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Gareth Ainsworth adamant he can turn things around after embarrassing goals to Blackburn

Gareth Ainsworth is adamant he can turn things around after conceding embarrassing goals to Blackburn on Saturday afternoon.

The QPR boss insisted to the media post-match that is still the man for the job with the 4-0 defeat at the weekend increasing pressure on him.

Ainsworth wants to stay on as manager, but fans are making it clear just what they made of another dire performance, with loud boos heard throughout the game.

The result means Queens Park Rangers have just one home win to their name since last October and an 11th home game without a win set a new club record.

However, according to journalist Darren Witcoop, QPR will not look to relieve head coach Gareth Ainsworth from his duties… as least for now, despite yet another defeat.

Ainsworth said, as per West London Sport: “I’m a fighter and a scrapper. I’ll get this team out of this, no problem – I’ll get this team higher in the league. I’m going to work really hard to get out of this.

“For some reason it’s not clicking at the moment. I’ve got to work really hard on the training ground and I will do that.

“I believe we’ve got a better squad than when I first came. It didn’t show today, but I’m super-confident we’ll get points.

“I can stand in the mirror and know I give my best. If that’s not good enough then I’ll be told. But at the moment I intend to keep going and make myself and these players better.

“I understand the criticism totally. And if that criticism stays with me and away from ​the players, then give it to me. I can take it.

“I’ll give my all. I​’ll give absolutely everything until somebody tells me not to.

“I’m really pleased with the application of some of the young players here. I think we’ve got a good future.

“But in the present, we’ve got to get points on the board, otherwise we’ll be in a relegation battle.

“That wasn’t good enough and I know it. I apologise to the fans. I’m not saying that was an acceptable performance.​”

Blackburn boss Jon Dahl Tomasson said: “The support was brilliant, the team was brilliant and I’m extremely thrilled with the result and performance.

“It was great to see the fans helping the team. We all know how difficult it is to go away and win a game in the Championship.

“The way the players did it, we were extremely solid, it was well deserved and we did it playing some brilliant football.

“Looking at our performances lately, we’ve probably been playing better these last couple of weeks without getting the results.

“We stuck to the plan and all the credit goes to the players, who coped with things really well and got the victory we deserved.

“If you keep doing the right things, believe in the plan and believe in the progress of this young team, you should just follow it!”

This is what fans had to say with Gareth Ainsworth adamant he can turn things around after conceding embarrassing goals to Blackburn…

@ModSurrey: That ‘defending’….. worse than a pub team.

@Adammargolis: Awful from Larkeche. Even worse from a manager who plays him out of position at right back!

@JackAlton95: Yeah but they try hard…

@andrewknevett: Shocking, why would you do that when you have all that space? No control just wants to get rid of it. You’d see better in the non league.

@ConorW_2000: That’s shocking defending.

@nadinedereza: How much more can our home fans take! Another miserable day at Loftus Road… paying for this pain.

@adamgoodman3: We are completely lost out there on the pitch. Won’t be fixed by GA who has had enough time to establish a system, a style of play. Regardless of our expectations for GA we have to make a move. Change is never fun, but these players — and this team — are not improving under GA

@robye46: OK, we were poor today!! We lacked presence, we lacked ideas & we lacked spirit. The break might be a blessing. A chance to reflect, recharge and reassign duties. It’s NOT impossible to turn this around – the ability is IN this squad – BUT we need to act NOW!!!! #COYRs 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

@spenno1990: Change of manager needed asap. Warburton would turn this dressing room round in a week. He would put Chair and Willock back in the 10 together and watch us go.

@LoftusRangers: Big advocate for GA here, times up and he’s got to go sadly. Bring in Warnock asap #QPR

@El_Loco_Jo: Asmir, mate. You’d have been better off not appealing that red card and just putting your feet up at home 👍

@RyRy180: All on the owners, les and Lee. They all thought the grass was greener on the other side when they didn’t fancy Warburton anymore. The same manager who stabilised the club and made us competitive. The club is absolutely rotten.

@MartinGriffin4: Enough is enough now. Love Ainsworth, but he was never ever the manager for us. Last 2 appointments have been absolutely catastrophic.

@robbo159: You can see by his body language he knows he’s gone. Effort alone won’t get you far in this league, the teams you play are too good. His tactics are basic at best and this league is too much for him.

@Cps2300: “The next game” you shouldn’t be in charge for the next game. Simply way off the pace.

@Paulska691: Come on now thats enough.

@Hoops9Linda: He needs to go along with the person interviewing him. Same old rubbish from both of them every week and I for one am sick of it.

@Prem2014: Please don’t show a post match interview with the manager! Enough is enough and fed up of hearing excuses.

@MJCQPR: Do the honourable thing and walk. Let someone else come in and give them the international break to sort out the squad

@danogould: Sorry Gareth, you’re a great bloke but we’re a million miles off the pace. Time to go.

@Adammargolis: Notice he’s dropped the line that we’re going to surprise a few people. Back to talking about a relegation scrap.

@NickCapehorn83: Poorer sides than us have stayed up in large part by scrapping. But they have also a) had a plan, however basic, to go alongside that scrapping, and b) have actually done the scrapping part well. When there’s no plan AND no fight, what hope is there?

@robavis: With all due respect we are smashing a square peg into a round hole. Clearly the dressing room has been lost and maybe that happened last season? the fans have been lost too by the chorus at the stadium after the match. Should we ship out the manager or the players?

@BushmanQPR: This is what being out of your depth looks and sounds like.

@adam_clarky: What does the “boys gave me everything” even mean? If they did, how on earth did that Szmodics goal only take 2 passes to penetrate through the WHOLE team?! I’ve never seen anything like it at this level. Gaz has good intentions, but it isn’t working – it’s so clear to see!

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