DMnufc5: if southgate cant understand it, its time he resigned and gives squad a chance in Germany, why play him today, give ward prowse time or someone else in form

@stefdicembre: Oh Gareth. It’s really not hard to understand

@xfootballia: Gareth has himself to blame for the treatment of Henderson and Maguire these last 2 international breaks. Neither are at the standard to be in this team any more and he denies younger players in better form opportunities. Where is Ben White? Where is JWP?

@Parksie: To put it briefly. It’s because he’s a two faced twat. Southgate shouldn’t even have picked him.

@StevenMoores: Imagine being an up and coming player being kept out of your first England cap because a player as 79 caps and used to be good.. when your time is up it’s up..

@shornKOOMINS: I find it extremely difficult to believe that England fans – those famous paragons of virtue – were booing Henderson over his lamentable hypocrisy re LGBTQ issues and move to Saudi. They were probably booing him because they all call him ‘Horrenderson’.

@macramer6: Let me help you understand. Google Saudi Arabia

@andy_case: I think you do understand it Gareth, but are choosing to ignore it

@HLTCO: The mad thing about this quote is that Gareth Southgate does understand it. He’s not an unintelligent man, he’s shown that on numerous occasions throughout his time in the job. He may not like it but to say this only serves to add fuel to the fire he created by selecting him.

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